Saturday, 31 July 2010


This sucks. Bad.

Right now I should be in Amsterdam, it nearly being time for the rest of the girls to turn up so I can meet everyone...but at home....

Unfortunately I missed my flight this morning, and im in such an awful mood. Earlier I just wanted to cry and throw everything on the floor and for my Dad to just appear out of nowhere and help me out, but alas, nope. Im independent and I have good time keeping and all that shit, but this just SUCKS MAN.

I got to the Airport with 1hr15 before my flight departed, and about 45 mins before my departure gate closed, and because I didn't have any bags to put on the plane and because I checked in online, I just went through to security. I didn't beep, and my liquids in my plastic bag were fine (which I fretted over all night) but they seized my silver spikey-stud bracelet.

And said "you can't take this, it looks like a weapon". ITS MADE OF PLASTIC! To try and "prove" a point, the guy like, massaged his palm with it and said "yeah, see, when I do my hand....oh" YEAH, FAIL. And they kept telling me that I was going to harm people! Wtf! I have no intention of anything like that, and that doesn't even pop into my mind when I look at that bracelet! The guy said I could either post it home or put it into lost baggage, and then said "by the way, you have 10 minutes to get on your flight"...thanks a lot man.... So I went back through security (not checks) and put it in lost baggage to pick up tomorrow (Sunday) when I came back through and then I went back and had to be re-checked at security AGAIN, and someone in front of me beeped but they thought it was me so I had to be all touched and shit by some gross woman! Wtf!

Yeah, so im also going TO PISS MYSELF and I run out to see that my flight is going from gate 2...okay , so I jump on the trainy type thing that takes you from different gates and go to gate 2 to find out that my flight isn't leaving from there.......!!! WHAT THE FUCK. Luckily, 2 others had also seen the computer screen and we were told a security personel would take us to the aircraft, bearing in mind that the gate has now closed and that the flight goes in 25 minutes.... The guy turns up 20 minutes later, we get to the gate with 2 minutes until the flight leaves and EVEN THOUGH there are people boarding the aircraft and still walking up to it, the pricks refuse to let us on.

The next flight for me after that was 17:00 tomorrow....or I could have gone to Dussledorf at 10:55 this morning but that would have cost me £100 just to "change the flight details on your boarding details", even though a flight costs like £30! Doesn't make any sense! I tell you, the guys at the desks just sit there for entertainment value or something because they can't even answer anything you ask them! Oh, and my bracelet? I had to pay for a DAY's stay in the lost baggage even though it was there for 1hr30....

Im sorry girls...I hope you all have a great time this weekend :(

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Hello everyone, this post marks the end of HIBISCGYARU

Since the beginning of the year, theres been a clear problem with drama and friendships and lots of stuff and theres always been a funny tension in the air since that. HIBISCGYARU has always been a blast and its been great to get to know everyone and to meet all the people that have passed through over the past 2 years but I feel that due to recent events and old things, its time for the circle to close.

The circle isn't closing because of one particular thing, its just the time for HIB to fade out. HIB has always been something different to everyone and in the end, it hasn't all really gone to plan or turned out the way it could have done. Everyone knows that all the members are good people and kind and yes there is the two friendship groups, and yes, obviously I have a bad attitude about certain issues and people, but thats always going to be just my opinion and ive never meaned to involve the circle in my ranting and raving in anyway.

I don't want people to see HIB as another BOOTEEK as we all know that's not the case, id just rather people actually respected the circle and its members as real people, rather than just bitches on the net (which is mainly due to me, yes I don't mind taking that blame) but I hope you can see where im coming from.

Im not sure what will happen after this, but ive never had such an amazing time in my life since meeting everybody, and meeting new people has actually boostd my confidence (maybe a little bit too much) but I think its made me a better person in the long run

Thank you all~

p.s. this DOESN'T mean the end of the strongest uk girls....HIBISCGYARU will ALWAYS be known as number 1 and the strongest

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Here I am! I told you I would return >; D

I noticed this yesterday but am posting it today...why doesn't she just dye all of her hair blonde again???! I miss crazy brown and extreme makeup Aina! You're letting the side down girl!

So yesterday I wrote about the blog award I was given by Aki, and im here today to write the blogs that I think deserve this award!

1. Claire; Oh So Glam - I really love her Galspiration posts! And im impressed that she's getting more into Gal all the time! Nice one! I also realised that she gave me a blog award a little while ago but I didn't know how it worked so I never mentioned it! Sorry girl! >.<

2. Mitsu; Universal Doll - She needs an award! Her blog posts are always so helpful, and I can definitely feel really confident when I go to Japan knowing how to do more stuff without feeling really touristy and fangirly!

3. Sara; Moments Like Diamonds - Her photos from Japan are really fantastic, and it feels like im kind of there, as I never really got to see much of the country when I was there. Her co-ordinate posts inspire me to make some of my own!

4. Julia; Malibu Stacy Blog - Her photo spams are EXCELLENT! I love seeing the new things she has bought (with envy) and seeing all the fun gals she gets to hang out with!

Of course there are other blogs that stand out to me, so if you didn't see your name up here, its not because I don't like what you post! These blogs stand out to me the most at this time and I can't wait to see more from them!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

feeling hot hot hot

Hey y'all~

Im sunburnt...¬_¬ it sucks man! The first time this year/summer ive managed to catch the sun in the wrong way. Ive been lucky, but this week ive definitely been cursed with something. I have bruises all over my legs, a whole bottle of wine fell on my foot and I have a rash all over my legs. woop. DAMN ATTRACTIVE!


I got this award from Aki!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award onto a few bloggers who you have recently discovered.
4. Let these blogs know that you have awarded them the Versatile Blogging Award.

7 things about me? okay!

1) IM MAD (but y'all knew that already)
2) I like unusual, random things
3) My music taste ranges from classical to hard, heavy rock
4) I LOVE taking Purikura
5) I want to live in and hopefully work in Japan someday
6) I want to be famous...yeah I said it while you only thought it...haha

Thanks Aki! Ill make a post maybe tomorrow awarding people this award!


Today was supposed to be the July meet for HIBISCGYARU but it didn't really turn out that way as not everyone was able to come. It was still a good day (minus the sunburn and rashes) as those of us that did go; Ivan, Floz, Caryn, Georgie and Chris, Floz' fiance; had a BBQ and it was great! We had meeeeega para session too : D The boys are a big help with the BBQ, not that us girls don't know how to cook and whatever, but its their thing you know? Besides, im proving to be good housewife material for my man and he loves it. He always says hes lucky to have me as I have all the essentials like cooking and sewing and stuff. He also tells me im GORGEOUS!! yay :D

Ivan starting the BBQ. Love the class guy behind... There was like some huge colony of people that came later on with a HUGE tent and everything it was like wtf? and they were taking mick out of us doing para and filmed us thinking they were "funny"...fucks sake

Chris BBQin'

classy mix of tunes. haven't listened to Mr.Zombie in aaaaaaaages! best.album.ever!

me and my classy sunburn ¬_¬

Those are the only photos I took all day! Sorry guys~

On Thursday we did the Gal Culture talk, which turned out pretty well! Here are some videos that Midi, the owner, took:

On another note....
Kaoru Watanabe's baby is damn cute...BUT

I swear its a boy?

I hope Kaoru goes all classy pop styley again soon!

Her currently; classy!

And last year...or year before? Love the own name tattoo haha

OH! And ive decided im definitely getting my hair done like

And with thanks to Mitsu's blog post on Japanese nail salons, I can get my nails done in JP!


Friday, 23 July 2010



Please remember that im NOT gal in this video as I wasn't allowed! I don't look like im having a good time ...haha!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010



Ive just realised im really second!


Right, im back with some food.

Last Sunday I met up with Caryn, Nij and Floz to practise for our Para Para performance at the upcoming Japanese Art Festival next month! We'll be performing on both days as well as teaching two different routines (one for each day) so it should be really awesome! With regards to the routine, ive done it before at Roppongi Street last summer with Lucie (who I hope is okay after what happened on holiday!!) but it was kind of disaster as I didn't have time to learn the whole dance properly so I forgot parts while we performed lol...but thats done now! Hopefully I can get someone to record the thing and then put it up here for you all to see! On Sunday, me Caryn and Nij practised for about 3.5 solid hours and then Floz turned up and we practised for another 2, and the next day my arms and legs KILLED! But we have it down! So its all good :)

Unfortunately I had to cancel the photoshoot I was due to have on Monday because of an unexpected illness and I was bed ridden! I couldn't even walk to my bedroom door or roll to my side in bed! It sucked so bad. And of course there was no way id be able to make an hour journey to the studio and an hour journey back PLUS pose etc for a good 4-5 hours! It was so short notice too; I think the photographer was really mad but what can I do? Usually I would have just pushed myself and gone and done what needed to be done, but I couldn't WALK so it was the only choice I had! The next day I was a bit better, I was mobile, but I didn't leave the house just in case I got stuck somewhere haha. I don't think he'll be messaging me back anytime soon....ah well

BEFORE I bore you all to death, I have a TREAT for you all!
Shaka posted about egg's Beauty Summer 2010 which came free in egg August 2010. He asked me if I would scan it and this afternoon/early evening (I know, im terribly precise) ive done just that! Ill be posting it on and probably jmagazinescans@lj, but ill post it here FIRST as im nice like that : D!

egg's Beauty Summer 2010

When I spoke to Nij on the phone the other day, we were talking about Japan and what we were going to bring etc and what we were going to do with our hair (its a very important decision you know!) and he broke the news to me that we only have 9 weeks left until we go. 9 WEEKS?!!!!! IM NOT READY YET THOUGH!! I need to save more money, and think about what I need to bring and ah ah ah! Jeez! With regards to my hair, I want to go pink, like ive mentioned in a couple of blog posts away, remember when I was getting my hair done and at the last minute I wanted my hair pink but went against it? Well, I think ill just go for it this time. I was wanting to go pink straightaway and my hairdresser seemed damn excited but ive realised the better decision for both my purse and my hair itself would be to get my hair done as usual (root touch up and toner done so its white/silverish) and the day before I go away, im going to get the pink done! Ill get it done in the early morning and then I have the rest of the day to pack and get stuff sorted : D

Now, for the pink itself, here are a couple of options I have:

faded light pink

magenta/fuchsia pink

cherry pink

So far, the colour/style I like the most is:

I wouldn't have to dye all of my hair, so it would be cool, but it would fade out pretty quickly, but it would be fun to try! Ill have my *new* extensions before I go so ill just take them to the salon to get a few dyed also just so I can mix it well~

I need something that will match well with banba and manba (I haven't done it in ages but I want to be classy extreme when im there which will be fun) so : D fingers crossed!

One last thing before I go, Kyon, old AngeleeK member, is 9 months pregnant next week!


Saturday, 17 July 2010

the rush to be lush



I have some grrreat news! Its going to be grreat! They're gonna taste grreat!

(Just to annoy y'all UK kids)

Yeah. So; the great thing is that I have a new boss at work! Well, a new person in charge of me and the other Theatre Aides (my job title) : D! Shes a Senior ODP - operating department practitioner - and my dad and everyone had known her for ages. Shes a classy, tell-it-to-your-face American woman and I love her! She really has always looked out for me at work so its great to know I have someone I actually like and trust to be in charge of me! And, she's being fairer than the PRICK I had before, and actually giving me more shifts - which he said he couldn't give me - so ill be back to working 5 days again..a long stretch but my purse will most definitely enjoy this!

Aside from this, Ive come to share some photos and stuff, as per. I got my camera back from Niijii the other week, so here are the photos from the same day as this post:

stupid guy took a picture while I had my eyes and doing mash potato...






And then when I went back to Nij's, I dressed up as a fortune teller..haha! I actually liked the look!

There are other photos but im not uploading them here LOL. There are some videos ill try and upload through the Blogger video thing, maybe the next blog post~

Last weekend, I went to Norwich to see gals! I saw Toni, Bloomzy, Alanna, Claire, and their friend Katie :D
We had a great time hanging out, chatting and going round the stores. Toni said "oh, Norwich isn't very big really"..ITS DAMN HUGE!

I was cheeky and went 1st class on the train as it was cheap with my railcard (which ive just remembered that I need to renew...shit) and it was soo comfrotable. I really didn't have much sleep that week so I nearly went to sleep on the way but couldn't because I realised my hair would go all funny, and I was wearing extens so I didn't really feel like chancing it to be honest. PHOTOS:

my breakfast on the way to LDN to get the train

We went to a Japanese restaurant called Sakura which was run by REAL Japanese people! Im sick of going into "Japanese" restaurants with rude as hell Chinese and Korean staff...
I had to sharpen this as the woman that took it, took it blurry
There was a festival going on! and to mention that it was DAMN HOT. like 30+ degrees!
Hello Kitty items at H&M, my fave : D
Supplies for the train home, yes, 3 magazines, 4 if you count COSMOPOLITAN's "31 days of Summer Sex" haha

Last Tuesday I went to the monthly Japanese social event in London (one is the second month of every Tuesday, and one is every Thursday) and we saw this on a table:

A girl had sat here and made bunnies out of all different coloured papers! The Zebra one was instead of black paper I think as it went down in colours. Sorry for bad photo, but it was sooo cute!

THIS COMING THURSDAY, 22ND JULY, the Gal Circle, (well, some of us) are doing another Culture Talk at Kyoto Event, so if you happen to be in London, please come!

I almost forgot to say! I have my first photoshoot in 2 yearson Monday! exciting!
And Im still waiting to see the MV! I can't wait ~

For my last set of photos, me and my sister went shopping today. I had to make a return to H&M, but there isn't one in my town, so I went to another one, Wimbledon (yes, where they play tennis and eat strawberries at select times of the year) and ended up making a return, as well as some purchases, but I only spent £30 so im dead happy : D SALES are everywhere! yay!

LUSH Dark Angels. Its actually like, jet black, but the lighting in the room made it a grey-ish colour

LUSH Fresh Farmacy. I haven't a photo of the item as I haven't opened it yet, so check out the website's listing instead.

I love this bag! Its like a fake Pauls' Boutique bag haha

I love this on the inside of the tee! SO true : D

Thats it! OH and if you're from the UK and haven't seen Misfits yet, THEN FUCKING WATCH IT
(I don't know if you'd be able to in US, sorry!)

(can't embed)

(that video explains it for you US viewers!)