Wednesday, 4 January 2012



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year!

Both were fairly quiet and family orientated for me, although it was nice :) We also had a Christmas meal at our flat which was fun and cute!

On Christmas Eve, it was really nice not to have to worry about setting an alarm for the next morning! Me and Adam slept like babies, ahh it was so nice. We went to a family friend's house on Xmas Eve for drinks and some food and stuff and it was really fun! It's an old friend of my dad, whose daughters used to babysit me and my sister, and one whom I used to work with! We had this really yummy mini jello shots, and I really want to make some of my own now, as the recipe seems really easy, and it's fun to try them out with your friends~

I don't have any photos of my Xmas gets, but I got a Benefit gift card, some perfume, sweets, and just cute things :)! It was really nice to be around my family too; I kinda miss them now that i'm away all the time :(

New Years weekend was relaxing again, and I got to play with a pug for a good part of it! I almost didn't make it to midnight either as I was extremely tired >.< We played lots of boardgames and Wii too to pass the time, and then when it came to the countdown, we put the TV on to see the fireworks, which were pretty awesome! Here's a video if you didn't get to see them!

I went to H&M in the city centre on NYE with Adam to see if there was anything in the sales and just to have a browse, and I ended up spending the rest of my gift card leftover from my birthday on these:

anyone who knows me, knows I <3 the H&M Hello Kitty socks that they randomly bring out.  Not only are they super cute but there is a double entendre in me 1)loving Hello Kitty and 2)loving Japan ;D Awesome!

I also went to the Body Shop and saw that they were having a sale! Select FULL SIZE Body Butters reduced to £5 (although the Coconut one wasn't included which sucks as it's my favourite) as well as some scrubs and other bits too! I got these:

 The perfume wasn't part of any sales, I just bought it to replace my old Vanilla perfume as the bottle started to leak really randomly (even though I never knew when) and I lost lots of the perfume! I bought it in February last year when I was visiting Monica and Ingvild in Norway, so for a tiny bottle it lasted ages! But I guess it would have lasted a lot longer had the bottle not gone weird :s

But that's mainly it! I've been working since, and trying to think of things to do for this year! Next month will be me and Adam's one year anniversary; weird huh? But really nice of course :D

See you soon!