Monday, 10 March 2014

Review: Kracie Happy Kitchen Doughnuts (DIY Sweets)


I though I would bring you a review on these popular Japanese DIY sweets. They're not really that new, as I remember making a couple of these sets about 3 years ago, but they're still quite intriguing to see and actually make!

You can get many different sets, like Bento, Ice Cream, Waffles etc.

image source; Healthy Cookin
There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show how each set can be made, and it's relatively easy to sit there and watch loads of them in one go! If you do try these sets out, give the videos a watch first, as the package is solely in Japanese, and if you don't read/understand it then it might seem more difficult.

I bought the "Happy Kitchen Doughnuts" and gave them a go.

Inside this magical box are all of these wonderful sachets of different things that you can make and adorn your Doughnuts with;

1) "Doughnut Sheet" - Literally, a presentation sheet for your creations
2) Chocolate Doughnut Mix
3) Custard Doughnut Mix
4) Strawberry Sauce
5) Vanilla Sauce
6) Chocolate Sauce
7) "Crunchy" - These are tiny bits of crushed biscuit/something similar
8) Piping Bag
9) Sprinkles
10) Mixing Tray
11) Ideas Sheet

Rather than making this a completely picture-heavy post, I'll just be sharing some photos of the process.

Unfortunately, my creative talents leave much to be desired.

Ease of use: ***
While it is essentially "child's play", this set does require some patience, especially when mixing the Doughnut mix. Aside from that, it's super easy to use and make

Taste: ****
This set tasted SO much better than previous ones I have made. Sure, it's not going to be an exact replica of a real Doughnut, but texture and taste wise, they're pretty close! Even my Dad ate one, and didn't mind it. the chocolate sauce was actually amazing to just eat alone!

Price: ***
Obviously taking into consideration import fees to this country etc, but it still feels slightly pricey even if it is slightly regarded as novelty. I assume in Japan it's probably well worth the money you would pay

Overall: ****
Giving the Doughnut set 4 stars! Really not a bad little set at all.