Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Im here again!

Sorry for the lack of posting guys! Due to the recent events surrounding HIB and myself, I decided I didn't want to post anything/talk to anyone involved with what was going on, but thankfully, all this shit has been sorted now. With regards to the even more recent happenings (i.e. EILISH NEEDS TO DIE ETC ETC - lolage), I laughed so much! But I did go about reporting to the police and giving names to the police also :)


The weekend was a little bit awkward, but again, it was solved. I tried a new hairstyle out today. Ive been envying Valentine from Diamond's hair for a while and whilst waiting for Destiny to arrive, I played about with Incontience, a ponytail piece I currently have. She's like, the quickest hairstyle ever! Tye your hair up in a small bun, put her over the top, tie the drawstring tight, clip it away and you're done. Max like 2 mins or less for a hairstyle???!! I had wanted to try over the side hair because it looks fab and looks pretty sexy too, so I did some inventing and came up with this with the help of Incontinence for the weekend:

Before coming to LDN~ looks a bit crap from this angle...hmm


Home again. Greasy face yay!!!!. Hair had fallen (real hair) after curling it in the morning because it rained while out but nevermind!

Have a closeup!

: D

It was my mom's bdae on the same day, so after we got stuff done, we headed over to Covent Garden and I picked up some Candy Cakes. Photos stolen from Emmie :)

Also popped into Shu Uemura and picked up the corner lashes with the stars that Mitsu blogged about here , and if they turn out to be as fab as my MAC #7 lashes, then our relationship will be solid! I got addicted to Gilfy and GOLDS while I was in Japan, I just didn't have the cash to buy everything! (Plus there wasn't really loads I wanted) so Id love to incorporate more Gilfy style into my life (maybe minus short hair lol) Haven't tried them out yet, but here are pics I took; sorry for bad quality! Took at night and the flash made it look bad:

They're blue with small silver stars. The right pic makes them look black (w/out flash)

My life so far!

Tomorrow is the Gyaru Culture Talk (2) at the weekly Kyoto Event in London. NOT PREPARED AT ALL LOL. Ah well. Come along if you can!

Venue: Slug & Lettuce Leicester Square
Time: 7PM - 11PM (the talk will probably start around 8-8:30)


  1. Did you find out who the person was who made the fake account?

  2. oh goooood! i saw that photo of ur circle on evgal and i was like


  3. Oh your hair looks totally awesome and the style suits you^^

    You got those Shu lashes! That's so exciting hehe, I can't wait to see them on you^^

    Good Luck on your talk, I wish I could go see that^^

  4. Glad everything has been sorted out :)

  5. LOVE your make-up *o* though I harassed you about that on FB already XD

  6. I'm glad everything is fine now!!

    MAn, Val's hair is just amazing!!!!!

  7. @Emmie: I have a pretty good idea of who it is, they've made several slip ups in the things they said on the Facebook account and on LJ. either way, I gave their name to the police :)

    @Yuri: Thank you doll! Im working harder on my look for 2010!!

    @Sara: Thank you very much!! My hair looks a bit funny from the back but from the front its worth it because its sexeeeeeeeeh! Yes! Im going to try them out this weekend I hope! Ill post pictures!

    @Clairey: Me too :)

    @Val: Thank you! Hehe it doesn't matter! Im still envious of your hair! Can't wait til the summer when I can have proper exte again to do more crazy styles : D

    @Cosmo: Same here! I know right! I love playing with new hairstyles now, im never bored anymore!