Sunday, 9 December 2012

to drop on the world like its raining


This is a rather...belated post I guess?! I can't believe I took a 4 month hiatus from my Blog and didn't say anything to you guys about it! (It was quite unintentional I promise you)

I guess, since August, my life has been moving pretty quickly! And how strange that the year seems to fly by - it's almost Christmas (that's if we survive the supposed Mayan Apocalypse), the last time we'll see a consecutive date EVER (12/12/12) and then it will be 2013! Didn't we once say that in 2013 we would have flying cars or some shit? I swear that's in one of those boy-films about space and future stuff that I'm not all too concerned with :)

WELL to tell you about my life, I obviously still have my other job, which is going really well! I really do love my team, they're wonderful and hilarious people with some of the best quotes I've ever heard in my life. Quote 1 from Kelsey; "I wrapped myself in gaffa tape the other day and tried to escape because I wanted to pretend like I was in Taken 2"

THIS my friends, is what fuels me each day.

Although I primarily work on TOPSHOP, I will be moving downstairs to TOPMAN over Christmas tomorrow, which I am really excited about as I'll be doing a lot more training - visual merchandising (more advanced than when I was just merching make-up each day I tell you) more reports and all the stuff that will make me super-human Eilish! On a VM note, our awesome team have made a pretty fabulous window at the moment;

Isn't that Galaxy drop just so gorgeous? So gorgeous that it HAD to go on my wall at home!


Oh yes. I have PINK HAIR AGAIN!! I actually dyed it in October because October is Pink Month, aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And it feels pretty good to have pink hair again.

I hope you can forgive me for this long stretch away, and I will definitely continue to update more thoroughly from now on. I think in a way, I kind of got scared to write on my blog because I knew it had been such a long time?

I'm going to add an instagram blog code into here too so you can check out all my new photos, as I tend to upload them more to there than I do anywhere else!

And finally, I'll leave you with a song: