Monday, 28 March 2011


Hi guys! How are you all doing?

Thanks for the response I had to my last post! I'm still really unsure what do to with my hair, but you guys gave some really good ideas so i'll definitely be thinking hard! I might wait a couple of weeks just so that my hair can kind of go "nice" again, lol. I have been taking some hair/skin/nail formula pills which actually worked pretty well I think, as my nails definitely feel stronger, but i'm not sure it had a lasting effect on my hair, so I might go back to the health store and see what else I can find!

I think i've skipped out on my personal life a little bit (and also that 30 day meme thing (or whatever) I posted a while!) so i'll bring you up to date! Last week I had another photoshoot with Marc. I'd love to be able to share the photos with you guys but I can't as they're nudes! This time around we were working on one of his short films. He does photographs, films and moving images, and they're mainly quite eerie and out of norm and usually in black and white! It's all a bit different but working with him has given me so much confidence! Apart from shooting with Marc, i've also been shooting a lot for Cyberdog. People keep joking that i'll have my own fan club soon because of all the positive response after my photos are posted haha!

Last week I reshot all of the women's tshirts for the new website and also started working on some tops too. I have to help Laura, Miss Virtual Store, reshoot ALL the women's tops, tshirts and some shorts too! That's a LOT of clothing! Tshirts wise, there was about 125 that we did in the end? There are roughly 25 designs and around 4-5 colours for each! I had a good time with Laura though, she's really lovely. Here she is looking fabulous!

She's coming for dinner at Adam's place with her boyfriend Rei on Wednesday night...and I guess i'm going to be the one cooking? '8D Adam reads my blog so no doubt he'll make some sort of funny face and be like "oh, so you're cooking then?" and i'll be like "wtf" and he'll say "your blog"! Oh well, I like cooking so it's no problem really. Rei is Italian and cooks quite a lot so I must impress him! He was in my group interview for Cyberdog actually, which was cool. He's really into hardstyle and does hardstlye shuffling.We're all going to an event called RAW this coming Sunday so i'm going to make him do it!

As well as being a chef and a model, i've also been doing hair! As I mentioned, I did Rosie's new hair, and here's a photo:

Cupcake Pink to Atomic Turquoise!
This week i'm doing Kirsten's hair, and the week after i'm doing Dec's hair too! I should really open my own salon lol...Although I really like doing hair and such, I think I want to do a nail course. On my day off on Saturday, I looked online for nail courses in different London colleges and schools and they're really really expensive! Supposedly you're supposed to be able to get some osrt of discount/for free if it's your first nail course but I couldn't find anywhere offering that! Everything I saw was from £600-£1600!!!! It really sucks :( We really need a specialist school like BLEA over here in the UK! So many girls are only interested in hair, make-up and nails that it would be perfect as opposed to them going on a Beauty Therapy course or something. I'll speak to Jess, as she's actually qualified to do people's make-up, and I don't know if she paid a lot or not... this space I guess!

Apart from this, i've got a busy few weeks coming up. I'm so glad that Summer is on the way! Everything looks much nicer because it's so much brighter and yeah.. :D Although the clocks went forward on Sunday morning and I ended up waking up at 5am by accident haha.. I have 2 photoshoots next week as well as a Chessington World of Adventures trip next Saturday! I'll get to see Dec, Floz, Caryn, Georgie and hopefully Kei, which will be faaab as I haven't seen them in forever :'( Here are some photos and a really nice summery song to see the end of the post!

UV lights in Fitting Room at work :D

Me and Laura's lunch last week..!

Monday, 21 March 2011

hair adventure; part 2

Hello everyone, i'm really sorry for posting a whole week later to what I originally promised, but i've had a bit of a funny week! I got a comment on my last blog from an anon reader, which really hit home and made me feel really bad for not updating so much :(

"Anonymous said...

I was a big fan of ur blog, but you've become so bad at updating them I don't feel the need to check what your up to anymore.
:( i feel like you've let me down greatly, my friends also feel this :("

To Anon, and to all of my followers, i'm really sorry I don't update as much as I should! Sometimes my weeks don't turn out as planned and I find it difficult to fit in the time to write a really good blog for you guys. But anyway, without sounding really lame, i'm going to work harder to bring you more frequent and interesting posts! I'm also planning a giveaway for hitting the 250 folower mark, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Carrying on from my last entry; about my hair adventure; I have some bad news :( Unfortunately i've had to go back to blonde for the time being, but, there is change in the works! I'll carry on from where I left off :) Step 3 was dying my hair purple and sorting out my extensions...but I also had a really busy week with work and a photoshoot with Marc.B again! Here's me in between the nice, yet tricky process of going purple:
Before a photoshoot I had with Marc.B!
And now for the fun time,the purple!

However... The dye kind of, refused to take to all of my hair, so what you see here is actually a good picture that doesn't really show how weird my hair looked in real life! For some reason, my roots were still white, as was a large section at the back of my hair, just underneath my top layers! To be honest, my hair was much darker than the results i've seen from others who have tried Mystic Heather, but the next problem I had was going to work with this colour. My work has copious amounts of UV lighting inside, and my although it "evened" out my hair colour under said lights, it also changed the colour quite a bit, and made it look grey, which, considering as i'm at work pretty much all the time, wasn't the thing I was going for.

Due to this, I decided to wash the purple out as much as I could over a few days and I managed to get it down to a very light rosey pink colour, but I just hated the way it looked :( I gave in and rebleached my hair the other evening and now i'm blonde (very very white actually lol...) again for the time being! I'm really disappointed because now I don't know what to do with my hair! In a way i'm very glad I didn't dye my hair extensions as then I would have been really upset, but i'm also glad that I kind of, "messed up" my hair with this shade of dye, because if I hadn't at least tried it, I would never have known what the end result would have been! Now, the question comes into mind..what can I do with my hair?

I am virtually the master/creator behind Rosie's new hair, which is pink going into turquoise and all pretty and yummy! I just feel really weird not having a bright colour in my hair after having the pink for so long, and I feel like I should do something! I'd really love it if you guys could send your thoughts as to what I should think about doing! I'm going to try and think of something....I mean, dip dye is now fast becoming a trend, and I even saw a girl that has come into work before sporting my same hair colour; pink into blonde; on Camden High Street! Should I go back to it, but with different colours? Help me decide!


Saturday, 12 March 2011

hair adventure, part 1

Hello there! How are you doing?

Before I get onto my main topic, I want to write a quick note about the current devastation of the Tsunami in Japan. Myself, like many others, know friends and/or family living there and knowing that they are okay is the main thing. I am wishing and praying for the safety of not only my friends, but everyone in Japan, more so, the Northeastern part, which has currently been the place most affected. I haven't heard from all of my friends yet so I am just hoping that they are okay. To everyone in Japan now, foreign or Japanese, please keep safe, whichever part you may be in!


My last post filled you in a little about my weekend away to Center Parcs and also talked about my hair...well! I'm obviously back from Center Parcs now, and one of the reasons I didn't write a blog during the weekend was because the signal was so awful! Jess was constantly asking "Have you guys got signal?!" (lol) and the wireless was terrible...come on Center Parcs... I haven't even had a chance to upload my photos from my camera just yet, and i've only just seen the girls' photos which are really nice! I shall steal them when it comes to writing about the weekend!

I'm here to bring you a post about my hair adventure! Well, it won't just be my hair adventure, it will be mine and Rosie's! (The girl with blue hair I posted!) As I wrote about in my last blog, we shall be having a "Fabulous night"! Although we did start the celebrations off a little early by bleaching out Rosie's hair the other night, and I bleached my own this evening - that's right! Pink hair is officially gone! - but there still leaves lots to be done! Anyway. When I returned from CP, my hair had gone a light pink colour so I decided that instead of dying it again, I would just wash it out until my new extentions had arrived. However, the mailman being the mailman decided to take my hair extensions with him instead of putting them through the mail slot, so I had to redye my hair pink on Thursday evening >.< slightly annoying but it meant I could wear my pink/blonde ext. one last time!

Part one of my hair adventure was getting my hair cut! FINALLY, after 6 months! I went to Pepi's in Camden (like a minute's walk from Cyberdog) and got my hair trimmed, as well as a new fringe cut in! Pepi's sepcialises in crazy hair and extensions (take a look at their galleries) but they have normal customers too!

yes, im very aware this top is very see through!
stupid rain made my hair go funny :( Me and Laura, aka Miss Virtual Store!
Step 2 of my hair adventure (well actually, more like a mini detour) was dying my hair pink again...for the last time!

Friday morning before work~
And then today, I made the necessary trip to buy bleach! And also to post something to Rui and pick up my new extensions :D

no make-up...and bye bye pink!
It's funny walking around my town with pink hair...obviously because i'm the only one who has this hair colour, and people act as if it's the first time they've ever seen something like that! An old lady actually said to me today "How long did it take you to get hair like that? It's just a spray isn't it?" And when I said it was my real! It's actually weird being IN my home town actually because i've been staying with Adam, my man, for the past week! I came home early from CP on Monday and was supposed to be meeting him outside work on Tuesday evening after I finished my shift, but I decided to go and surprise him by meeting him at his flat instead, and he was really happy^^!

Step 2 was removing the pink, and I finished bleaching/washing/toning my hair about an hour ago and this is currently the result:

verrrrry white blonde! actually, white! lol
And tomorrow I will commence with step 3! Dying my hair purple...and my extensions..and also something else, but I shall keep that a secret until it's finished! That's it for now, and i'll post again on Monday to show you the end result!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

pure dance

Hi guys! Sorry to keep you hanging around for a post but I haven't really been at home this week, as i've been staying with my guy as his flat is much closer to work! We've been having super fun food shopping and cooking times! 8D

I'm changing my hair colour! I think I may have briefly mentioned it on here a little while ago, but I can't remember...either way, it's changed from that now too! Before, I was going to get this:

Sakochi's hair ages ago!

I saw this come up on my Facebook feed all the way back in October when I was still away in the land of the rising sun; i.e. Japan; and was like OMG YES and when I returned, my laptop broke! So I no longer had the photo! I desperately messaged people (thanks to Sami and Janis!!) and finally found the photo! And by this time I was desperate to have this done! After a short while though, I changed my mind and settled on this:

ignore bad 'shopping!
Basically, I wanted my hair to be purple all over instead of the half blonde/half purple combo. BUT THEN I changed my mind again. The only fault I had with this hair colour was the black underneath, and this served a problem if I wanted to bleach my hair again (a definite possibility) if I got bored with the colour, and as we all know, dark hair can be a nightmare to bleach! Especially considering it was at the bottom, where my hair is most damaged right now, so I decided to leave this hair colour and start afresh. Purple has always been a fave colour of mine (hence the HIB logo/forum colours!) and while I enjoy pink, I'm quite happy to move onto something new! More specifically, light purple, or should I say, Manic Panic Mystic Heather :D

And this should give me this kind of colour (sorry, it's the only decent photo I could

EXCEPT I'll leave the dye on for a little longer/not wash out as much as I want it to be a bit more vibrant :D The end result should *hopefully* look like this!

Yep, purple going into white. Not blonde, like I currently have, but mega white white. I couldn't really care less if the dip dye/two tone trend is "out" or if it looks really similar to the hair I have now...I just really like the colours and the way it looks! 8D! I'm going to have a Fabulous day with Rosie and another girl from work, Kirsten, soon! We're all going to style each other out and look amazing, I can't wait! I haven't had a really girly day/night in ages so this will be really fun!
My dye came today, and now I just have to order my extentions! I can't wait to have new hair! I should also probably get my hair cut too...considering I haven't had it done since Oct 1 2010 lol! My hairdresser probably thinks i've run away somewhere else >.< I got a text from my hairdresser with an offer of 50% any one service but it expires on the 6th March and i'm going away this weekend!! Sucks! I'm off to Center Parcs with my girls from school and I can't wait! We went food shopping this evening and stocked up on stuff. Expect lots of photos and stuff! 

We've just started playing this song at's great haha~
Update at the weekend!