Saturday, 13 March 2010

Week update: shopping, mother's day, lots of pictures!

(but ive made them small on the page so its not mega looooooooooong : D)

Sorry for the lack of updating this past week! In a way I feel a bit silly because ive been sitting here on my arse most of the week and I could have easily written some stuff. Nevermind! Ill try to go chronologically for this week!

Because of le travail, I have been applying to many, many jobs on the net. And, at LAST! A result came my way! On Wednesday I was phoned by a place I had applied for! The only problem being is that it was 1 of 2 places in the same place, Wimbledon, that I had applied to, both being private health clinics...Uh-oh. So I was asked to come in for an interview on the Thursday morning at 11am. First thing, ITS NOT IN BLOODY WIMBLEDON! Its quite close to my house actually, only took me about 15 minutes to get there. second thing, ITS NOT EVEN A PRIVATE HEALTH CLINIC SO ITS A MISLEADING ADVERT! Its at a business industrial estate! Like where head office things are! Er...THERES A BIG DIFFERENCE!

The interview did not go so well either. I left my house a little too late and missed the bus just as I got to the bustop. Great. AND of all the mornings for absolutely everything to happen, it was today. So I missed the bys, when the next one turned up 10 minutes later, it proceeded to stop at every. single. bustop. It was now 10:45 and there was no way I was going to make a good impression now. About 4 stops in, a whole bloody primary school class got on the bus with their teachers, so the bus was there for ages while the kids all got on and decided whether they wanted to sit upstairs or not. Then, 2 stops later, THE FUCKING BUS CHANGES DRIVERS. The drivers are having a good old chit chat while im scanning my phone every 2 seconds to check the time. Bus finally gets to the estate and I end up running to the place. Get to the office at 11:02, out of breath and panting. Clearly a lovely sight to see. I waited in a small room for the manager to appear. After the interview, I realised I didn't change out of my fuggs (fake uggs) into my casually smart dolly shoes. WTF. OF ALL DAYS!

Without going into it too much, the manager basically thought he was the shit. One; for being the manager. Two; because he was foreign and was obviously proud that he was running this company or whatever in the UK. Three; because he acted like he was mega rich or super famous..."you will book my hotels, you will book my flights, you will book everything for me"

Why would I want to work for an arrogant cunt like that anyway? lol! The salary isn't very good and its way not worth it if im to be his personal receptionist. So if I don't get it, im not too bothered. Its not like im currently unemployed anyway and like im desperate so.


Destiny Princess Brownie has ARRIVED! : D : D : D : D
And she is fabulous! Although I don't know why I paid £35 for her... :z

                                        1)                                           2)
1) First time putting her on. Not styled yet! 2) If you flip the wig upside down, it becomes a different style!

                                   3)                                                       4)

3) One way to wear. 4) To the side with classy summer style flowers!

And for her makings:
                  1)                                          2)                                          3)
1) Full length, mega curly style. 2) Shorter and curly at the end style. 3) Her insides!

May she lead a wondrous and happy life!

Last night (Friday), I went out for Chinese food with 3 of my friends from Primary school. Forgot my camera but when they take photos, ill upload them here to another post. Just two pics from this;

On the left, I don't really do this kind of makeup anymore, but my friends find my double eyelash makeup weird, so I didn't do it that night lol. Oh, and proof my skin is clear, for those who read the stupid, and funny, gal secrets this week. Picture of the food isn't amazing but better than with the flash! Making me so hungry now....

And today..SHOPPING! So I don't really have a lot of cash right now, and you all know why, but I still needed to treat myself, and my mom of course, a little!

Here is outfit for today:



Leopard print beach towel; Primark

Nude studded heels; ill let you guess where these are from... ; D

closeup of stud detail

Nudey beige vest with neck detail; New Look

closeup of neck detail

Foundation Brush, ASDA (classy)

Kitty chan socks!! And some cute plasters (ill reveal why in a sec); Peacocks

All the socks!

Plasters! The reason behind this....

Dear Jerry Girl white engineer boots,
I love you to death but you kill my feet!

haha! sorry guys

Now, for mothers day stuff!

Body shop gift bag...what's inside??

1) Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment
2) Vitamin E Cream Cleanser
3) Vitamin E Hydrating Toner
4) Vitamin E Moisture Cream

I got a free gift!

Moringa Body Butter - super moisturising! I also got a mini sample of some White Musck shower gel

I hope my mom likes all of it!

And, me and my sister are also making cakes!

We are so good to our mom!

And some random pictures

do you wear them in the boudoir? :z

And here is my little interview for NEO mag:


Friday, 5 March 2010

Culture Talk, Cooking and Hair

Hey gals! Im going to start off talking about the Culture Talk last night. It went so damn well! There was roughly the same amount of people there, and the same amount of HIB members again this time but the added laptop with a small slideshow of photos, and some stuff about Gal, aslwel as a small ParaPara demonstration really made it so much better! The problems we faced were that the manager of the S&L is new and is DUMB AS HELL. So we weren't able to connect the laptop to any of the TV screens around the bar, but in the end, it wouldn't have been worth it because we only showed the slideshow and then put on random DVDs of Mezamashi TV and BBC and Para DVDs for people to see. We also played the Para track out of the laptop and it was quite loud, so it was fine! (Plus I wasn't about to try and electrocute myself, and neither was Niijii by trying to find where we could connect the TV so)

PResent were myself, Niijii, Caryn, and NEW Hibiscgyaru member, Floz~ We inducted her into the circle last night. Its funny because we had a microphone and I said "we've just induced her tonight!" .... Ive been watching too much of 16 & Pregnant on MTV haha. After the talk was over, we got lots of interest from everyone and this time there were more Japanese people so they were really interested in the Mezamashi TV thing and kept taking pictures with us saying "you guys are so famous! we're taking pictures with celebrities!!!" haha. And we also did some makeovers! Niijii gave this really funny short man a manba makeover hahaha and Floz gave two girls a makeover too~ She's perfect!!! Unni was also here and spoke and apologised to me ollowing on from the recent events with hIB, so im glad :) still don't like dryboy though, sorry girl!

Heres some photos and videos from last night's makeover:

Our man before
During! Look at his face in left photo!

After! He's a happy bunny! He actually really didn't mind it being done, so he gets kudos for that!

So the next part of my blog, hair! I know I have titles it cooking and then hair, but w.e : D

I again played around with my hair piece last night and did have a different style planned out but in the end didn't use it because I wasn't so sure about it, but from that, ive got some photos and a video explaining how I do my hair with the hairpiece~

1.                                                                   2.
     3.                                                                 4.

                   5.                                                                 6.
                    7.                                                                8.

           9.                                                                                          10.

11.                                                                   12.

                     13.                                                              14.

Sorry about shitting arranging! Sometimes blogger can be really annoying when you want to put text and pictures together grr. Video:

Now I move onto....Cooking! Jeez, this is a really long post...Sorry guys! Haha
Yesterday I ordered some cute little cookware stuff and it came today! Was very impressed~ Take a look at my small haul, and then ill leave you alone! Its my friend's birthday soon so I plan on making some cute cakes : D (of course I shall post this event!)

"Midnight Romance" Cupcake cases, "Ice Cream" Cupcake cases, Skull Cupcake cases, Black dark chocolate stars, "Disco White Diamond" EDIBLE Cupcake glitter!!