Monday, 24 February 2014


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the almost 2 month delay in posts. This time, it wasn't my fault though, haha! Basically, because Blogger doesn't let you purchase custom domains through them any more (when I purchased the domain originally, I did it through Blogger) and over December they kept sending me emails to say that my domain would not be automatically renewed and that I had to manually renew everything. I didn't really understand what was happening and my blog seemed to be fine, and then one day, it stopped working..?

Blogger kept saying that my blog didn't exist, even though I could still write entries etc! I also found out that my domain name had gone up for auction with the company who sold it to me via Blogger... What the hell! After speaking with the customer services department twice, I finally managed to try and re-obtain my domain name, and after waiting 2 weeks, I managed to get it back, and now I can finally link it to this blog again!

I have lots of posts waiting for you, so I hope this other random abscence hasn't caused my remaining followers to up and leave on me! Eep!

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