Friday, 5 March 2010

Culture Talk, Cooking and Hair

Hey gals! Im going to start off talking about the Culture Talk last night. It went so damn well! There was roughly the same amount of people there, and the same amount of HIB members again this time but the added laptop with a small slideshow of photos, and some stuff about Gal, aslwel as a small ParaPara demonstration really made it so much better! The problems we faced were that the manager of the S&L is new and is DUMB AS HELL. So we weren't able to connect the laptop to any of the TV screens around the bar, but in the end, it wouldn't have been worth it because we only showed the slideshow and then put on random DVDs of Mezamashi TV and BBC and Para DVDs for people to see. We also played the Para track out of the laptop and it was quite loud, so it was fine! (Plus I wasn't about to try and electrocute myself, and neither was Niijii by trying to find where we could connect the TV so)

PResent were myself, Niijii, Caryn, and NEW Hibiscgyaru member, Floz~ We inducted her into the circle last night. Its funny because we had a microphone and I said "we've just induced her tonight!" .... Ive been watching too much of 16 & Pregnant on MTV haha. After the talk was over, we got lots of interest from everyone and this time there were more Japanese people so they were really interested in the Mezamashi TV thing and kept taking pictures with us saying "you guys are so famous! we're taking pictures with celebrities!!!" haha. And we also did some makeovers! Niijii gave this really funny short man a manba makeover hahaha and Floz gave two girls a makeover too~ She's perfect!!! Unni was also here and spoke and apologised to me ollowing on from the recent events with hIB, so im glad :) still don't like dryboy though, sorry girl!

Heres some photos and videos from last night's makeover:

Our man before
During! Look at his face in left photo!

After! He's a happy bunny! He actually really didn't mind it being done, so he gets kudos for that!

So the next part of my blog, hair! I know I have titles it cooking and then hair, but w.e : D

I again played around with my hair piece last night and did have a different style planned out but in the end didn't use it because I wasn't so sure about it, but from that, ive got some photos and a video explaining how I do my hair with the hairpiece~

1.                                                                   2.
     3.                                                                 4.

                   5.                                                                 6.
                    7.                                                                8.

           9.                                                                                          10.

11.                                                                   12.

                     13.                                                              14.

Sorry about shitting arranging! Sometimes blogger can be really annoying when you want to put text and pictures together grr. Video:

Now I move onto....Cooking! Jeez, this is a really long post...Sorry guys! Haha
Yesterday I ordered some cute little cookware stuff and it came today! Was very impressed~ Take a look at my small haul, and then ill leave you alone! Its my friend's birthday soon so I plan on making some cute cakes : D (of course I shall post this event!)

"Midnight Romance" Cupcake cases, "Ice Cream" Cupcake cases, Skull Cupcake cases, Black dark chocolate stars, "Disco White Diamond" EDIBLE Cupcake glitter!!


  1. Oh I'm glad to hear the talk went well, too bad they couldn't help you to hook up the laptop tho. That makeover on that guy is awesome! He looks pretty good hehe XD

    Thanks for posting that hair piece tutorial, that was very informative and interesting for me! Now, I just need to find a hair piece that matches my hair color hehe^^

  2. @Sara: I was so pleased! And I wasn't even nervous when I went to talk! I was really proud of myself and the other girls^^

    It was difficult for Nij to do his make because he had facial hair and that and his skin wasn't very cooperative, but thank you!
    I can't wait for my other hair piece to get here! Then ill do another tut!

  3. lol after what he said to em yesterday he's going down on my list DD<

  4. Yay I'm so glad it went ok! That guy who got the make up done is awesome!

    Glad everythings ok now :) :)