Wednesday, 21 December 2011

earth, jupiter & mars

Hello everyone!

How have you been? At the moment I'm multitasking by blogging, taking photos and cooking dinner whilst listening to Studio Ghibli soundtracks~ I just have to make sure I keep an eye on the food...

Anyway, it's been a little while since my last blog as I've been at work and when I get home I just want to pass out in bed! Thank goodness for days off! (Although I actually do nothing on these days >.<) I can't believe it's Christmas week already!!!!. Have you all done early shopping or are you now part of the huge rush trying to find last minute gifts? I don't really have much of a chance to do proper shopping on the hight street, mainly because of work, and also because I really don't like shopping in Central London!

I'm so used to just shopping in my home town, because this is the first time I've been living away from my family. Me and Adam are going to my parents for Christmas and to his parents for New Year. I'd find it weird if I didn't spend Christmas with my family, regardless as to whether I live with them or not!

Last week I upgraded my phone, and I now have a shiny iPhone 4!

I went for white as it looks cleaner and more fresh than the black. Also, because my previous phone was black and it shows up all the dirt and scratches more easily lol! I can't wait to have some kind of protective "shell" on it though, as I'll have to wait for the New Year before I can really afford to do a custom case for it.

My service provider fucked up my upgrade however, and sent me the phone with a brand new number instead of keeping my old one, so for a week I had 2 numbers! And my bill just came through...£77! It's a joke... Either way, yesterday I spent just over an hour in the phone store and the guy managed to sort it all out for me, so now I'm happy! I decided to sell my old phone online and I should be getting a cheque for just over £100 pretty soon! Not too shabby at all :D

Today I met up with an old friend, who I also dated when I was about 15. He is so lovely, and it was really nice to see him after such a long time! We went for lunch, and then afterwards, I went to buy a last gift for my Mom from LUSH, and I also went to H&M to use up some more of my gift card money. I went to the H&M in Covent Garden as the one in Camden is shit, and the staff there are really rude. It was no surprise that the staff in the Covent Garden branch were also really rude. Fuck them and their £7.99 tops! (What's the point in the .99 anyway?)

Regardless, here is what I bought in H&M:

Acid Wash skinny jeans

Thin top with glittery-ish material

Plain top
I bought the jeans as I wanted some acid wash for ages and didn't bother getting any. The top is cute because I love big tops that are floaty and can be worn on one shoulder :) The plain top? Just something I can wear around the house on a lazy day/casual day out/even bedtime. I bought the black and grey one after having to return the blue and white one I bought the other week as the sales assistant on the till ripped a huge hole in the side whilst trying to remove the security tag....retard. I also bought some track pants the other week, which are SUPER COSY and I love wearing them to chill and sleep in... :p BUT there are holes in the legs too. Seriously, sort it out.

Max Factor Creme Puff in "Gay Whisper"....not my hand btw.
Tomorrow evening, we're having a mini Christmas meal at our flat which should be cute! I need to take a photo of our rainbow tree that Rosie decorated... In fact, here you are:

Cute right?? It looks really good in real life as opposed to photos.

So what are you all doing for Christmas? I hope whatever you do, you have a great Xmas and a fabulous New Year!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011



The next part in my updates is about my birthday (ahh) and the latest shoot I did!

So, yeah! I'm officially 21 and it's weird! Although not as weird as when I turned 20, which was kinda shit. I can legally drink in the US now, and...go to Casinos! Haha, totally awesome things that I can do now... :p

I was planning on going out with some work friends to a 90s club night thing, but didn't in the end, as my birthday happened to fall 2 days before payday; ouch. Instead, Adam took me out for dinner. We went to Wagamama's, and although I don't frequent it very often, it was really yummy!

A couple of weeks before this, I did a photoshoot at work with some other work friends. The pictures are probably going to be used for adverts and posters or something, not quite sure, but either way, here are the photos!

l-r; me, Nathaniel, Anastasija, Koji



Koji & me


What do you think? Anastasija did her make-up, Koji's and Nathaniels! Although I started his off ;D Her make-up is super fucking AWESOME and she should be doing make-up as a career or something! Really envious of her skills!

It was really fun to do, as we stayed quite late into the night, and we also shot in XXX (hence the pole photo) which is always fun ;) Hopefully, there will be another thing like this as it was good to shoot with everyone and have a good time in the process! My next shooting, or should I say, filming, is happening tomorrow with Marc. It's based on a long script he wrote for me a while back and it's certainly going to be interesting to film! Again, can't share with you as it will be nude! But i'll try and find some stuff once it's available and see if I can make it SFW for you all!

Oh, and one more thing before I go; do you like my new layout? I spent a little bit of time on it today, but needless to say, i'm unfortunately not the brains behind the whole thing, but I have done a fair amount of tweaking etc myself to make it, well, me! And you may need to update your bookmarks, as my blog is now registered under !

See you guys soon!

Friday, 2 December 2011

31/10/11: Halloween

Hi hi!

Apologies for the unmentioned hiatus back there! Just after Halloween I got sick and then super busy for work, and just generally too tired to do anything that required any kind of patience >.<. I still love you guys! Just sorry to keep you waiting for my next post! As i'm behind, i'll write the entries I was going to write all that time ago to keep you updated into my life :)

My phone went on a big fuck up too, and is only just working again, so I can actually transfer photos from my phone again!

Anyway, in my Halloween related blog post, I mentioned my outfits that I was going to wear, and photos shall be here! First up though is the Pumpkin I carved; and step-by-step, here's how I did it!

Pumpkin; plain, obviously

I drew the design I wanted with a board marker, as it came off easily if I wanted to change something

Next, I cut a hole in his head!

Seedy hat

Seedy insides!

Seedy bag. Unfortunately I didn't keep the seeds for bread or muffins as I wouldn't have had the chance, so I threw them away >.<

Next it was time to cut out the design


NOW finished! He lost a tooth and some other bits in the carving process >.<
He proudly sat in our hallway for a week or so until he practically fell in and went moudly haha. I hope everyone else's Pumpkins went okay!

And for Monday 31st? I was boring and just did make-up:

we mixed up sooo many fake blood capsules underneath my till  that week...
Ahh, purple hair. I may as well mention that i'm blonde again! I needed to do my roots anyway and kind of just went along and bleached it all. I also bought some silver hair dye which didn't exactly work, but my hair is fairly white at the moment :)

And that's all for now! I shall bring the next installment shortly!