Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Hello! And happy belated Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful time, and got some wonderful things!
I spent Christmas with my family but also went to see my boyfriend and his family. Christmas is really big for his family and everyone had bought me a gift! I was in shock because I only bought something for his parents and his sister! They're all so kind!

I'm pleased to say that I am now on the road to recovery after being so bloody ill for the last week and a half, nearly 2 weeks! I still have a bit of a funny cough and my nose is still a bit blocked but i'm not coughing up blood anymore (ew) and my head isn't killing me much anymore which is great! I had to not go to work last week as I was so ill and I felt so bad, but I had gone in the day before and I went in the day after and I felt worse! Coughing on everything and all the customers..lol, but i'm still on a probation so I don't want to make any screw ups during this time! Only 2 months to go now, and then I guess i'll find out if they really want me there! Tom came to see me while I was ill and bought me 4 Hello Kitty plushies because I was sick! It was also an early XMas gift for me, which was so sweet!


My current plushie collection!

Yesterday I met with Ingvild and Kei! Ingvild spends Christmas in the UK with her grandfather and because I met her in Finland, she now knows someone over here she can meet up with! She came on the 22nd and flies home today, and although we didn't make any plans to meet until yesterday, she came into my work the day she flew in to surprise me! I was like "AHH INGVILD!" when she walked in lol! I suppose a flight from Norway to UK is okay though, maybe like 1-2hrs max so no worries about jetlag or anything :D

Surprisingly it wasn't that cold in London yesterday, which was nice, but of course, you still have to wrap up otherwise you'll get sick..like I did lol! Here was my co-ordinate:

HAT: Tokyo Disneyland
TOP: Golds Infinity
TAIL: Osaka
BOOTS: Primark
Here's some of the puri we took:

Obligatory "Agepoyo" picture lol

We went looking for somewhere to eat because me and Kei hadn't eaten and we ummed and aahed about several places and ended up going somewhere more expensive than where we were going to go lol but the food was nice and the staff are nice so that was fine. We met Ingvild on Oxford Street which is probably one of the worst places at this time of year because everyone is mad for all the sales and stuff and of course, it was crowded and horrible! I'm so glad it wasn't boxing day though as that would have been so much worse!!

Mind you, there was a tube strike all day, so like no lines were working, so how did anyone manage to get to shop in London at all? I was supposed to work but couldn't because there was no physical way of me travelling there! I ended up going to Brighton to see my Dad's side of the family. I really wanted to go to the Cyberdog in Brighton to see what it was like because it said we were only 15 minutes away by car and also because I don't travel there all the time, but I don't think it was open because I called them to check and they didn't pick up, and I tried 3 times and there was nothing :( Someone I know was in Brighton the same day and said that it looked like it was closed when he went past so maybe it's a good thing I didn't just rush over there to check it out lol!

I'm trying to save my money right now because i'm not used to being paid monthly so anything I get has to last me for another 3 or 4 weeks or so which is difficult but I really want to be able to not spend things! Obviously I have to spend for travel and if i'm out, then food also, but if i'm at home then it's okay, although the lure of online shopping is sometimes too great! I did buy some d.i.a. stuff for myself because hey, it's Christmas and I thought what the hell, and I still have money leftover so i'm happy! No more stupid spending now though! So i'm hoping that I will receive some nice looking parcels soon!

It's going to be New Year's soon! What is everyone doing?

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Toni's festive giveaway!

My friend Toni is having a festive giveaway at her blog, my spare time retreat!

Why not check it out? There is a pair of Twilight Brown Geo Hurricane Lens up for grabs as well as 2 mystery prizes! It's her first giveaway, so please show her lots of love!

Monday, 20 December 2010

woo weekend

Hello everyone! How are you all? It's currently just after 2 am here in the UK, oops! I've really screwed up my sleeping pattern! Christmas is 6 days away! 6 days! Have you managed to buy all your presents in time? It's going to be a mad rush in all the shops this week as people browse for those last minute things that they knew they should have bought at the start of the month! I'm glad I managed to get all of mine out of the way, even if it did make me broke haha!

It's started to snow again where I live, which sucks. The weather and news told us that only the Northern and South Western parts of the UK would get snow and that the South East would be clear but they lied!!!! My boyfriend was due to fly to Amsterdam on Friday but alas, he went all the way to the Airport (by himself, so it's not even like there was anyone to pick him up because it was supposed to be fine) and checked a bag in, went through security and was waiting in departures for a really long time, like 2, nearly 3 hours and then found a group of people all being called over if they were going to Amsterdam, and they were told that the flight was cancelled. :( His friend had paid for them to stay in the Radisson in Amsterdam (lol like 5 star business hotel) and they haven't seen each other in years so my bf was determined to get there any way he could and not let his friend down (who was able to fly to Amsterdam from Vienna fine!) and he ended up paying £250 for a Eurostar ticket >.< Omg, so expensive >.< And he comes back on Tuesday...lol, boys will be boys! There's only a few reasons boys go to Amsterdam without their girlfriends...lol! And I don't expect snide comments like "ooh whats your boyfriend up to?? probably cheating lah!!!!" because obviously I trust him. He'll probably just be getting stoned every night/nearly every night lol

Today's code! Parent's room...
Top: d.i.a.
Shorts: d.i.a.
Belt (underneath top): d.i.a.
Tail: Osaka
Tights: Offbrand store in 109-2
Boots: Primark
Today I met up with Dec and Caryn, and Dec's boyfriend also joined us and it was the first time we'd met! He's so sweet and funny! I hope to be able to chat to him more next time! Caryn is going back to Japan so soon! SHE DAMN LUCKY, and I lent her the Japanese curlers I have so she doesn't have to buy a new pair while she's away, which can always be annoying >.< We did the usual; Puri, food, Para, being fabulous; and we also went to Karaoke (bad times for my throat) and I could hit all the low notes on the songs I wanted to sing, yay! We went to the shitty Karaoke in China Town that is damn expensive and has poor song choice, but they have a few updated ones, including one of my favourite songs of the summer, WOO WEEKEND by BoA! Unfortunately I killed the song as my voice was too fucked to sing really high pitched, but I was able to put on a fabulous drag style Whitney Houston performance and Will Smith rap which went down a treat ;D I always have such a good time with my girls :D

I really shouldn't have worn boots though. Well, actually in Central London it was okay because there was no snow so I could walk fine, but where I am, all the pavements and roads are covered so walking to and from the bustop was a nightmare. I kind of had to walk like I was a really frail elderly person lol, but at least I didn't slip and pray victim to any wanker chavs who might have been hiding to throw snowballs at unfortunate passers-by.

The view from the bustop~

From the above puri pics and code pic, you might have noticed my blonde hair! A girl from work was going to do my roots for me but I was going to wait until my hair got cut until I re-dyed it etc, as i've been letting it wash out, but I got bored being at home in the cold with nothing much to do so my sister did them for me. My hair actually looks quite nice! In real life it looks so much better though, the puri like fucked it up. It looks (as Dec said) like i've had pink highlights put into blonde hair, and curled it looks really pretty^^ I'm going to wait maybe til Tuesday just for it to rest a little and then dye it pink again...I want to wear my extensions again! And they still have life in them yet! I will be changing my hair vastly though the next time! As i'm lazy and can't be bothered to think of designs for myself, if i've seen something on someone else and I like it, i'll do it lol! I don't think theres anything wrong with that lol!

This is a photo I saw whilst in Japan but lost due to my laptop going away for repair all that time ago. I was thinking about it the other night and was madly searching for it, messaging people on Facebook who I thought had posted it onto their Tumblrs, and I found it through help, thank you Sami!

It's Sakochi, a model for Popteen and some other magazines
I didn't actually know who she was until the other night, I thought she was just a shop staff or something with classy hair but Sami enlightened me to the fact that she's a magazine model! I thought about two-tone hair last year (but brown and blonde) but didn't pursue it as my hair was quite short at the time and I think it would have only worked on me with extensions (as will this hair if I definitely do it!) so now that i'm in a position to be able to creatively screw up my hair without getting fired or persecuted for no reason (coughcoughHOSPITALcoughcough) I might as well just go for it!

I need to take some buttercup syrup ;D and go to bed I think! Good night/morning!

Friday, 17 December 2010

it's that time again...

Hello! Just a very quick, short and brief post!

I just looked at my Blogger dashboard and realised something...I have nearly 200 followers! In fact, I am just one person/follower away from reaching the 200 mark! I think you guys know where i'm heading with this....I think it's time for a 200 follower giveaway! :D! I know I only did a giveaway not long ago, but i've practically reached another milestone so why not? And hey, it's exciting for you guys too right?

I know "Christmas is the time of giving"...supposedly, but due to it being, what, like 9 days or something til XMas, the giveaway WON'T be XMas related, or completed before XMas! I need to get something cooler for this giveaway, so please wait until the start of the New Year so I can start to give you information on it^^

Maybe I will combine it as a 200 follower X New Years giveaway...or I can do two giveaways! ;D Well we'll see... I hope you guys are interested!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

baby it's COLD outside

Hello! Im writing this entry whilst lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I'm sick, how fantastic! It's the first time for me this Winter (I think of Winter as the last 2 months of the year) and it's rubbish!! I don't mind if i'm just sneezing (lol) because that I can deal with, but I seem to have accquired a very sore throat with huge tonsils (still not had them removed, but i've never had tonsilitis/been so ill that they should be taken out) and my head is really heavy and sore :( My body is so weak too, so I know getting uptrying to get up tomorrow morning will be FUN. I feel like a newborn baby, as my head is lolling about a lot which I kind of want it to stop as it's really painful each time I move it!

Besides me moaning about how frail and bedridden I am, i'm just making a quick post for you all. I went out with Dec today, and even though it's my day off, I ended up going into Cyberdog anyway because he needed some hairdye, and we sell Manic Panic there. I always seem to go to my job on my day off...and it's not like it's close to me either! When I was at the hospital, I never went near it when I was off, and it was only a 10/15 minute walk to the bustop and then a 15 minute bus ride away! Cyberdog is a 10 minute bus ride to the tube station and then a 45/50 minute tube ride away...how does that work? Lol. India, a girl who works in the XXX part of the store and who was also in my interview was walking in (also on her day off) as I was walking out haha. It's like all the people on the day off should work and the people working should go home! Here was my outfit for today (no make-up on as I did that on the tube....lol)

I didn't actually wear my hat in the end..lol, but I felt like the outfit was missing something so that's why I was *originally* going to wear it. It rained and was windy and generally disgusting outside so my hair had a choice of either down and straight or tied up

BELT: d.i.a.

Until I wrote this, I didn't actually realise how much H&M I was wearing...I guess it goes to show you how good they are for plain clothes that you can jazz up with classy accessories! On the subject of clothes, I ordered a d.i.a. top a little while ago from someone online and it came yesterday as I was heading out to work! It's a "bell top" and although it's really nice and classic d.i.a., it's also rather tight, which makes me question the "FREE SIZE" label inside lol! I'm a little unsure about it, but I want to co-ord it with something!

Sorry for shitty webcam quality. My phone was charging and doesn't allow me to take photos if the battery is low :z At the end of the sleeves, it's really long around your hands, and the back is also, well, open! If I wear an amazing boob-clenching-together-bra then it looks EVEN BETTER ;D No pic of this i'm afraid....

After Cyberdog, we headed to our usual spot of Leicester Square/Picadilly Circus and went to Boots to pick up some make-up for me and some more hair dye for Dec. Outside were a few Japanese girls who STARED us into the store, and one even ran in after us to look at us! When we got inside, there stood a really classy Japanese Gyaru! She had super long ash blonde extensions, huge white and black furry legwarmers/boot covers and I think shorts too! (With tights). She also had a really cute bobble hat on and her mouth dropped open when we went past her lol! I regret not saying that she looked really cute and also "where did you get your legwamers/boot covers from" and they had gone by the time we had made our purchases :(

It's always really cool to see Japanese Gals in London and other foreign countries! I remember once in late 2008, and me, Dec and Caryn were sitting outside Trocadero in Picadilly Circus looking through egg and a whole TROUPE of about 30 Gals came past! All wearing Maison Gilfy bobble hats, shorts and ugg boots and heels. They were in awe to see us looking at egg and were tapping each other on the shoulder and pointing at us lol! We followed them through to China Town where they disappeared into a Chinese restaurant. Times like that are so cool!

We also headed to Purikura, although we didn't take any. When I went in last week after the shoot for Cyberdog, Sia was saying that I had to show her the photos when they were done, so I used this opportunity to do so. As I was typing the site, Dec announced to me "OH you're on the main page by the way"....the MAIN PAGE?? : O wth.

I actually look like I belong on top of the tree in what i'm  wearing haha!

I thought that by main page, I would be on there with a few other people, as there was the other day, but not by myself!!! Jeez. It's kind of cool though ;D To see me attempting to sell dresses (it's also me modelling the Ice Skirts, Power Sculpt Leggings (I think they're called) and Cyberdog long socks in pink), check out the website, Cyberdog.net. Speaking of Cyberdog, I was a bit unsure about some stuff at work and thankfully I managed to get some help from two really nice staff-chanmembers, and i'm really grateful! Thanks guys, you know who you are!

That's it for now, i'm going to wallow in how sick I am and see if I can make a trip downstairs to get some more hot Ribena.....

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

back to reality

Hello everyone! Gah, i've been so annoyed with my blog over the weekend but it's working again now! Some rogue HTML found it's way into my blog and it didn't make any sense! But it's been fixed, so the last blog is now complete again for you to read lol!

(By the way, by rogue, I don't mean rogue virus, I mean crafty little bugger!)

It's the start of a new week once again, and it's really getting close to Christmas! Usually I wouldn't really care. I mean, this time last year I was nearly going to Japan for the first time! I can't tell you how weird it feels for me not to be going again around this same time :( I've been reminiscing about Japan recently and i've been feeling really down. At Cyberdog, we sell 6% dokidoki products, and the manager asked me to send an email to Sebastian for a new order last week, and that made me miss Japan. The same day, 2 Japanese girls came into the store and I asked them if they needed any help or anything at all and they were so stunned that I was speaking to them in Japanese! That made me miss Japan even more. Okay, so i'm not fluent or anything, but I really enjoy being able to practise the Japanese I know with Japanese people, and when I was there in October, I really got a chance to improve my speaking skills with everyone, everyday, and that's what really hit home the other day. I really want to go back :(

Aside from that and going back to XMas, i've managed to buy all the gifts for my family before everyone starts to panic buy! I feel proud! This year i've put in a lot of effort, mainly because last year I wasn't able to really get my family anything, due to going away to Tokyo a few days later. I got a really neat gift for my Mom, and I really hope she'll like it. We don't have the best relationship in the world but there are always opportunities to make it stronger. I'm not saying that giving gifts is the best way to do so, although it's a nice little surprise! Currently all the gifts are sitting in two large Cyberdog bags in my room, lol! To break up this post, here's a few puri I took at the end of last week~

It's trueeeeeeeeeeee

I finally managed to bloody buy egg! I went to the JC nearly everyday after work and they didn't have it, and the one day I didn't go, they had stocked it! I'm glad to see that fur tails and fur in general is still in fashion ;D

Here's a boob(ish) one for you all

As some of you may know, here at my blog I have mentioned a few things about myself. One in particular being my girl-crush on James Marsters; i.e. Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In case you haven't seen this glorious programme and are not sure who he is, or if, like me, you just want to view a bit of Vampire hotness, please view the pictures below:

Dude seriously, if my photoshop skills were great, I would SO photoshop my head into this!

HAHA. Unfortunately, only "Buffy" Spike is hot. James Marsters in the present day doesn't really cut it for me...most older men don't really have that kind of effect haha. Anyway, I had another dream about him again...and for some reason Angel; i.e. David Boreanaz; was there too? Let's just say...it was awesome ;D...

This evening, Cyberdog had a Christmas meal for all the staff. I still haven't really spoken to everyone properly, but needless to say, I didn't really this time either lol! I did manage to speak to a few more girls properly which was nice! I really want to go out with them for a drink because they seem so fun to be around! Some of the guys were taking photos and I was desperate not to be in them and so I ended up leaving really hastily and probably looked quite rude but they were being sneaky and mean and it was stupid lol! I told them that if they put any of me on Facebook, i'll report them. I'm serious! I'm kind of nervous too, because my manager asked me to do a deco case for her BlackBerry! SCARY!!!!! I don't want to fuck it up lol!

Saturday, 11 December 2010


There's something wrong with my blog! For some reason my 3rd column (on the right hand side) has disappeared and my most recent post has been cut off so you can only read half of it! Wth!!!!

belated/Part 2

Hello again! I'm back to bring part two of the belated-ness!

Last weekend I met up with Georgie, her fiance Mark, Dec and Ivan for a belated birthday celebration with them! I didn't get a chance to see any of my Gal friends on the weekend of my actual birthday so it was great to see them! Unfortunately Floz and Caryn weren't able to come but there's also more opportunities! We went to an AWESOME Karaoke called On Board. I'd found it via Google earlier this year but had never been to it. It's a Japanese-run, Japanese-like karaoke with a Japanese system of over 60,000 Japanese songs, and a few thousands of English, Chinese, Korean and Filipino songs. Unfortunately it's still book method (you have to look through a book to find the song you want) but they have an incredible selection of brand new Japanese songs! Originally for Japanese karaoke, we were visiting a Korean restaurant with karaoke downstairs, again with book method, but nothing is ever updated, it's really expensive, and the staff are really rude, so it's great to have found somewhere else which is cheaper, has nicer staff (who we know already, what a small world!) and has an even better selection of songs!

They have LOADS of Para Para songs too, and some of them even have the actual Para video so you can learn or dance along whilst singing! They have the PlayZ song too, which isn't really that old to be fair! Whenever we visit karaoke, I feel bad because Georgie and Mark never really sing! In general I feel bad around them as I feel like im always acting too mad or talking about rude things too much, and no matter how many times they say they don't mind and they're not freaked out, I still think im overdoing it lol! Sorry again!!! >.< Georgie and Dec got me some really great gifts! Dec got me this super cute Troll doll:

She has the same hair as me! Well, when mine has been freshly dyed!

I'm still trying to think of a name for her...has anyone got any good suggestions? Georgie got me some really great furry fingerless glove things, which I adore! 

Kei came! She joined us for puri and food at Ed's Diner (yum) and it was great to see her, as I haven't since the beginning of Summer! :( It was also really, really cold that day and Georgie braved shorts! (plus tights) and looked damn cute too!

Thanks again for coming guys, you're all so sweet! It was great to be able to share my celebrations with you! Here's the info for On Board, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!

On Board Karaoke
Basement of 8 Kenway Road (the basement of the Lebanese restaurant opposite the Dry Cleaner)
Earls Court
Tel: 0207 244 6850

On Monday it was my sister's birthday, and she's now 16. 16!!!!! I can't believe it! I remember being 16...I was such an idiot lol, and probably such a pain to live with! (Although sometimes still am lol) It's kind of scary getting older. Even though i've only been 20 for a few weeks, it already feels like my life is changing in really big ways...i'm not sure how much I like it to be honest. My Dad confirmed that in 2.5 years he'll be retiring to Ireland with my Mom. He spoke to me about it before when I was 16, but hasn't spoken about it since. He plans to retire early because he just hates work so much, and to be honest, I really don't blame him. After all, he works in the LOVELY place I wrote a blog about and tbh, the sooner he leaves, the happier he will be! 2.5 years is going to FLY BY!

I've never moved house or anything before so the thought that someone could be living in my house (yeah this shithole that keeps flooding and stuff, don't know why anyone would want to lol)  is really quite strange and kind of...I don't know, not horrible, but uncomfortable. Where am I supposed to go????? My parents said they won't let me live in the house with my sister, but it's not like im going to find a stable enough job between now and then for me to be able to afford my own place to live, even if it was with my sister! I don't get why they can't just stay here :( Ugh, and then that thing about growing older hits me again and I can feel my tummy scrunch up and my head starts thinking stupid things that i'm not going to put in my blog because I hate thinking about it and writing about it and keeping it preserved is even worse :( sad times and im going to move on!!!

Anyway...on Monday, we went to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, and also mine, as me and my family didn't get a chance to go out in the week of my own, so that was nice. We went to a buffet place with lots of different Asian food, as well as some British (like roast dinner lol!!) and I think some Italian stuff too. Theres a few of these things where I am, one particular chain called Jimmy Spices, where you pay say £15 for buffet and you go round with a plate and can get food from all different world cuisines, and then the dessert part is usually lots of small cute looking things and a chocolate fountain and stuff, and the place we went to, Cosmo, was the same, BUT BETTER. It was DAMN CLASSY, like so posh inside! And there was a huge statue thing made out of sweets and biscuits and cake in the foyer!!! So impressed, like bloody Ace of Cakes or something! The food was really good! Although I highly doubted how "fresh" the "fresh sushi" was and the "Japanese" chefs it was prepared by ...hmm. Again, totally recommend! They have them all around the UK, so here's the link:

That's mainly it for this week! I haven't really done anything but work and I also bought the last of my XMas presents for my family, as well as see my friend Jess and do her hair for her :D OO how could I forget! LOL. Today I wasn't working but I went in to do some modelling for the website! Just showing off some new clothes and stuff, but it was pretty fun! I've done stuff for a clothing company before but this is definitely bigger! I haven't done a lot of "normal" (lol) modelling for a while so my face is the same in each shot, but I *think* the photos came out okay! I modelled a few other things but so far this is the only thing that's up........I was up so early this morning and felt so ill so I didn't really do anything with my hair, and my make-up was done on the tube, so I want no comments of "YOU'RE NOT GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL" (duh, im modelling CYBER clothing....) lol!

Speak soon!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

belated/Part 1

Hello! Here I am! 6 days later with a post for you all! Once again, apologies for not updating but after what happened last week, I really just wasn't in the mood for writing about anything! I'm going to talk about my birthday weekend and all the stuff in between that i've missed! So let's start!

For my birthday, I wasn't at work because my boyfriend said he had planned something for me so I asked my new job if I could have it off (as I was supposed to work it and I thought it would be okay, but apparently not)...I felt so bad! That was like my second ever shift and I was already playing around! But luckily it was okay! Everyone even said that birthdays should be a complusory day off haha. I spent the day by myself at home, which sucked a bit as that's what i've been doing for the past month or so since not being at the Hospital and when i'm on a day off from Cyberdog but I made good use of my time and re-tidied my bedroom and also my wardrobe! I say re-tidied because I end up having to tidy it every single week, mainly every single day, it's stupid! But then again, it's my own fault for making it so messy.

I'm so happy that I can see into my wardrobe now though lol! But I need to tidy my room tonight/tomorrow as I have to step over things to get to something....i'm sure you guys know the feeling right? So besides that, I also ordered pizza...not exactly exciting! But hey, Domino's pizza is awesome! My boyfriend came to my house just after my pizza did. He was so sweet! He got me the biggest bunch of flowers i've ever seen in my life! I haven't taken a photo yet because some of the flowers are still opening. They're still like, perfectly fresh! It's awesome! He likes to get people funny cards for occasions, so my birthday card was no exception...lol!

In the evening, he was planning on taking me to Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant in Kingston, and apparently you can't book if it's not for a group, just turn up, but they didn't have any insight to what the food was like on the website, and tbh, i'm not the biggest fan of Italian food, like it wouldn't be my first choice, so we went for Mexican food at an awesome Mexican restaurant near to me! It's so DELICIOUS omg I want some now! Here are the details in case anyone decides to go at some point!

El Desperado
El Desperado Mexican Grill & Cantina
501 London Road
North Cheam
Tel: 0208 337 4446
Email: info@eldesperado.com

We went back to my house afterwards to watch the Fuji TV special on Finland Gals! I was so nervous to see everyone and myself too! And then there I was! I really need to stop smiling and laughing so much on Television! It looks like I have the biggest mouth ever lol! I don't look like that in real life at all! Koi-chan hasn't released all the photos yet and I haven't seen egg January to know whether any photos are in there yet, so bear with me!

I'm still waiting on the DVD to be sent to me and then I can see a clearer version of the programme! The quality from streaming it was awful (but to be expected) and kept lagging so the audio kept going but the video got stuck somewhere 2 minutes behind it! Here are some screenshots of me~

Who IS that girl??

They did a comparison of me from the last Fuji TV I was in to now

This was my (weird laggy) face saying "Before I was really ugly, but now im really pretty!" and then I had a LOVELY huge laugh...wth is wrong with me lol! I look nothing like this screencap in real life..wth

Yuma was really sweet, writing on her blog that I am a beatiful Gal now and that she was so happy for the purikura! I'm so pleased!^^

The next day I had the Para Para performance to do...and it was awful. The woman that organised it is really bad, and kind of unprofessional too. She didn't give me any information about where to go, who to talk to and didn't leave me a phone number in case I needed to contact her, so I was running late and got to the venue and had to talk to every single person I came across, and eventually I found her, right at the back of the place. She was surprised that it was just me doing the performance but was still happy that I had turned up! I kind of had to, there was no way I could have contacted her to say I wasn't coming! She doesn't even respond to my emails, yet she asks me to respond to hers by the end of the day that I got it! wth.

But yeah, after my slot was a guy who was talking about the voice-overs they do for Dragon Ball Z and the whole 10; maybe even less than that, 7?; people who actually watched me were actually waiting for this guy instead. The woman who organised it did a "tea ceremony" (it wasn't one) before my slot and there were a few, like 10, people watching her and they all cleared off when it was my turn! I tell you, it was such a waste of time! So I did one techpara and one parapara routine and then came off stage, much to the dislike of the guys with the microphones, but I wasn't just going to stand there in my tiny shorts and try and interest people who didn't want to even see me perform!

Afterwards I went to see if I could meet the classy Mercedes McNab, aka Harmony from Buffy! HOWEVER she wasn't there. She was "sick" so I completely missed her! I did, however, bump into the manager for the celebrities there, Sean, and he was awesome! He was walking around with Miko Hughes, who was a successful child actor in Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Apollo 13, Pet Semetary and other films. He was so cute! (obviously didn't say to his face though lol, would have been creepy of me!) They invited me to a gathering at their hotel in the evening and I really really wanted to go, but didn't in the end. Yeah I know, things like that CAN be dodgy, but I wouldn't have let anyone try anything! ;D I ended up going to the Fighting Cocks with my friend Jess and her boyfriend Steve, got really drunk and threw up when I came home. Lovely! Here's what I looked like pre-drinking:

Monica's tips are really helping me! My hair stayed the entire night! :D

Overall I had a good time though! And work has been enjoyable too. I haven't started posting co-ords just yet as I haven't got enough clothes to rotate into a nice selection for you guys, so at the moment, i'm just really wearing a lot of stuff more than once. It's hard!! Anyway, i'll be back with part 2 soon!

OO I meant to say. I've had a lot of friend requests on Facebook recently from people I have a lot of mutual friends with, say like 30 or so mutual friends, but I don't accept people I don't really know, or those with the same friends as me, purely because my Facebook is personal and it's really for my friends and family! I'm not saying that i'm just trying to be bitchy and like "well I have ALLLLL these friend requests but i'm just going to reject them all!" and trying to make out that im popular lol, in my dreams! I want to thank you all for reading my blog, and if some of you have tried to add me on Facebook and I haven't accepted, i'm sorry! I am thinking about maybe setting up a more open Facebook, or maybe just accepting a few requests at a time so I can get to know people! Please don't let this put you off me or my fantastically weird blog!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Hey everyone, sorry for not updating from the weekend just yet but i've had a couple of setbacks so i'll only be doing a post when I can. As some of you might know from following my blog in the summer, my house is in the process of being redecorated, and in the beginning of summer, we had builders come in to put insulation in the walls of some of the rooms in the house. My Mom and Dad found out this evening that the radiator in our living room leaked because the builders didn't put it back in correctly or something and so all of my Mom's photos and her family's photos circa 1940 onwards have nearly been destroyed.

It's so upsetting for my Mom and I don't understand why she hasn't broken down yet. If it were me i'd be crying and probably in a trance, not knowing what to do. Luckily, a lot of the negatives of the photos have survived, but there are a lot of older photos, maybe even older than 1940, that have been completely ruined. It's like loads of memories have just been erased...literally. I didn't realise how much of their life a person could keep until now....

My house is full of photos, newspaper cuttings, birth and wedding certificates (completely handwritten) letters, and everything else that you could think of. The other bad part about it is as these things dry, they all curl up, so trying to put them back into a photo album is going to be tough...

Again, i'll update when I can...