Monday, 24 October 2011


Hello, hello, hello!

It's nearly 11pm here in crappy old London, and I thought I would bring a blog to you all! Since I last posted, I've been super busy at work! Halloween is essentially our Christmas, as it gets mad busy! The last few weekends have been great, and people have seriously been thinking ahead for Halloween this year! We had some DJ's in the store on the 15th doing a pre-party for an event called Sinistry. It was like a VS I think? But I couldn't really tell, I was mainly trying to serve all the tonnes of customers in my tiny Accessories space!

I can't believe how quickly each month goes, I swear it was only Summer not so long ago! Then again, our Summer was rubbish and was late and then lasted a few weeks (if that). I can't wait to be back in Japan again at some point either. It's been playing on my mind recently and it's kind of depressing knowing i'm not there this year! So, back to Halloween stuff! I wasn't really sure what to do this year, as I've never really done a whole lot for it. When I was in High School, I just stayed in and would have the kids knocking on our door and stuff (really hoping they'll leave us alone over here in N.LDN!) and that's it really!

For Halloween I bought this Jasmine last outfit last week and it arrived like, within a few days! It's really see-through though..haha. I bought it as I wanted to dress like Mimi, the girl who pretends to be Jasmine from Bunny Girl Gal Circle:

It's not entirely the same outfit, but hey, I just wanted something similar :) which day to wear?!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Hi everyone!

Today I moved in properly with Adam! All my stuff is here now, including all my Hello Kitty plushies.. ;D I also brought round my N64 (yes, I'm a geek), Gamecube...actually, I had so much more stuff than I realised, and it was mainly clothing! I had a mini clear out, which I will finish at another time, for clothes I'm going to throw away and clothes I'm going to give to a charity store.

I realised just now while typing - Not all of my stuff is here; Adam wouldn't let me take my egg magazines or any of my big books! Meanie :( I have to go back and get my bed at some point, so I'll take them with me then. But anyway, for now, all the stuff I need and want all the time, is here! Adam was like, so happy I swear! My Dad drove us up and after he left, Adam gave me such a huge hug and carried me into the house haha. It really doesn't feel very different now that I'm technically an official house mate, as I've been going back and forth so much!

Off the topic of moving in, tomorrow I'm doing a photo shoot with the guy that did me and Georgie's photos back in April, which will be great as obviously I look a little different, and I love shooting, I haven't done in so long! I'll probably be working with Marc.B again soon on another short film and photos? He always has such mad ideas, it's awesome!

The other night, our friend Ryo came over and stayed the night, and we found a new friend in Tesco!

I can't wait for Halloween to be here already! I'm allowed to have a Pumpkin in the make-up section and i'm definitely putting eyelashes and lots of make-up on it!

What are you all doing for Halloween? Do you have any special plans or outfit themes?

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Hello everyone!

How are you doing? Well, I must say that the weather over here in crappy UK has been really great the last 2 days! And tomorrow it's set to be really good too! Don't know if this will continue into the weekend and cross over into next week (highly doubtable) so I've been enjoying it while I can :)

On Tuesday I went to sign the contract, and I'm now officially moving in with Adam! It's really exciting that it's finally done! I've been slowly moving my stuff over when I make trips back and forth to my house; it will be weird because I'm still going to call where my parents live "my" house; and then my Dad is going to help me with bigger stuff such as my bed and other bigger items. Luckily, I don't have to bring any storage-type stuff with me as we have built in wardrobes, not huge ones, but it means we don't have to worry about where to put a wardrobe!

Wednesday we went shopping to Ikea with Perry. It was fun, but difficult at first to figure out which one to go to! Back home, we would just go to the Croydon Ikea, as it's a short drive and my parents can obviously drive, but here in North London there are two Ikea's and none of us can drive, and they're both just over an hour away by public transport! We decided to go to the one in Edmonton/Tottenham as it seemed closer, and the one in Wembley proved a little bit confusing to get to from where we are. Also, the Edmonton/Tottenham one is supposedly bigger? But I can't compare as I don't know! Either way, it was fun! And was so addictive, especially the big baskets and sections at the end bit just before you get to the "self-service" where they have random household stuff and you like, just want to buy it, but you shouldn't because it's random and you don't really need it! Ohh, I love Ikea :D

We ended up buying a desk, a coffee table and two small chests of drawers - one each! Also bought some other homey stuff too such as wardrobe organisers and organiser tray things for cupboards that I can put underwear/socks in ;D So basically, we're nearly there in making the room more, roomy and ours!

In the evening, me and Adam went for dinner at The Old White Lion in East Finchley. As you can see from the website, it's gorgeous! It's a kind of, modern pub? Lol, I don't really know how to describe it! All the furniture is odd, plus the tables, so nothing is the same, and it's really cool! The food is really good too, which is obviously another reason for going! We had Calamari with Lime Mayo for starter and handmade Beef Burgers (with like, an INCH or more thick of meat!) with thin flat chips. They do the magical sought after chips I adore....Sweet Potato Chips!!!!! but only on selected dishes :( Ahh, I love those kind of chips, ever since having them in Finland! (As some of you may remember me talking about here)

I did take pics of our dinner, but the flash makes the food look disgusting haha so im not going to post them, sorry!

Speak soon!