Monday, 27 June 2011

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside...

Hello! Happy Monday to everyone!

How was your day? The weather here is SO HOT! I've been partially melting all day. If I were an ice lolly...i'd be fucked :p Today I met with Jess, as it's been forever since I last met with her. We went into town and got our nails done!

The last time I officially got my nails done was in Japan last October

But I did do a set by myself at the beginning of the year^^! I've also worn stick-ons, but I love real nails much better as (obviously) they stay longer!

I went to a regular, low-key salon where crazy nail art is not really common, so I decided to get plain nails that I could customise at home! I have a whole nail set - tips, UV lamp, powders, liquids etc but I wanted to get the base done by a salon this time (mainly because it always takes aaages if I do it lol)


Finished..part one! Plain, pinky nails
I was originally going to have a graduated glitter but the salon were like WTF (none of them spoke perfect English so it was hard) and were even surprised and kind of looked offended when I asked for my tips to be really long! T_T but anyway, I chose the pink (it's by O.P.I. but don't know the name) and decided to leave them just pink. When I got home I was really undecided about how to actually do my nails so I looked around in my kit and decided upon....

A sea theme!!

 I've always wanted a sea themed nail set but never got round to doing so until now! I hope you like them as much as I do :D! I have Legoland and dundundun X JAPAN (!!!!!!) tomorrow so i'm going to try and get an early night! 


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sponsored Post: Violent Lips Lip Tattoos; Pink Polka

Good evening! How are you all?
I'm pleased to bring you (my first) a sponsored review! This is thanks to the magical people at Violent Lips!

Who are Violent Lips?
Violent Lips are an American company who make temporary lip tattoos!

What ARE lip tattoos?
Lip tattoo's are literally the same as temporary skin tattoos, except they're made for your lips! They're applied in exactly the same way, with a cotton ball/wool and plenty of water, and are removed the same way too, with baby oil

I was sent The Pink Polka design and here's how I got on!

Really cute, yet simple packaging. The lip determines which colour/style you've been sent, although there's also a sticker on the back telling you! Each packet contains 3 applications and all Violent Lip products are tested on Supermodels, not Animals!

Inside is a small card with their current styles available to buy online, and on the back of the card is a set of instructions (which I forgot to photograph). There is also (and obviously) your 3 applications of tattoos! And here is what it looks like straight out of the packet.

You pop the tattoos out of the card and voilà! You're ready to begin :D! On the back of the patterns are small lines which show you where you need to cut the excess away. The instructions for application are as follows:

Items Needed: Scissors, cotton ball or make-up sponge and water
Your lips must be completely clean, dry and free of any oils, lotions or products.

Cutting Top & Bottom lip stencils
1. Pop the pre-cut Top and Bottom Violent Lips pattern out of the application sheet. Place the lip stencil on the centre of your lip then open mouth wide to "Ahh" shape. Measure your desired length to both corners of your mouth. Carefully trim the excess length on both sides using the printed marks as guides
2. Placing the trimmed stencil once more to the center on your lip, measure the depth to your inner lip, stay slightly outside your natural lip water line. Carefully trim the excess width using the centre printed marks as guides

My trimmed stencils

1. Remove transparent covering from the pattern side of the stencil and place the sticky side of the pattern on your lip - lining up the centre first then to corners with your mouth open to an "Ahh" shape. Place and shape your Violent Lips correctly with your mouth still in the "Ahh" shape
2. Once you have your Violent Lips in place, apply water onto the back with a wet cotton ball or sponge. Make sure the back is thoroughly wet. (Don't be shy to use lots of water!) After 40 seconds, gently peel off the back. Gently wet your lips and smooth out any creases. Do not stretch your lips. Relax and wait to dry for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you can apply a light gloss or lip balm

On my top lip :p

Just after applying (I stuck it a little too far down at the left on my top lip but it looked fine)
Typically, Violent Lips will last between 4-8 hours depending on your skin type and care, and I put my lips on at 10am and still have them on now as I write this entry at 10:40 so my lips have lasted 12 hours and are still looking fabulous!

My lips now!

Close up (crappy quality, sorry)
You can eat, drink and make-out (all tried and tested!) with your lips on and they won't budge! I'm actually astonished at the staying power of these babies! Of course, you need to take care while eating and drinking; using a straw and avoiding greasy foods is a must! 

Today while I wore them at work, I got SO MANY positive comments from customers and staff alike! The first thing people would say was "WOW HOW DID YOU DO YOUR LIPS LIKE THAT?!!!" and the second thing was "DO YOU SELL THEM HERE? I WANT TO BUY THEM!" Needless to say, these things really do impress everyone! Even guys were stopping and staring and going "woah that's cool". 

OVERALL RESULT: Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos - Pink Polka
Each design ranges from $9.99/£6 to $14.95/£9 and you get 3 applications per packet. It's a real bargain as they DO last a very long time and are definitely worth the price! You can save them for special occasions like a wedding, or use them on your Saturday night out! Violent Lips currently have free shipping (yes, even internationally!) and a 20% discount when you buy $30/£18 worth of lips! Pretty damn good!!

They're definitely something that will get easier with practise, but from trying them today for the first time, I found them incredibly easy to apply. It seems a little daunting at first, trying to figure out what to cut and so forth but the lines on the stencils really help out. They've even made an updated "how-to" which will come in all packets from now:

Definitely impressed! These can last through drinking, eating and kissing, all of which I tried (more than once ;D) today! By the end of the day I noticed a few small cracks in my bottom lip but you could hardly see them, especially when my lips were closed. Today was a scorching 29oC and the lips managed to last through my full face of make-up on a hot day in a crowded store, so imagine the lasting power if you wear them to a hot club at night!

I really, REALLY cannot fault these at all! They lasted me the WHOLE day (as mentioned countless times above!) and got me so many positive comments! You're sure to feel sexy and fabulous while wearing them and you'll definitely get some attention, of the good kind! Thanks once again to the people at Violent Lips! Girls, go buy some!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Blog Awards!

Hi guys! Happy Monday, and welcome to the start of another week!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and spent time with your Dad, Step-dad, Granddad, or even remembered them if they aren't here any more. Either way, they'll always know what great Dad's they are to us!

I'm writing a post about some Blog Awards that I was given a few weeks ago, and wanted to make it's own post about it rather than slot it in at the end/beginning of another entry.

The first award is from Charlotte, and is the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you Charlotte for giving me this! You're very kind, and i'm glad you like my blog! Along with receiving the award, I also need to tell you 10 things about myself, so here goes!

1. I'm turning 21 at the end of the year and i'm kinda nervous but excited at the same time as it means I can do more things! (In more countries *hinthint*!)
2. I used to be a die hard scene kid when I was 15/16! Funny times >.<
3. I never went to University because I didn't want to get into debt
4. I used to speak French really fluently but can't any more! I hate forgetting languages :(
5. Hello Kitty is my favourite character ever!
6.  Speaking of Hello Kitty, I LOVE cats, but I really want to get a pug!
7. I'm a gaming nerd and always play the same games over and over again instead of buying exciting new ones :p
8. I really love the L.A.M.B. fragrances and have Love and Music already (but obviously must buy, or PERSUADE someone to buy me more..)
9. I can only do French braids going to the left side of my head 
10. I once met Sepultura and got my photo taken with bandmate Derrick...haha

I give this award to the following four people:
1) Rox, Woxje@Blogspot
Rox's posts are always really interesting and she writes a lot about make-up and hair and clothing co-ordinates which I think is awesome as she's great at all three! I've been lucky to meet her too and she's a really great person!

2) Rii, Utsukushii Gal
I have been following Rii's blog for a little bit now and her posts are always really great and usually filled about d.i.a. which I adore! She has made me jealous of her NYX Glitter Creme Pallets!

3) Georgie, Latte Bunny
Georgie's blog is always really cute and peppy and she has great style! I know Georgie in real life and she's a really awesome character, as is her fiancé!

4) Fifi, Ayari's Asylum
Fifi is really getting into Gal at the moment, and she is trying her best to perfect her look! Her layout and blog posts are always very neat and awesome looking which makes me jealous of my standard writing and picture sharing tecnique!

My next awards come from Mira, and are Best Blog, Inspiration Award and Blogger Luxury! Thank you Mira for giving me these awards! There are 3 so i'm really surprised and happy at the same time! Thanks for reading and liking my blog!

For the Inspiration Award, I must share these with you:

I also need to share 7 random facts about myself with the Blogger Luxury award, but i've already done 10 above, so they can be shared between the two awards!

Name your favourite color: Pastel and glitter colours!
Name your favourite song: Difficult! Hurry Go Round by hide is probably one of my faves
Name your fav dessert: Lemon Meringue pie for sure!
What is pissing you off? Currently, not anything really, but generally, it's people who talk crap 24/7
When you're upset, you... Frown a lot and go really quiet
Your favourite pet: I'm not sure! Can't answer this one >.<
Black or White? Black! I wear so much black haha
Your biggest fear is...: Spiders T_T
Your best feature is...: Eyes
Everyday attitude: Be Fabulous!
What is perfection? Nothing can always really be perfect, but some nice food and a nice place to eat it with a nice person is always nice :)
Guilty pleasure: Playing Zelda!

And for these 3 blogs, I must award 15 people, and these are the people I have picked!
2) ViiviCupcake Couture
3) BecciKira Kira Dreams
4) JouShushulia
5) SamiMacaron Dreaming
6) EmmieCandy Cutie
7) MichiKila Kila Glam
8) LishaWindy City Gal
9) KiaraKay Woww
10) TomasaTomo Jewel
11) KyraOG Kaizo
12) IngvildZoraland
13) CristinaInstant Mint
14) PaiSimple Gal Life

Congrats to those i've awarded! Talk soon!

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Im going to go to work now, at just before 8am! I finish at 3 today though so I don't mind 8D We have some hard house DJs today for an event called RIOT! so if you're in London you should swing by and check it out! Starts at 3 and CDs will be given out!

On another note, I just finished my royal was yuuuummy and fit for a kid like me! Needed more ketchup imo though... And my eye? I left my lash glue at mine and I have none here at Adam's ;z lame!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, 17 June 2011



Sorry for my absence, but I have some cool things to share with you! Mainly this short blog about an exhibition I went to on Tuesday called FUTUR FUSION.

FUTUR FUSION is an exhibition featuring the work of sculptor Dominic Elvin, photographer Stephane Grand and illustrator Sebastian Clark. Dominic and Sebastian both do things for Cyberdog, with Dominic making many of the mannequins, robots and futuristic looking people, and Sebastian (or Seb) designs things that get printed onto TShirts.

Here is some of their Cyberdog related work (all photos copyright to the respective owner/designer):

Dominic Elvin

Sebastian Clark

Pretty neat huh?
So anyway, the event (as you've probably guessed) was a collaboration of creative minds to show people the future of design! Here are the photos I took, not the best quality, sorry! I was due to go back to the event today to retake the photos but didn't go in the end >.<

Please feel free to see this exhibition if you're in London! It finishes tomorrow, but it's open from 9am til 7pm so there's plenty of time in the day to go!

Where:  I.N.C. Space, 9-13 Grape St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 8ED
When:  Mon 13th June to Sat 18th June
Opening hours:  9am to 7pm every day
Entrance:   Free