Wednesday, 30 June 2010



Ive come to tell you about the Music Video I did! And also to bring you the *NEW* mini album by egg favourites, Aina and Yumachi!

I might as well tell you as to how I got the job in the first place; Max (who used to do the Roppongi Street clubnights in LDN) got a message from a production company who were looking for different styles of dances that aren't really seen, or haven't been seen here yet and somehow, they found Para Para, and wanted Max to appear in the video. Unfortunately, Max is currently living in Japan, but passed my name onto the team instead.... And then came the QUICK process that landed me the role! So, big thanks to Max for helping me out on this one, especially since I thought he was funny with me when he moved to JP :3

I got a wall post from Max, and then a message on Facebook from the team telling me that they were after a Paralist and that they got my name from Max! I gave them a call rather than relying on email, and went in for a casting 2 hours later. They videoed me doing some freestyle para to the artist's song (which was SO difficult as the song is a lot slower than para!) and then sent that to the Record Label to see if they would approve me, which they were hoping for as they said they really liked the stuff I did, so it was all fingers crossed~!

I had a wardrobe fitting booked at the same place, even though I hadn't yet been approved by the label, as they hadn't got in touch with the production company. 1 hour before coming in for the fitting, I got a call to say that I had definitely been approved, which was awesome! I brought along some stuff, like my sailor fuku and they fitted me with a fuku-like outfit from their own wardrobe. The filming was the next day, but because I was at work, "special allowances" were made for me lol...

I arrived at the studio at 3PM straight from work, even though the dancers (there were 6 of us in all) were supposed to arrive at 12PM to get hair and makeup started. They told me I would probably be shot last, and I was worried that everyone was waiting on me, but luckily nothing had been filmed, so the dancers had been sitting around for a while just practising and chatting so I settled in and got my hair and makeup done, as well as get changed

Damn quick! The other dancers all had styles I had never really seen, apart from one guy who did Locking. The original style of the video was supposed to be like a Japanese TV show but they changed it to a disco themed talent show instead, but me and another person's dances didn't fit because the overall theme was the "70s" and our styles were 80s, 90s and 10s! so.... I actually felt pretty much an outcast because the other people (ranging in ages 17-31) are all professional dancers. 2 of them went, and one still goes, to bloody Pineapple Dance Studios... YEAH!

They were all talking in dance lingo and I was like "riiiight then..." and then they asked me where I trained to do my dance and I said "er....I learnt it off the internet actually" and their faces just dropped. Maaaan. I was some sad para kid and these guys were really dead serious! I mean, don't get me wrong, im serious about Para, but doing gis like music videos and commercials and stuff is THEIR LIFE. wth! and they get paid (or so they were saying) PROPER good money! Yet, they pass it off as if its nothing...spoiiilt. One of them did the McDonald's World Cup UK advert and was in it for a few seconds and got paid (so he said) £8fuckingthousand.


Now, I don't know if thats really true but he seemed dead serious, as did the others. And what was scary was that they kept saying "you're one of US now, you're part of our little group!" and "when you get an agent you'll be working all the time! maybe with us too!"....don't get me wrong, they are nice guys, but who wants to sign someone who does crazy brown (i.e.manba and/or banba) and para para to an agent??? apart from that, the shooting went well! they wanted me to make a routine, so I made up soemthing that wasn't a complete avex or etc routine, with lots of hearts (they asked me to!) and when I did the hearts the WHOLE room went "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW OMG!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!

We finished at 10pm and I got back at DAMN tired.

I don't want to put up lots of videos because I don't want to get into trouble, but the video comes out in 2 weeks so : )

AND NOW for Yuma and Aina!
I preordered the Limited Edition version of the mini album, which is called QUEEN:

And I not only got the album, but I also got a LAGGY towel and hair scrunchie! LAGGY is the clothing line that the girls have come up with, but its pronounced really weird! You'd think it would be "LA-GEE" but they say it as "LA-GU-JI" ....huh? lol! I know its for the Japanese translation or whatever but there could have been a better way around it, like ラーギー or something. nevermind!

(not this yellowy - it was bad lighting, very sunny!)

(a cute sticker I got!)

My towel and scrunchie!

Ive uploaded the album onto Gal_Style at lj for all of you to enjoy~(once its approved)


Monday, 28 June 2010

news baby


Staying true to the short "blog" today, heres an update of my wonderful, boring life! (And im not going to make this blog really like, wordy, like they always are, my bloody life story)



Living TV (women's channel in the UK) has been airing all the old seasons of America's Next Top Model right from the beginning so ive been watching those. I used to watch it religiously but stopped watching the series with Jaslene (can't remember number) halfway through (I know who wins anyway but still) so its been good to catch up! I guess its because a new, well, I say "new" but its always old by the time it
 hits us after showing in the US, cycle is coming on the screen soon! Another Britain's Next Top Model is airing on July 5th...what a flop that is. Im sorry but its just not that good! I caught the finale of Australia's Next Top Model and its odd! The public vote for the winner, as do the judges :z they don't look back at all their old stuff, they just say how well they thought a certain girl did in the competition and how much they like them and they get a point, and then the public cast a vote and whoever gets the most points, wins :z I don't know...whatever lol

I haven't had anymore Spike dreams...come on James Marsters! Where are you in my head?? lol! I watched an interview with him from like, last summer, and I didn't know he was in the Dragonball Z movie! He also looks damn old....ill be the Bunny to his Hugh Hefner! LOL. While I haven't been dreaming of James Marsters or watching ANTM, ive been working and meeting up with the Gal Circle! Saturday just gone we went to a theme park, Chessington World of Adventures. Think of it as a tamer, closer and smaller Thorpe Park. Noone wanted to go on big or scary rides so it was perfect for us to go to! I used to go a lot as a kid and stuff, and my NHS trust (there are all different ones around the country) used to hire out the whole park (for 7,000 people) and my Dad would get tickets for £5 each. Baaaaaaargain. And it was cooler because it was open at nighttime, and didn't close at stupid o'clock (5PM ...) For those of you that haven't got the delightful social networking site that is Facebook, or haven't got me as a friend, here are a couple of photos, and ill upload some videos later:

And my make up (which I was really proud of ! but the photo doesn't show well : D )

The week before, my girl Floz had a BBQ which was class! I only have a few photos from this, mainly of the claaaaassy corner shop which sold all sorts of random jelly toys, and some videos....

In other news that I mentioned in the mini post today, im going to be in a music video! I know I spoke a looong time ago about a guy wanting me to do Para Para for an American artist, but that kind of fell through. This is for a proper production company and band! The artists are called The Count & Sinden and the track is featuring the popular UK Indie band, The Mystery Jets, so its looking good! The clothes ill be wearing are..interesting lol, but thats show business as my boyfriend said lol. Oh, ill be doing Para Para for the video, along with 5 other young dancers doing alternative styles of dancing. Ive heard there is something similar to Vogueing so that will be really interesting! Watch Benny Ninja go! He's so flexible and fabulous!

and last but not least...ive been going back to old school music!

Such a class song! even if the styling isn't amazing, but check out the class dancing too!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

an interesting day

How many of you have ever suffered from a shitty day? Most of us right? I swear, I seem to be affected by them SO MUCH.

Yesterday when I was leaving my man's house, the bus I was on got shot at. What the fuck!!!!
The plexiglass in the window made such a huge popping noise and it was all shattered, and you could see where the window had been aimed was so weird, and not to mention freaky! My sister gets on that bus after, imagine if it had gone right THROUGH the window and she had been on it...thats way to horrible to think about. I mean, I know I said before about my town not being that great, don't get my wrong, I don't live in the ghetto where people are living in fear or anything, but there are nasty people here, I mean, there was a drive by shootout down the road and the whole place got closed off, it was like the apocalypse...


I had to get off the bus and get on another one ¬_¬ and I had to pay twice. Dude.

Later on when I was going to my Japanese tutor (yeah, I need to SERIOUSLY think about that now), an ATM decided it would be funny to take my card and then switch off. Great. THANKS A LOT! After entering my PIN, everything froze, so I couldn't select any kind of service, so I kept pressing "cancel" to get my card back, and the whole ATM decides its not going to have any of it. I didn't realise, but although its like a machine, its run by like, Windows XP??? wth? Yeah, so it rebooted itself and declared itself "out of use" but then was "working" after it completed its reboot, and still didn't give me my card back! I waited for half an hour in the cold and rain (its supposed to be June isn't it???) for it to do nothing!

My telephone conversation with the bank was rather amusing, not to mention, ANNOYING;

Bank: Hello, has your card been lost or stolen?
Me: An ATM has decided to eat it
B: Oh right, okay. Now, do you have your account details with you?
M:... The ATM has STOLEN my card with my DETAILS on it
B: Oh right...let me take your full name and home details then

[after giving her my details]

B: Im not finding anything on our system, are you sure you're a customer?
M:...If I wasn't a customer why would I be calling up to say that one of YOUR cards has been LOST inside one of YOUR machines?!
B: Oh right...Are you certain you have an account with us? Because im not finding anything here
M: Are you having a laugh?
B: No im not actually
M: Well neither am I!
B: You're going to have to call us up later with your details at hand and we can help you then. Are you close to home at the moment?
M: I won't be there for another 2-3 hours at least....
B: Oh right...Well, theres not much I can do now, and besides, the ATM will have destroyed your card so you don't need to worry
M:!!!! Destroyed it?? WHY, THAT IS SOOO DUMB
B:....Well, a lot of the new machines tend to do that
M: So if I walk off, its not going to spit the card out at someone else?
B: No
M: Well, good then
B: Yes...
M: So how long until I can get a new card?
B: Around 7-10 working days
M: Oh you;re having a LAUGH
M: Right well, cheers then
B: Is there anything else I can help you with?
M: ...NO

Thank GOD ive still got my old cashcard account, so I can at least use that until my new card comes. But its just so annoying because I have to cancel all my eBay and stuff like that, and ive just done a new payment for something so ill have to cancel that now too..grrr!

Im going to eat some penguin bars and...make Buffy characters on the Sims Harvest Moon!!!!
: D

Monday, 7 June 2010

Internet dreaming

While I work on a fake tan review (AND LOTS OF OTHER POSTS IVE SAID ILL DO!!), im bringing you a blog about the weird and wonderful world of the Internet and also of dreaming. (LONG BLOG AHEAD! DON'T READ IF YOU CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO READ LOTS. THERES A TOPLESS MAN HALFWAY THROUGH THOUGH)


Ill start with Dreams. I wrote about dreams for an English paper when I was in 6th form, but my teacher didn't find it very! I think dreams are so odd, but kind of cool at the same time. I dream an awful lot, and I don't usually have normal dreams. But what are normal dreams? I guess where something good happens and there's a happy ending? Or just a usual situation, like going to a store, or going to the park or something!

My dreams consist of things that just don't make any sense. I could be somewhere like, say, another country that ive been to before, and I know its that country or place, but it looks nothing like it, and its odd! I also tend to dream about things that ive seen throughout the day, and have more than one dream a night. For example, here are my dreams from last night, which don't make any sense:

Dream 1 (short because I was woken up by my boyfriend rolling me over to the other side of the bed): Im at a fashion show, and designers like Chanel and D&G are sending their models out without shoes...BUT; the shoes are painted on their legs...really elaborately, like really well done, and they are colours like purples, pinks, blues, violet, all kinds of baby colours, with crystals and stuff all over them! And I am saying to myself "oh my god..this is the next biggest fashion movement and I seem to be the only one who knows about it!" (because its only in my dream where only I cans ee it if you get me lol) and I am saying to myself that I must blog about it because the designers will see it and say "GENIUS".


Dream 2: I am in some weird mushroom, fairytale land, and its like green, purple and blue-ish colours, think Alice in Wonderland style, but theres a city there? With a university and houses and stuff, and I have my own flat, but when I look at it from the outside, like a voyeur, my place of living looks like a Polly Pocket house or something, and the inside looks like a hotel room with a mini kitchen inside. My house looks like a face? A weird face with green skin, purple hair and white eyes..haha! Anyway. I meet up with my friend and somehow it suddenly switches to nighttime and ive been turned into a vampire...? Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is there..just hanging out with us, as he does...what?
And its just like, hit me that im not human anymore, and im trying to hide the fact that im a vampire, but I keep seeing all these pointed objects, not even stakes and its creeping me out, I mean, I know im immortal, but if people know im a vampire, im won't be immortal for very long! Spike is looking through a book or something, and aparently we know what the future is going to be like already (although its not like year 3000, its like year 1510 or something weird :z:z) and im like "well, thats cool because im immortal!!!" and I think Spike has already caught on that im a vampire and he's like "you're a vampire??" and im like oh shit.."yeah".

Then he gives me his flat...okay, and we end up going out, but he lives in my like, weird polly pocket flat which is girly on the inside so I kind of realise, like what the fuck, why don't I just go back to my own place....And I get a friend to help me take stuff to my "new" flat, and he says "okay...whats with the colour?" because the door is black and red, and I say "oh, its my brother's flat", trying to pass it off...and then I call Spike to get him to bring my stuff over, like posters and that and then my boyfriend wakes me up in real life again, and when I go back to sleep my dream carries on (a lot of people are like woah!! at that) and im now in bed with Spike HAHAHA and I have three boobs...right okay, and he's saying "I need you to help me be a good guy, because everyone thinks im bad, but you're good, you need to help me" and thats it....

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK MAN. Its funny though, because Spike acts and speaks with the same voice as my boyfriend so its not really like im...cheating? haha! He laughed when I told him anyway..But ladies..come on!

But do you see what I mean? Im crazy! This happens on a regular basis! I swear, I could write a novel, or bloody fan fiction or something! The last dream was influenced by the Chaos Bleeds video game, and the future (although its not really) is influenced by an advert I saw on TV for "Apocalypse week"

Now that ive scared you away from my blog forever, id like to bring you some interesting and funny finds from the internet:

1: Lady Gaga X Barbie
Now I know what you're thinking...Mattel is actually allowing this collaboration? With all her crazy antics and outfits? No way! Although I did see some classy Barbies in Kiddy Land in Harajuku! No, in fact, someone has gone out of their way to customise Barbie and make her just like Gaga! Im not a huge fan of Gaga myself because although she has all this "individuality", a lot of her outfits and such are taken and/or inspired from others from long before her....But yes:

For more photos, visit the Flickr!

2. Okay, so its kind of old, and a lot of music spoofs are done all the time, but if you still haven't seen them, then check out The Midnight Beast. They've done a few song parodies and make up their own stuff, and they're FUCKING HILARIOUS! Even Ke$ha was impressed with their parody of her song, Tik Tok

Sources: my fucked up brain, youtube, flickr, google, a blogspot know :)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Thank goodness...

As promised...

So on Monday night I went out for a meal to the ever classic TGI Friday's. Kind of funny that I went on a Monday huh? I was just thinking and its kind of funny...I went to the Leicester Square one with my boyfriend, and it struck me that 2 years ago I went to that one for the first time when I first got into Gal and had just made HIBISCGYARU. I went back to the same one last year when I was more into gyaru, and ive just gone again now that I consider myself a fully fledged gal! And all around the same time! May/June! WEIRD!

Each Friday's is basically the same, loud decor and the same for the music, although the L.Sq restaurant had funny music that would either start slow and then resume to the correct beat and timing of the song, or the other way round and start of really fast. We listened to Fall Out Boy too slow and Beyonce way too fast...hmm...sort your DJ out! I used to go to Friday's in Kingston quite a lot for my friend's birthdays, which was fun. We would have £20 which we would spend as little as we could on food, and the rest on cocktails even though we were underage. And the nights we went when it wasn't someone's birthday, we would pretend it was just to get the free dessert! Wiiiild...not! haha! But I loved those times! I have to say though; their cocktails are pretty gorgeous, especially the Gremlin, so who wouldn't want to go all out and get ultimate size in everything?

My personal food favourites from there include anything with their fabulous Jack Daniels glaze, or side sauce. YUM! Although, it does get a little sickly after a while of dipping and stuff. NOW TO SHOW YOU SOME FOOD AND MAKE Y'ALL HUNGRY! But while looking back, im now really hungry too...gah!

Menu...and a slightly better photo of the Gremlin

FAB starter. Chicken strips with sesame Jack Daniels dipping sauce!

Main...Jack Daniels big burger mess of a thing...looks GROSS but was TASTY!

Going back to Cavewoman roots!

Oh, and this is funny; I asked our waiter (well..waitress lol) if I could take a photo..."Hi! I write a blog and I was wondering if I could take your photo : D"

Their uniform is cuuuuuute! They have lots of random pin badges and stuff! He didn't have as much as others, but aww! He said I have to fill out his satisfaction survey (what I used to get customers to do when I was a waitress) because he agreed to let me have a photo lol

On other things, I will be deco-ing my new phone once I get the upgrade! Im stuck at phone right now though....kind of half resting on either a new blackberry or something else...hmm!

Anna Sui style! (except for pink random stuff on bottom right....that as a free gift) I need to get lots more though! More nail varnish bottles, and more gems! I also got Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds for Gamecube haha! I started playing today and its so cool! You can do the same thing she does in the program; beat the shit out of them and then quickly stake them! Class! And it only cost me £5 : D

Ill be doing a mini review for fake tans soon!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Guess who's back in the....okay ive get the point.
Im so sorry ive left you all alone for so long! But I have been sneakily reading other blogs and tweaking my own whilst ive been away. You may have noticed that my blog now has 3 columns and is slightly thinner than before, so you may get loooooong blog posts from me showing all the random crap that I fill them with.

My last blog post was a short outburst at the Gal Secrets, the Burn Book of the Western Gal Community. Its actually more like the part in Mean Girls when Regina gets so pissed (and slightly psychotic) and photocopies the book and literally throws it around the school. Gal Secrets is like the moment when all the students come out of the classrooms and read the pieces of paper. The part when they all turn into "jungle animals" is like when people comment about the secrets on the lj itself, or go round various websites etc etc and post their hate/whatever about the secrets. ANYWAY. DONE.

Saving for Japan is proving to be extremely difficult as my "boss" still has a mega problem with me refuses to admit that there is. I am desperately seeking a new job and its awful. No one is bloody interested! I did have a "fake" job interview thing last week, where I was "selected" for an interview, but turned up to find 40 other people waiting there and to be told that the "company" is looking to train "managers" in 8-10 months instead of the usual 3-5 years. Because that doesn't sound dodgy does it? They were selling the same bull to all of the people there. And I didn't get a call back. *sigh*. I even bought a smart new shirt for that interview!!! Nevermind.

Im thinking about doing a management course though. The lovely Shaka asked me where I see myelf in 10 years time, and it didn't take me long to think and say that I wanted to be in charge somewhere. I want to be working in, or have close relations with people in Japan, and working for/owning a media company. I want to be able to help younger girls (like my age and younger or older) be accepted in whichever style they choose to take through life, so basically, id like to be like a western Sifow. I want to be able to say that im able to manage a large group or company, so I might take a look online into management and business courses and see where it takes me! I hope ive finally found something that I can do with my life. Ive always struggled not knowing where I can go, or what I can do, so this is a big change and surprise for me. When everyone else went to University, I got 2 jobs and started earning money and not doing anything to do with the qualifications or results that I had gained. Languages come super easy to me, so my Japanese classes should be great and will definitely help out. I also know French, so bring on the world!

Ill share some photos with you from the past month or so :

Me and some Japanese girls dressed up to promote 25% off YO!Sushi. I asked them if I could take a photo with them in Japanese and were shocked to find that I wasn't Japanese! They said my pronounciation was spot on. NICE

Most of my Nail and deco pieces (theres more)

I decided to make some nails for last weekend's Gal Cir meet, so these were the things I used, and the plan I drew out for the nail design

The finished product....the lighting makes them look awful. And I lost one...great

Some buys..........

Yes, the weekend just gone was not only EUROVISION, it was also a Gal Cir meet, and when Monica Tang came to visit! Shes such a darling! She's written about meeting us in her blog, so go check it out! She says we're like sisters, which I toally agree! Myself, Niijii and Caryn all got along so well with her! We're the four brownies! Monica did such a cute braid on me, and taught me how to do one, so ive been practising like mad:

(The one Monica did for me)

She also makes me want to update my wardrobe! That girl has serious style! I definitely feel more mature meeting her! Bye bye random closet pieces! Hello MT inspired fashion!

I went out to dinner with my man to TGI's last night. We haven't seen each other in a while due to his University work, so I was really happy. Blog from this tomorrow!