Monday, 31 January 2011


Hi guys! This will be my last post for January! What the hell..January is gone already??

I bought a monthly travelcard today because i'm travelling into London all the time, so theoretically this should be cheaper for me *fingers crossed* but it was really expensive >.< Luckily I only really need 2 zones for where I need to really get to in London (Camden and Morden), so if I had gotten a card with all 4 zones on...I would be so upset lol!

Sorry I didn't update you the other night! (apart from my little filler post)
I've just got home...and I went out on Saturday night lol! I went out with some work friends to an alternative club called Slimelight, which is held in Electrowerks in Angel. That was actually where Tokyo Decadance was held back in 2008, although Slimelight uses the whole club when it's on, and TD only used one small floor/room and a bar! I kept getting confused as every set of stairs or coridoor we went through, we ended up back in the same place we needed even though it felt like we were going to all these new places?? Ahh! Luckily I had some of the girls to take me so I didn't get lost!

And going to an alt club for the first time happened to be so stressful! What was I supposed to wear?! I was told that "everyone wears Cyberdog" but "don't wear Cyberdog because people will think you work there" and "oh just wear loads of Cyberdog, it's fine" and "just wear all black, it's safer!" LOL so of course I was so confused about what I should really wear! I should mention that the clubnight has a dresscode to ensure that so stupid people (i.e. chavs and drunk old men) don't get in. In the end, this is what I settled for:
Sorry for low lighting!
Shrug: Cyberdog
Tights: offbrand
Boot covers: d.i.a.
Boots (you can't see): Peacocks
I have some other photos to share but I need to actually head out now as i'm back out to Camden (i've only been home from being there for about 40 minutes!) to go out for a "Pay Day Drinks" thing with work people. I'll write a post tomorrow (first post of Feb and 101st post which obviously means a giveaway... :D) with the photos just before I pack to go and see Monica and Ingvild in Norway! :D I AM SO EXCITED!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

you better run

Hi everyone~ As promised, i'm posting tonight, (just filler for now) although it's quite late now, nearly midnight here,and by the time this get's posted it will be afterwards lol, although I probably won't sleep for a good 2 or 3 hours yet - thank you screwed up sleeping pattern!

I'll start off with the shoot that I did; and it was an awesome one I have to say! It was my first alternative type shoot (which I mentioned) and it really made me want to try it again! I had a really fun time, although I wasn't super confident at the beginning. Marc is really well known for quite edgy and dark photos, animations and short films and it was great that he actually came to me and asked me if I was interested! We started out with just some practise stuff, which was a good way to ease me into everything - although I don't think the shots will be used, as just for practise! Then we moved onto an animation, which was kind of difficult to get right but was really cool to watch back when it was all finished! I had a doll on a long string in my mouth and had to lean forward and ever so slightly to get her to kind of sway about and then just slowly (reeeally slowly) tilt my head upwards and give a few long blinks which Marc was then going to slow down and repeat. Everything we did was in black and white, and my hair doesn't look like it would be pink (obviously if it's not in colour) but the effect made it look like my hair was actually dark blonde or brown!

Marc's home is really cool to shoot in, and as we moved to different rooms to shoot, I couldn't help thinking to myself who the home used to belong to such a long time ago, as it's got a basement and an old kitchen and a pantry and everything! It's really cool. We did some normal shots too (well, I say normal as in just photos lol! not so much the ideas!) and I *hope* they turn out great! My only problem is I don't know which photos i'll be able to share with you guys! Once I get them back, i'll see what they're like and hopefully will upload one or two :)

Last night I went to The Fighting Cocks as mentioned, but didn't stay for very long. It was nice to see everyone though, and I hope Steve had a good birthday! They guys played some pool and got really into it, it was kind of hilarious to watch! I don't think I have any photos or anything to share with you guys! I'm sorry >.< I'll make a post tomorrow, and i'll make sure to make it interesting!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

snap snap

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

A quick post today, but i'll update possibly tomorrow evening!
I have a photoshoot today, i'm so excited! It's with Marc Blackie, he's quite well known and he was the one to contact me, so I was pretty happy!

It's going to be my first taste of alternative modelling as i've only done commercial stuff and not plain, but just casual looking stuff, so i'm really looking forward to seeing how things will pan out! Tonight i'm going out to The Fighting Cocks, which is the metal bar I blogged about here. It's my friend Steve's birthday - he's the boyfriend of my friend Jess that i've mentioned on here a few times. OH which reminds me!

I ordered these jeans a few weeks ago and she really loved them as well but unfortunately they don't fit her, which we were both really shocked at, because she's tiny! They are the smallest size that were advertised on the webstore, 61? This is like a UK Size 6-8.

She is selling the Khaki colour jeans (on the right) so if anyone is interested, please let me know!

Talk later!

Monday, 24 January 2011


Hi everyone! Monday, bloody Monday, the start of a new week. Can you believe that it's nearly the end of January?? This year is going to fly by so fast, I don't know what to make of it!

I've been getting confused with the days of the week as i've been at work so much, even though today really did feel like a weekday as it was so much quieter and less busy than any of our weekend days (Friday-Sunday). Today, nearly everyone found out if they had been promoted or not (that's the literal way of explaining things without sounding confusing!). I mean, obviously I haven't worked at Cyberdog for very long so I don't really know the whole "political" side of things, but to quickly break the situation down;

Each area has a specialist, kind of like the "boss" of that area (of course, the managers are the "boss" of everything but these are people specifically assigned to take over this area - i.e. specialist) and then you get a "2nd" which I guess is like a deputy? So when the "boss" is not working, the "2nd" will be working instead.

So, anyway, current specialists and those who are not specialists found out today if they would be taking over a new area, or being "upgraded" (if you like) to a 2nd, or indeed specialist! It was exciting to hear what everyone would be doing, and congratulations! I've never really been in a position where you could get some kind of "promotion". Sure, at the hospital I was given way more things to do and such because I was reliable and more trusted than the others but I didn't really see it as a promotion, more as a few extra things added to my list. It's all a bit confusing, but nevertheless, as long as everyone is still happy with what they're doing, then that's great!

I guess I wanted to mention something that some people may have been wondering for a little while...Since the end of Hib, I have tried to not really post in the Gal Communites (lj, ricoche etc), not because I don't want to or am not interested anymore, but because of all the stuff that went down, I just kind of wanted to distance myself from it. I can tell you, not being in a Gal Circle and having frequent meets and seeing your friends on a regular basis is so weird! I think it's been, what...maybe like 6 months or something since it ended? It's been a quick 6 months, and it's also been a really nice 6 months too. I think i'm now a more relaxed person than I used to be, and my attitude has definitely calmed down. Yes I have said things in the past that have caused outrage and so on, but the majority of the time while Hib was still active, I wasn't the "horrible person" people made me out to be. I think it's the pressure of being a "leader" or "in charge", and I guess that can kind of go to your head. I definitely wasn't abusing my "role", but I think that because of the facade that I had, I was definitely misunderstood.

I think this break from the Gal Community for the past half a year has been a welcome change. If anything, i'm so different now! If anything, i'm more shy lol! I work all the time, and I don't even get much time to see Dec, Floz, Caryn and Georgie anymore, let alone Emmie and Lucie and Kei, and all the old Hib members! This is what I mean about how weird it is not being in a Circle. It kind of feels like a break up haha! Writing this was kind of due to the Gal Secrets post about UK Gals, and that the Hib logo was used as the photo. To be honest, the most active UK Gals in the scene right now are Lhouraii, Delight and Majikko girls! I think the New Year will be a good change, as I want to be able to meet some of the UK Gals (we haven't all met, contrary to popular belief) and see what they're up to!

On a lighter note, thank you to the person who posted the secret about my blog! I'm glad you enjoy reading it, and i'm glad you like the photo too! I'll definitely keep making posts! :D

Here's a photo, so not to bore you!
A corner shop (convenience store) selling lots of American candy and cereals! The window was much bigger but this is the only snap I got. No longer to overpriced Cyber Candy!

Friday, 21 January 2011

feel the noise

Hi guys! It's Friday, and the start of the weekend! What are your plans?

I'm working tomorrow but because i'm still broke I won't be going out :( Some people from work are going to Slimelight, a place in Angel/Islington in London, but i'll be going home! I'll try and go with them at some point maybe!

Mentioning my last post about the night out I had, here is the infamous "Fire" video I spoke about!

I wanted to share with you guys some of the stuff i've been listening to recently! It's a few CD's we play at work, but they're quite good and some of the tracks are really catchy! One CD is Electro Minimal, you can preview the tracks here, and the others are both Private Fiction works. Here's one of the tracks from Private Fiction Digital Dynamite, David Guetta ft. Estelle - One Love (Fat Man Scoop remix):

Another song i've just started to really like is this version of Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer:

I hope you guys have a great weekend,whatever you do! These CD's and songs are great for a night out, so why not take a listen before you go out?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

why do you get all the fire?

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I know it's only Wednesday, but a lot can happen in a few days at the beginning of the week!

I went out last night, and surprisingly, I feel fine! Usually, maybe i'd feel slightly ew and sick but this morning I just felt really tired and also so so hungry. That's probably worse than feeling sick, as the hunger pain just keeps stabbing at your stomach 'til you do something about it! Last night was Maya, a Cyberdog staff's birthday! She held a Science-Lab style thing at her house - it was rad! She had a UV lamp, and test tubes, and pipettes! AWESOME. And there was something on everyone that glowed under the UV light, so it was cool to see! Obviously I am seeing the UV lights and stuff at work all the time but my hair never glows at work, and it did under her light!

After this, I went back to another Cyberdog staff's house, Rei, with Adam, another Cyberdog staff. They are so funny...we had such a random time at Rei's place! I didn't really drink too much more at this point because I was quite tired, and Rei was just quite drunk and saying the best things! It's been a long time since i've had some drink and sporadically gone back to someone's house or whatever and then slept on like a couch or chair or something. I used to do it so much when I was younger...obviously because we thought we were "cool"! i'm so boring compared to this. We ended up watching YouTube movies and listening to some music and Rei and Adam played a Super Mario game or something?

 I keep having random weeks! It's fun though, don't get me wrong! OH. Since he mentioned it, Adam is the one I went for coffee with in the post about Future Map! He read my blog and said "I didn't even get my name mentioned..." So, mentioned now, and also some photos of yourself! :D On another note, I came home today and my new (yeah another haha) d.i.a. top had arrived! I ordered it from the Gal Comm Sales a few weeks ago, and I guess, still due to the bad weather we had it was just backed up. Here it is:

I can't wit to wear it, along with all the other stuff I have! Downside is now I have no mail to wait for :( I did also pick up my new nail art drill and 3D molds from the Post Office the other day, so tonight i'm going to make some new nails, probably a Cyberdog set! I want it to glow under UV so i'm going to paint them with some varnish I can get at work :D!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

I can't wait

Hello everyone! How are you all? It's the end of another week! Although I know some people class Sunday as the beginning of the week, as that's what they used to do in the olden days lol. My old, old Restaurant workplace used to do it :s

Today I had such a short and quick shift at work! Only 10am-2pm. Yeah, 4 hours isn't really anything but it feels even shorter when you finish at a time like 2pm! Everyone was like "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! NO FAIIIR" haha. We had Popi from the Brighton store come and help us today, although I didn't actually see her until I was going! I hope she did okay! Our Camden store is so much bigger, louder and generally much busier than the Brighton branch, but she's fabulous so i'm sure she did fine :D

I'm really hoping that I padd my probation at the end of February! So far I think i've been doing a good enough job, but I guess I just have to wait and see! It would kind of suck to be told that they didn't want to keep me on after i've gotten used to the surroundings and getting on so well with everyone :( I still need to go out for a drink or something with a few people, as I want to get to know them better! Because of the "no-talking" rule at work, everyone is always dying to chat and talk about so much stuff! It will be nice to have a get-together after work sometime! *hint to those of you at work that may read this :p*

Eliana sent me her photos from the Art Exhibiton! And here are some for you to see:

L-R: Claudia, Me, Ryo


Not loads of photos but at least a few more to save to my computer! Of course, I still really want to see Ryo's photos! :p This week has also seen the arrival of my mail! At bloody last! Some stuff I ordered way before Christmas and just aftert has started to show up, which is great. I ordered some jeans from a Japanese store on Rakuten and they came really quickly! Here's a stock photo as I haven't taken a decent enough photo of my own just yet:

Mine are the ones on the right. My friend is actually coming over tonight to order the ones on the left because she saw this photo on my Facebook wall and loved them!
 They're so comfortable! And look really nice too :D They came with a thin brown belt that you can see in the left picture, but I probably won't use I stored it at the back of my drawer haha. The only other thing to do with mail that I hate besides delayed post due to weather or random stuff, is the the "attempted delivery" notes they leave you! Grr! They are such liars sometimes! I've been home and waiting for things to turn up and they don't even bother to ring the doorbell! Some mailmen don't even both to put the date or time on the note so i have no clue when they "tried" to deliver anything so I don't know if they'll still have it at the depot or not! Grrrrr grumpy Eilish lol. I went to pick up something from the Post Office on Saturday morning and got back home to find ANOTHER note because noone was i'm going to pick it up tomorrow before work. I *hope* it's a d.i.a. top that I ordered online, or some nail stuff that I ordered!

Here is what I picked up on Saturday:

A d.i.a. grab-bag from Lily! Thank you so much!

This makes up for me not being able to get my hands on a 2011 d.i.a. lucky bag! And what do we have?
- Cream t-shirt
-Red long sleeve top with open back
-Gold studded bra
-Black & white print top with black sash and gold hoop detail
-Black sweatpants with pink string, border and print
-Olive onepiece with black bow and gold hoop and chain detail
-d.i.a. eco bag

I'm so happy! I looked and bidded on the 2011 bags online but they're so difficult to get hold of! People have bought 10+ bags and even though one bag retails at Y10,500, they're selling them off for Y20,000 each! I saw a bag online for Y40,000 AND Y70,000!!!! WTF. I won a 2010 lucky bag..bag haha. I didn't realise it was just the bag until i'd bidded but never mind, it's quite a nice bag (even if it does say "NEW YEARS BAG" on it haha)

I also met Caryn, Dec and Kazu (Dec's bf) briefly the other night to pick up the things that Caryn brought back for me from Japan! They were going to Karaoke but I couldn't stay as my funds are low right now (all this shopping I know...) and I was staaaaaarving!

d.i.a. top, egg Feburary and x2 Candy Doll face powder
 It's been quite a d.i.a. week I guess! Oh! And a package came in the mail from Laura! She sent it on December 20th and it's taken nearly a month to get here! I haven't taken any photos but inside came two nail varnishes from HEMA (looove), some fake eyelashes, caramel waffles (yuuuummy!) and a kit to make my own king of sweet stuff! It's a Christmas thing really but I don't care! Still going to make them and post them here! In some other news, i'm going to Oslo, Norway in February to see Monica and Ingvild! I was going to go in the first weekend of March but I had already booked a mini holiday away with my friends in October so I couldn't go :( But i'm going for 2 days or so at the beginning of Feb! It will be cold, but so so lovely to see them both! So, yeah! How has everyone's week been?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Future Map Exhibit

Hello! Here is the post I promised to you guys last night!

I only have a few photos that were taken on my mobile phone, and I haven't managed to find any online yet, but when the designer and Ryo can send me their photos, i'll definitely put them here for you to see :)

So, how did I come about this job opportunity? Well, as mentioned in my other post, I was with a work friend for coffee and he told me that his friend was coming to stay with him, who is a model and make-up artist and that he was going to pick her up from a modelling event later in the evening. While we were out, she rang him and said that one of the models had dropped out and if he knew anyone last minute, so he asked me lol! I was only really going to go home afterwards so I said yes! So we went off to Chalk Farm (just round the corner from Cyberdog lol) and made our way to the event. It was an art exhibition preview  for the students and post-students of London College of Fashion and from the University of the Arts London, and the exhibition stuff starts today actually. It's running until February 6th if you're in London and fancy going to see it! > Future Map

We went in to meet the friend, Ryo, and the other model working there called Claudia. They were both so so nice, and I got on with them really well! The hair stylist we had was really sweet too, and made my hair look really cool! And Ryo did my make-up so beautifully!

There was also a plait on my left hand side, which came in handy for my extensions!

My eyelashes started to fall off just as we started the exhibition!

The designer we were modelling for is Eliana Dimitrakopoulou, who is from the London College of Fashion. She specialises in fur designs and came 2nd in a fur fashion show in Milan last year! Seriously, her stuff is BEAUTIFUL, it's so breathtaking! We walked into the hall and saw the pieces above us and I DIED they were so gorgeous! Our objective was basically to model the fur designs throughout the duration of the exhibition, around 3 hours or so, and they also awarded a prize to the winner of this year's art piece. Eliana didn't win, but her pieces were definitely more fabulous and eye catching than anyone elses!

L-R: Claudia, Me, Eliana, Ryo


Me & Ryo
I don't have individual shots of us all wearing the coats, only me, but here are some better quality photos:

My coat

Claudia's coat

Ryo's coat
The funny thing about the night is that the entrance was free and drinks were also free, so of course, everyone was wandering around with bottles of beer and glasses of wine or champagne (which we couldn't as we weren't supposed to eat or drink and none of us had eaten so we were starving and snacking on fruit pastilles and crisps and stuff!) and some people got a little bit drunk.... We had people coming up to us asking what we were doing and trying to be "clever" and "funny" and one lady also shouted "WHEN DOES THE PERFORMANCE START AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH" at me...:z Luckily we had two guards! They were there to stop people from touching the fur (or, if it camr to it, us being attacked lol!) They were so funny, one even know about where I live: "Oh yes, I know Sutton, Slutton of course, and all the girls look like Mutton" hahaha. We took a photo with one of them, but Ryo has this photo~

Bikini shots for you all!

Claudia is sooo tall! I think she was wearing shoes in this photo though!
So yeah, that was my night! It was a pretty random day but a nice end to the day, and I had a great time with the girls! Eliana was so sweet and said that I was better than the model who cancelled on her and that I know how to pose really well and that she wants to use me again in the future! Yay! Oh, here is a small article on Eliana!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Hello everyone! And Happy New Year! Sorry I haven't posted a New Year blog just yet...i'm working on it! It's been in my drafts since the first of January but I haven't got round to finishing it.

Today I went to Kingston with my friend Jess. We went for a drink on Monday night which was nice as I didn't get to see her at New Years in the end :( She wanted to go shopping because she had £60 to spend at Topshop from vouchers she got at Christmas and I wanted to go because even if i'm not buying anything, she's great to hang out with! In the end, I always end up spending the most and bloody buying so much stuff wth!!!

We went to a cafe to eat something and have a drink, and I had a really tasty panini! And a really disgusting "Mocha". Ew. We spoke about so much stuff; I love having girlie talks sometimes! I definitely keep my feelings hidden and only share them if I feel like I should and Jess is one of those people I can share with. Thanks girl!! These are my gets for today, even though I didn't want to buy anything lol!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: Blush

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

Batiste Dry Shampoo: Fresh 

Glam Glitter: A List
(Found from eBay on Google Images search)

Beret: Topshop

Top: Topshop

Boots: Topshop
£110 -> £35! bargain :D

Top: Topshop


Jeans: Topshop

Ah well, I cleared out my wardrobe recently so I don't mind too much, and the last clothes I bought were from Cyberdog, i.e. work, so I think it's okay for me to buy something more suited to me :D I bought some d.i.a. clothes online a little while ago but the mail over here is screwed up because of all the shit weather we had (snow) all that time ago and because we've had some stupid amounts of Bank Holidays too! We had like 4 or 5 last week and it meant that noone could do anything! Yesterday we got a Christmas card which had obviously been sent way before Christmas! I have some stuff I want to send to Hiromi but I don't want it to get lost or for it to take so long in the mail! I'm worried my things have been lost or something or just stuck in oblivion and won't get to me at all! >.< On the plus side, Caryn is now back from Japan and she bought me these! I'm so grateful, thanks girl!

d.i.a. black fur top. Wanted to buy this in Japan and thought "no I haven't got the money" but happily took out Y10,000 to pay for the Y2-3,000 Tokyo Disneyland Halloween CD a few days later....LOL enough to pay for both!

Candy Doll face powder x2! I ran out and it's like, the most amazing powder. ever.

Just a quick note before I go; I wrote a small article/blog for Electric Trash magazine the other week, please read it if you get the chance! The future is here; Cyberdog

Bye for now!