Saturday, 24 September 2011

How will I know


How are you all? Im fine, if you were wondering :) My week has been pretty good, and i'd like to report that i've been feeling really great! You guys are really nice, and it brings a positive impact~ 8D

Today I had a nice surprise when Miaka came into the store! I've never been approached by a blog reader before, and Miaka is the nicest person ever! Plus, she has fabulous hair ;D Please check out her blog!

Im working on getting a better commenting system too, because my current one sucks! Here are a few pics for you, mainly my Violent Lips from this week :) Enjoy!

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hi guys!

As the title of the post suggests, I have some things to tell!

Well, it's only one thing for the moment, I don't have much else happening (that I know of!) right now~ So the news?

I'm moving out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend! Okay, so im not having a baby or getting married, but for me, it's, pretty substantial!

I'm really excited because it feels so right with Adam. We've been together for 7months, which isn't a long time, but we're both really serious about wanting to build a future together and moving in with a partner is the first step!

I'll be moving into the flat Adam is living in at the moment, where i've been staying every so often for the time we've been together. It's great because the location is nice, we're equally close to two tube stations, the landlady is lovely, the people living downstairs are lovely, and the community seems great! I've had the odd occasion where people have said weird stuff to me or shouted insults, but unfortunately, that kind of thing happens way too often now, no matter where you are.

I sent my references form off today and that's step one complete! Only one more step to go, and then it's official! Obviously I have to wait for the references to come back, but as i'm not a paedo or bankrupt, im confident things will be just fine 8D

Me and Adam can't wait to scour the the Ikea catalogue and buy random crap for our room! P.s. Random photo is of a HUGE potato I found in Tesco last night!

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hello everyone!

I'm going to slowly be returning to the blogging world, and I have some updates and news I want to share with you all too :D First of all, I want to thank you guys for your kind comments on my last blog entry. I've just had this void in my life most recently and I can't really figure out why. Hopefully I'm going to be getting back on track and making the most of everyday :)

This weekend, I'm going to Ireland for my cousin's wedding! I already mentioned it here, which was a little while ago! The time has really flown by since then. I rushed to buy a dress last week and found a long maxi dress - which I've always said I wouldn't wear; 1) I'm SHORT! 2) They're usually gross 3) They're a summer item. We haven't had a summer here in UK, nor in Ireland, where it shall be between 16 and 18 degrees with lots of rain when we go. Fabulous.