Friday, 30 April 2010

ive been a bad girl...


Okay, this is the time where I really need that new job. I know I go on about it in the majority of my blogs..but whatever! Lol!

Yeah, ive been bad. Ive spent some money I should have put away for Japan *cries nonstop*
Im going to have to buckle down next week and put basically of of my pay away. This is the first of my two weeks of big money after covering for the girl at work and working every day. *sigh*. im terrible...

But anyway! Ill show you what I bought! (lol)


And im really wanting some more crazy nails after seeing Yuma's...

Apart from this, ive also been addicted to the song とうきょうはろうのしちじ ("Tokyo is 7PM" or "The night is still young"). Not, however, by Pizzicato Five, but a trancey version that was on a remix from Atom nightclub that hedonists from livejournal uploaded. I don't know who its sung by! Heres a clip:

(just scroll down til you see a little circle with a green arrow in it, clikc it and listen away!)

Ive also gone back to really liking Bif Naked and Jack off Jill, and relistening to hide and XJAPAN.

I watched Lost in Translation last night, but didn't think it was brilliant...have you guys seen it?
What did you think if you have done? And what music do you like?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

one year & hair colouring


Im going to start my blog off a little mushy... ; )

On tuesday it was me and my boyfriend's one year! Haha! I can't believe its been a whole year already! When we met, I never thought that things would go as far as they have, but im really glad they did. We couldn't spend the day together as I was at work and in the evening he went to go and see Ricky Gervais with his friends, but on Wednesday night (last night) he stayed at mine and cooked for me! us!
He cooked us steak, and all the other stuff that goes with it. I love going out to eat with him too, but having a great meal served by your man is wonderful! I haven't got any photos because I was too hungry, but it tasted good so thats all the info you need...

His friend said that he reads my blog sometimes...I wonder if he will read this one? And say "Tom your girlfriend said that I read your blog and she wrote about it"... I do write about really random things sometimes but its the way forward! I swear!

Now! Onto some business-like stuff. Im finally getting my hair coloured and sorted out on Saturday. Unfortunately I couldn't have it done tomorrow because I did try to book it a little late, but its cool. Im getting not only my roots done and my hair cut, but a whole NEW colour too! Its so difficult to decide though! Im a proud Aina Tanaka whore and im choosing one of her hair colours...but im not sure now! I was definitely decided and I checked out her blog today and have been swayed again!

Here is the colour I was totally decided on:

It looks completely different in different lights but thats what I like about it. Mine is just blonde. Actually thats a lie, its bleach blonde. Pros and cons of this hair colour:

1. Its a sexy colour that will look good in all lighting - camera, outdoor, indoor, dark, bright
2. It looks good any style - curled, straight, up, down etc
3. Aina had it, but has had it a few times ; )
4. It won't make me look like a slag (which im NOT)
5. I can get cheaper extensions. #613 extensions are damn £££!
6. Its not too dark, and its not too light. I want to go slightly darker than the colour I am now but still stay quite bright, so this is perfect inbetween for me
7. It will suit my skintone
8. Layers will look better (and you can see them) with this hair colour. Current hair colour = what layers?

1. Aina obviously has some highlights in, which I haven't yet tried and am sure sure whether to experiment with or not
2. I will have to colour my eyebrows. My eyebrows are brown and won't look amazing with this shade. They look fine at the moment, but they won't for much longer
3. My roots could be a problem. If you look, Aina's roots are a bit darker than the rest of the hair colour because theyve been bleached etc. Ill still have to get root touch up for this colour and not leave my roots for ages
4. What if it doesn't suit my short hair? Or suit my face without makeup? That sounds really dumb, but its true!

So, more pros than cons...its obviously ideal right? Well, it WAS until I saw her new faded colour:

Its GORGEOUS! She had her hair coloured pink and this is the faded out result. It makes her look more adult and really suits her skintone. Pros and cons to this colour:

1. Bleach blonde really is a cultured colour, but everyone has it....this colour would make me look older and better!
2. It will suit my skintone
3. Layers will look better (and you can see them) with this hair colour. Current hair colour = what layers?
4. It won't make me look like a slag (which im NOT)
5. I can get cheaper extensions. #613 extensions are damn £££!
6. Its a sexy colour that will look good in all lighting - camera, outdoor, indoor, dark, bright

1. Its a difficult colour to get right. This is the faded result of a previous haircolour...whats to say it won't fade even lighter? (which it will)
2. It will wash out sooo quickly. Like, I can't dye my hair pink and wait for it to fade!
3. Damaged hair will show up more in this colour
4. I'll have to colour my eyebrows
5. Roots could be a problem

Its so close for this one with like pros and cons..... I don't know!

Can you guys help me decide?

Friday, 23 April 2010


Hi y'all!

We got our computer back today.....diagnosis?

Bad.  Haha!

It STILL has a virus on it! Its like, stuck in the registry like superglue! Ive tried so many things to get rid of it but it just won't go. We've worked out its definitely something on my user account but what it is, we don't know. The guy said he deleted my profile and put it back on again...but...he kind of deleted the wrong profile... haha

He's reinstated my old user area that got broken. I couldn't log in but I could still access files through other user accounts. He hasn't actually sorted my current one. *Sigh* NEED MY OWN LAPTOP!!!!
But yeah, this blog was definitely a lot easier to post than my mobile one. I checked it out and there are so many mistakes! It was on a blackberry too! They're supposed to correct you!

The girl at work IS stuck! So ill be covering for her until she gets back. She's stuck in a luxury 5 star hotel in the sun. Poor thing :( But more money for me..yay! I thought id bring you a picture post from this week! Just to show you the kind of things ive been getting up to and seeing, as I think wordswordswords are just a little boring sometimes.

Some other stuff...Tomorrow the galcir is having an oldschool meet. So like, old gal styles, like denim!!! and white loafers!!!! and gross manba!!! woo!!

and best of all,.....TAN!

ill bring photos when, and if I can


Thursday, 22 April 2010


I can post blogs on my phone of course, not with Blogger's handy "Blogger mobile" feature, but because my phone feels like behaving :)

So how is everyone? I feel awful! I can't bring you any lame blogs due to having minimal access to the internet! I can't get onto this site at work, but I can seem to look at flights, hotels, online shopping, the galcir forum... :z

Just a quick update I guess for you guys :)
So! I had my 1st lesson with my Japanese tutor on Monday, and it went really well! He told me that I got through 3 weeks worth of work in one hour..haha and said that my knowledge of Japanese at the moment is great. I'm really happy! Bring on lesson 2!
He also found out about manba and the himself! He helped himself to my puri book while it was out and at first didn't seem to see the photos and then I pointed out it was me and he gave the same reaction every Japanese person gives when they see that kind of thing; he laughed and kind of muttered "manba, haha" and then I said it was me again, and his face was like :O hahahaha
He thinks its okay though so : D

So how about this ash cloud then? Its supposed to have moved now? And I think flights are starting up again. My friend's bf was in Cyprus for a 2 week holiday but has been there for 3 weeks instead. He nearly ended up staying a whole MONTH but the cloud is like, dispersing I guess! The girl I cover for at work should be back tomorrow~ but like if she's, not, then its more shifts for me : D haha

I have to worry about money a little bit now. I have a backlog of minimal shifts that I did so I'm getting paid a little each week when I should have really been paid more, its so annoying. And my boyfriend's family has invited me on holiday with them in September, but with Japan happening a few weeks later, I think its like two weeks, I need to try and save as much as I can...
My parents said I should go back to my old job, but that would be the 3rd time I went back if I do decide to.
Pros: job straightaway
Cons: horrible environment, and the reason I left was the manager, getting screwed around with shifts and money...

Is it worth it??!

Hopefully ill get the interview for the Tolworth Tower place I mentioned a few weeks ago; IM STILL WAITING!!!!!

(Sorry for lots of typing in this! I can't post any photos from my mobile I don't think..)
What mobile phones do you kids have?

Saturday, 17 April 2010



My computer has a virus on it, and I can't access the internet, crazy blogs from me for a while! My dad will let me use his laptop occasionally, but has a go at me everytime I use it :\ He reckons that me and my sister break everything. Okay, so he leant us his OLD laptop, and when I say OLD im talking that he bought it when laptops first got big, so maybe early 2000s or just after? 10 years later, and the laptop stops working. I google the problem and find out that OLD LAPTOPS USUALLY HAVE A PROBLEM WHEN THE RAM GIVES OUT. THE FUCKING RAM IS GONE MATE. ITS NOTHING TO DO WITH US, JUST YOUR OLD LAPTOP.


Oh! I have news! After a year of studying Japanese on my Nintendo DS, I've invested in a (real life) Japanese tutor to help me out! He told me that he thinks my Japanese is quite good already which im happy about, as I thought it was quite basic. although I guess I know quite a bit, I don't really get the chance to use it but I thought that I really would need the practise if im planning to go back and forth to good ol' Japan every so often and possibly eventually live out there. But how did I study Japanese on my DS you ask?

With this! My Japanese Coach for Nintendo DS! Here are some other screenshots

It helps you learn by letting you practise characters and by recording your voice against the sensei. You learn about loads of stuff, culture, family, food, etc and you also learn Kanji, which is what ive just started to learn. When you finish a level, you're given the opportunity to learn the stuff for yourself with the help of games, like flash cards, writing cards and others. M favorite game is probably write cards, and now my hiragana/katakana is great!

Whilst being on the Japanese topic, im going back to Japan this October with my girls Niijii and Caryn! We'll be going to Osaka for 3 days and Tokyo for 10. Ill try and bring some more updates when my pc works again!!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Koneko's bag


So, as the title suggests, this post is about my bag! I know there have been so many of these done before, but this is the 2nd time ive ever done one! I did one for Ricoche a long time ago when I first got into gal,but heres a more updated one! It includes my bag, my purse and make-up bag:

My bag
1: Bag - River Island
2: Make-up bag - Maison Gilfy, free with Nuts magazine
3: Liz Lisa bag - got when I bought something off the net
4: Hairbrush
5: Oyster Card - magical plastic card of travelling!
6: Mega sunglasses - Primark
7: Chewing gum
8: Pen - just in case!
9: Purse - New Look
10: Hello Kitty umbrella - gift
11: Hello Kitty passport holder - gift
12: Vaseline
13: House keys
14: Hello Kitty mirror - China Town Market

My purse
Purse - New Look

1: akasiro restaurant business card
2: P.I.C card - the place I take Purikura at in London has a new card that you stamp each time you take photos. I take them all the time, so this card probably isn't a good idea haha
3: Debenhams gift card - probably no cash on it though
4: National Insurance Card - I had the recruitment agency interview the other week and it asked me to bring it along, so its now in my purse all the time
5: Orthodontist appointment card
6: Jays Nails business card
7: Debehams Beauty Club card
8: Young Person's Railcard - ft. my "rehab" photo haha
9: My ex French tutor's business card
10: Yuki Sakamoto's contact details - the presenter of Koko Shira, the programme we were on
11: Debit card
12: Currency card - Got it to use in Japan; you preload it and when the money's gone, its gone, so you don't have to worry about going overdrawn or anything. I couldn't use it in any stores though so it was dumb :z
13: P.I.C VIP Membership card - ...... I told you I go there a lot haha!

1: Various pile of receipts
2: Contact details for someone I met at Kyoto Events in London
3: Photo of my man ;)
4: Spare purikura from Japan and some from here

Make-up bag - Maison Gilfy; free with Nuts magazine

1: DUO eyelash glue
2: Eyelash glue from a set of eyelashes from Donki
3: Eyelure eyelash glue - the BEST!!!
4: MAC eyelash case with bottom lashes inside
5: Eyelash tweezers - for easy application
6: Regular tweezers
7: Foundation sponge
8: Foundation brush
9: Blusher brush
10: Powder brush
11: L'oreal True Match foundation
12: Collection 2000 powder
13: Collection 2000 mineral loose powder
14: Miss Sporty blusher
15: MAC Plushglass
16: MAC Plushglass
17: Boots 17 Lipstick
18: Sephora eyeshadow palette
19: Urban Decay eyeshadow
20: Bourjois eyeshadow
21: Black/White eyeshadow compact
22: Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliner
23: Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliner
24: Benefit BAD GAL pencil eyeliner
25: NYC eyebrow pencil
26: Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner
27: MAC Mascara - forgotten the name!!
28: Collection 2000 mascara


I seem to carry more than one of the same type of product haha


Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday and the Easter weekend

Happy Easter holidays guys!

It sucks, its my bloody 6 day weekend (5 now that its Friday) and I have nout to do! Yesterday I saw my man, but he only stayed a little bit because he went out to see his friends. I stayed up watching OutKast videos and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.....; D

My Friday nights are so dry now! I never do anything :( I remember going out all the time...and now I don't. Which I guess is good for my purse, but it gets boring! And then the weekend is overrrrrrr

Oh! And to update you on the job front - that telephone interview I had for the lifestyle place...the woman was so unreliable and unprofessional, my god. She never contacted me on Monday or Tuesday, and when I emailied her on Wednesday to share my annoyance and such, she said she would contact me at 5:15 that evening. Come 5:15 and nothing! She didn't get round to calling me 'til yesterday at like 2:30 and I didn't get the job anyway; she sent me an email saying that they were "impressed" with me, but oter candidates were "exceptionally better" ... haha. The meeting with the recruitment agency for the Tolworth Tower job went well. I was late though, but only because I got lost! The guy said that they need to stop giving out the directions they send out because they're wrong :z .... the interview itself will take place around the 19th April, so I hope to god I get something..

My computer's internet won't work, so im using my dad's old laptop which he gave to us a couple years back and I subsequently smashed the screen internally whilst playing Tomb Raider so it was a little "out of action" for a while. It also has no "H" key, just a button where the thing used to be. Its very annoying. The internet won't work on the computer, but it will on this laptop so its like wth is going on. All my pictures etc etc are stored on there so I have to resort to using Memory USB if I really want something. There is also no proper language packs as its only Windows 2000 or XP or something so Ive installed the JP ones, but I still can't type in Japanese, only copy and paste, so that makes things a little more annoying.

I must say, I really am liking the new member of HIBISCGYARU, Floz. She's so down to earth and sweet! We all had a great time last weekend trotting around Selfridges and then having a really long, but good, talk in Macdonalds~ I also want to answer more questions!!!!!!
Formspring meeeeeeeeeee