Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Japan Day 4

So, day 4.

New Years Day. Because of going to bed so late, I woke up at like 1pm or 2pm, but Niijii was awake before me! I was so shocked! The film crew called at around 8am (why) and Niijii had picked up saying that I was asleep so they asked for Niijii to call them when I was awake. He called them around 1, when I peered over the top of the cover with my hair a mess, and a big frown on my face and scrunched up eyes HAHA. He told the film crew we didn't want to film today because we were still hell tired, so they said okay and said they would call again tomorrow. A few minutes later, they called again and asked if they could film us sleeping. wth? Niijii said "uh..hold on" and told me. I was still quite sleepy, and went "wtf, no way thats so damn creepy" and rolled back over. Niijii said "er, no you can't film us sleeping" and ended the call. We still wanted to go out, so I got up and had a shower.

Because of my extensions, I either have to wash my hair the night before, or REALLY early in the morning if it needs a wash and im going out (like if I haven't washed it a day before or something like that), because it takes FOREVER to dry. Seriously, like, my real hair will be dry, but where the braids are inthe hair, they like, lock in all the water and slowly seem to release it into parts of the hair ive already dried. So annoying! Anyways, I take a long time to get ready even if I haven't washed my hair and I was taking soo long, I think I annoyed Niijii a lttle bit >.< We headed out to Shibuya (sans le maquillage) and decided we could use this free unfilming time to buy stuff for our families. When we headed into Center Gai from the crossing, we saw famous gal singer, Sifow Fujisawa walking directly towards us. We were so stunned, and looked at each other and said "isn't that Sifow???" and she was right in front of us! Complete with the beauty spot and everything! She was tiiiiiny! I guess because she wasn't wearing heels, but her head came to like my shoulder! She was wearing a really big russian hat because I guess she didn't want to be noticed. We didn't ask for a photo (im expecting "well, you didn't really see her then, DID YOU" etc etc), but she was hurrying across to the crossing, so we called out her name a few times and she looked back and smiled! That was enough for us~

We carried on, and took some puri, and headed up to Mac because we were starving. You gotta try the Japanese take on Western food! And it was gooooood. Real chicken yo! We went to Donki and stocked up on a few things like hair curlers (that were crap so we never used them and they don't work properly here so I have brand new japanese curlers should anyone want them!) kigurumis, and random shit lol. We then went back home and rented the DVD player from the hotel, as well as Ali G movie...yeah! it was all the way in Japan! I was such a loser though, and fell asleep at 8pm! hahahahaha That was the day, nothing majorly exciting im afraid!

Purikura: http://tinypic.com/a/1k9wj/2

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