Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Review and How-To: Torokeru Curry Mix

Hi guys! I have a tasty thing here for you...I hope you enjoy it!

This is a review and "how-to" of とろけるカレー(Torokeru Curry). It's a sauce mix that you can make Japanese Curry with! Torokeru is made by S&B, the same company that makes ゴールデンカレー(Golden Curry), which I know many people have already tried, including me, and it's really delicious! You can buy both of these kinds (as well as many more) of curry mix in a "small" size; serves 5 people and contains one block of curry mix; and a "jumbo" size; pack of 2 blocks of curry mix, which would technically serve 10 people, or make your 5 person curry very thick! A mistake I made the first time I tried Golden curry >.<. The curry mixes also have different "spice ratings" going from mild to hot.

I bought the "small" mild mix, as I was only feeding myself, my boyfriend and Rosie and my boyrfiend doesn't really like spicy food. We also set a little aside for Perry, but I think he only dipped his finger in to taste instead of actually eating the leftover lol! Now, onto the rest!

Front and back of the box; the instructions are in English and Japanese.

Step one: Cut up your vegetables and meat of choice, and throw them into a pan with some oil.

Carrot and Potato


Let's cooking!
Step two: The instructions say to add onions and cook until they have turned brown, but I HATE onions (lol) so I cooked everything until the chicken was cooked all the way through.

Step three: Add water and bring it to the boil. Reduce the heat and and leave to cook until the vegetables are completely done; basically, until they're soft and not very hard! The potato should go soft pretty quickly but the carrot may take a little longer until it's soft and not so al-dente!

When everything had finished cooking in the water

Step four: Remove the pan from the heat and break the curry mix into 5 cubes. Add this into the pot and str until everything has completely melted. Simmer for 5 minutes and you're done!

Curry finished!
You're now ready to serve your curry! Like any curry, you serve it with rice, so at some point while your curry is still in the making, you can start to cook your rice, or if you don't fancy cooking rice from scratch, you can always get the microwaveable stuff and stick it on just before you plate up. I personally prefer cooking from scratch as it tastes better! I used short grain rice for my curry, as it's sticky and kind of glutinous, which I love!

The rice I used; "Koshi hikari". This cost me £1.20 from Japan Centre on a promotion they were having

The finished product!
OVERALL RESULT; Torokeru Mild Curry Mix, Small size (Serves 5)
This cost me £1.66 at the Japan Centre and for a small box that feeds up to 5 people, i'm very impressed. The jumbo box costs £2.92 and works out cheaper than buying 2 small boxes

EASE OF USE: ★★★★★The curry mix is super easy to use, and I can't fault it's simple instructions at all! This is definitely great for cooks of all levels, especially beginners, and does what it says on the box, so there's no stress or worry about possibly getting things wrong

TASTE: ★★★★★
DELICIOUS! This curry tastes so good! I can't totally remember the taste of Golden Curry, but this one definitely tastes fabulous. It really tastes like it could be a homemade curry by a little Japanese woman somewhere! Hands down, really tasty!

I hope this was somewhat enjoyable for you guys to read, and hopefully informative too for all the chefs out there! You must give this stuff a try, you will definitely be happily satisfied!


  1. It looks soo good ! :O i saw it in the japanese store in the city. Maybe i should try to make it too :O

  2. NOM! Thought my kare block have been in square before this looks a better shape as you can add more parts

    Now I want some! D:

  3. I would so make that but vegetarian style. :D yummmm.

  4. u make me want to cook!!!!!!!!!! yummy!

  5. I wanna try to make this one day!

  6. @maria may: you should DEFINITELY try this curry! It's amazing, and so so tasty! If you haven't tried Japanese curry before, then this is a really good (and cheap) way to go about it! Please try it and let me know how it goes!

    @sami: YUMMY! You must make some! :D

    @yukee: That would still taste pretty darn good! How about tempura style veggies with katsu sauce?? OMG i'm so hungry now >.<!

    @michi: yay! Gal cooking! Like the "Gal Gohan" feature in egg ages ago! Imagine all the gals in one kitchen with hair extensions in everything and flour on faces and shit stuck under nails haha!

    @monica: you must! If you come to London in August we should make it!!

  7. Ooooh! That looks so yummy *__* Where can I get the curry thingy from? ^^