Monday, 27 September 2010


I've reached just over 100 followers! And as promised, I WILL be doing a giveaway. However!

As i'm flying orf to another country on Sunday for the majority of October, i'll announce it properly then, and i'll also post up the stuff for the giveaway! It's going to be random things from Japan, and maybe a random British item which a non-UK follower might or might not like?

Thank you all for following me these past couple of months! Even with my rubbish blogging style!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

bon vacance

Hello! and almost goodbye! at the same time!

Tomorrow it's the first holiday i've been talking about; the one with my man and his family! It's exciting but i'm kind of nervous at the same time. I get on well with his family, so thats no problem, but like, a holiday can make or break a relationship, so I don't want to go home broken hearted! I know it probably won't happen, but we don't see each other every single day, just when we're able to, which is usually a couple of days in a week when we're not working, and that's great because each time we see each other, it feels like it's been ages, when really it hasn't and I think it makes our relationship stronger :D

We've never argued, so I hope we don't start to! This is the happiest and strongest relationship i've ever had, and I want it to stay that way! Moving on from worrying, last night (Saturday) I met up with the organisers for the Hyper Japan event and some dancers and Nij also. They want some Japanese people to dance on stage with us, so they've got two people and they're both really nice! When the time comes, there will be 2 girls and 2 guys...well, 3 girls and 1 guy haha, and it should be really good! We just need to work out some routines that we'll be teaching, a name for the group and what we'll be wearing! Then we need to get some photos done to show ourselves off and stuff like that to make us look extra special. It's exciting! Meeting them yesterday really reminded me of being in Japan and hanging out with the film crew, who became our friends by the end of the trip, not just people who were there to film us.

Points for this week:
1) This Is England '86 just started airing on TV. It's a 4 part mini series following on from the awesome This Is England film, and from the first episode, i'm already hooked and wanting to watch more!

This Is England (movie) film trailer

Channel 4 promo for This Is England '86

I looove Smell's style! She looked way better in the original movie though:

2)I have new extensions that are made of REAL hair yay! So now I have mega classy 24" extens to play with :D

3)A TV programme has just started on ITV1 called "Surgery School" which features where I work! The first ep. showed one of the hospitals in my trust, St.Helier and had loads of people on there I know and work with all the time, lol it was weird to see our kind of environment on TV...there are 3 more episodes and maybe my place will be on there next!

4)2.5 WEEKS TIL JAPAN!!!!!!

5) I am in L O V E with October egg! All the military, bohe and fur trends! I'm so happy that I have a lot of the stuff i've bought recently as it's all featured in the pages! Scooooore

Not really any photos this post, just videos! Sorry!

I'll speak to you when i'm back from Lanzarote!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

the alternatives

Hello everyone!

I'm so tired today, and I woke up at 2pm, which is damn lazy! It's because I was awake for 40hrs haha. On Friday I went out with my friends from school again and I had a blast! We went to a place in Kingston called "The Fighting Cocks" which is an alternative/metal bar with a venue, pool table and Guitar Hero room, and they also have comedy shows there with really big names like Bill Bailey and Robin Williams! I went for the first time last summer, and when I went on Friday I felt rather out of place as I had tiny shorts on, heaps of makeup and generally looked more girly than some of the blokes with long hair in there, but the atmosphere is great, so noone really cares. I saw a guy in there that I met in a club once who seriously plays women around. He works for a betting company and his "blog" is about horse betting....right. I don't know if he clocked that it was me or not, but whateverm he's a PRICK

The Fighting Cocks Kingston
56 Old London Road
0208 974 6469
They have a jukebox full of every alternative music genre ranging from hair metal to grunge, but the majority of the music played is stuff like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth and things like that. Although im obviously into JPop, JRock and stuff, I do still have a metal streak in me! My friend is always telling me about bands she has discovered and always playing me their stuff. She's cute. I love her :D

Remember a couple of blogs ago when I talked about the Japanese Art Festival and I mentioned something about We're on it!
We've been put under the 6%dokidoki (and there was me writing tokidoki haha) article:

I'm proud!!!! The angle of the photo make me look a bit funny but i'm still happy!

The next Japanese related event i'm going to is Hyper Japan, which i've mentioned before, and i'm missing out on Matsuri this year as that's when i'll be away with my man. We go not next week, but the week after!! Ooo! And then i'll be off to Japan 2 weeks after that!! Actually, while I remember, and although i'll write this again just before I go, my Japan trip dates are:

4th: Arriving in the evening
5th: Sightseeing, souvenir buying, free to meetup with people
6th: Universal Studios!!
7th: Spending the day in Kyoto and travelling to Tokyo in the evening by highway bus haha

8th: Arriving in the morning
9th: Caryn arrives!!

Then until the 19th, we'll be free everyday, but we'll also be visiting places like the Studio Ghibli Museum, Shibuya 109, and maybe Ueno Zoo as it was closed the last time we were in Japan as the day we wanted to go was New Years Eve...haha We fly back on the 19th, but our flight is at like 11pm, so we'll be free in the day and will head back to Osaka at about 7pm, just to be on the safe side! Please let me know if you want to meet up! I know Emma/Bloomzy already asked me about meeting up, but if anyone else who reads my blog will be there and wants to meet, then shout! As i've said, i'll rewrite this info a day or two before we actually fly, and then i'll try and remember to update while we're out there!

Yesterday I went back to Kingston, but in the daytime, to do some shopping and I spent nearly £90 in H&M...haha:

soooo comfortable! and H&M have a sale on denim right now, it's £10 off anything, with a minimum of 2pcs per customer, so these got reduced to £19.99 from £29.99 which is great and I needed some new jeans, and these are a great price, a great fit and as I said, damn comfortable, so yay!

Again, damn comfortable!!!

I really love this cardi the more I look at it

This top is actually a light pink, but the photo doesn't really capture the colour well. I love how the skull is made up of mini leopard spots!

I also bought some (much needed) new eyelashes from MAC, #7's and some new Zoom Lash mascara:

And just randomly, here is a photo of my current makeup, which in this photo, looks different to what it looks like haha. Maybe I should get a new camera haha

I'm working on some tuts right now, so :D


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Para Performance

Here is the video of our performance from the Japanese Art Festival~

It's literally only just uploaded to the site, so the quality might not be amazing, so make sure to watch in HQ!

I've already told you about the sound problems etc so, yeah.