Monday, 17 May 2010


Hi guys...I know I haven't posted a blog in a little while, but I want to vent something here, and then ill post something soon...

This gem appeared on today's Gal Secrets. Ive already commented on the blog, but I want to say here as well, that accusing anyone of being racist is wrong. Im so tired of seeing people writing so much crap about me, that im a slut, im an evil dictator like "hitler", that im trying to get "famous" by "using HIBISCGYARU", all sorts of random shit that only the most bored people could think of. But to accuse me of being racist? Its not on.

I will admit that I don't like Sam, but ive never been racist to/about her, or anyone at all. EVER.

I know who wrote this secret. Are you still bitter?

Get a life. And that goes to all the idiots that have the time to write stupid things about anyone, not just me.

Sunday, 2 May 2010



I come bearing photos of my new hair colour! I uploaded a pretty crappy picture on Facebook yesterday, so if thats what you saw, im sorry! Thank you to Bloomzy, Emmie and Claire who commented! Just a quick note before I start the topic, my blog has reached 66 followers! Thats cool! It doesn't seem like many, but to someone who blogs as weirdly as I do (topics and layout of words haha) its ace! Thanks all! Maybe ill do a giveaway if I reach 100 followers......

Ill do the before and after and all of that jazz, and ill show you what else I managed to get up to....

                   Before                                   After

Okay, so it doesn't really look like there is much difference haha. But its shorter! Heres the photo from my facebook in a darker light:

See the difference? Its not the same as the Aina colour number 1 because she had loads of highlights. I could have had them done, but Ive never had them before and didn't know how much it would cost me so I left it. I really like it! the hairdresser said it was "creamier" than the colour I had before. And it looks like a shade Aina has had in the past, so that makes me happier lol :p

So, the other thing I did....

My eyebrows were too dark for the shade I had done, so I bleached them! Im still trying to find a shade for my eyebrows, but ive settled with this for now. I bought some Palty Eyebrow Mascara this morning, so when that comes, I shall experiment!

Heres some of the bleaching process photos, and what I used

My eyebrows were a darkish brown (not black like they look, and my roots looked super dark but they're ashy brown!) so I expected my eyebrows to go the shade at the bottom which would have been fine, but they actually went like white/yellow lol, (I left it on for ages haha) so I drew them in (which I would have had to do anyway). Ill give the mascara a try and if im not happy then I can always dye them. AND, they'll grow out anyway, so its not something im stuck with forever if I don't like it : D

Because this kit is for like, your whole head, it was a bit of a waste just using it but it doesn't matter. I would have used BBlonde bleach kit (which I used in the very beginning to go blonde before I started going to the salon) but my local supermarket didn't sell the cream I needed, or even the brand, and its a Sunday. I could have gone into town, but its a trek lol. The supermarket only had this and Wella highlight kit. All the rest was hair colourants and stuff. I was lucky...just!

(L)My eyebrows sarting to turn another colour  
(R)Light as hell!

End result again

What do you think?
My eyebrows are still a bit red in that photo as it was straight after I took the bleach off and I had quite a few attempts at getting a colour for my brows, but this seemed fine :)

On another note, the clothes I ordered on Thursday came yesterday : D And I need to buy some new MAC eyelashes because one "got stuck" to the back of my boyfriend's head while he slept....¬_¬ haha

They were grotty ones anyway, so ill see if I can pick some up this week. Im going to bring you some reviews in my next blog! And ill also do a nostalgia post, like Sara did! Ive been testing out a new shampoo and conditioner, Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration" and ive also swtiched my foundation from L'Oreal True Match to Revlon Color Stay, which is the one a lot of the gal models (and Aina) use

Bye for now!