Monday, 17 May 2010


Hi guys...I know I haven't posted a blog in a little while, but I want to vent something here, and then ill post something soon...

This gem appeared on today's Gal Secrets. Ive already commented on the blog, but I want to say here as well, that accusing anyone of being racist is wrong. Im so tired of seeing people writing so much crap about me, that im a slut, im an evil dictator like "hitler", that im trying to get "famous" by "using HIBISCGYARU", all sorts of random shit that only the most bored people could think of. But to accuse me of being racist? Its not on.

I will admit that I don't like Sam, but ive never been racist to/about her, or anyone at all. EVER.

I know who wrote this secret. Are you still bitter?

Get a life. And that goes to all the idiots that have the time to write stupid things about anyone, not just me.


  1. Known this wasn't true and agreed!

  2. KNEW IT !!! your soooooo racist thats why we still talk ...and are good friends ... damn you and your ethnic minority hating ways clearly us being friends is just a cover ;) to hide the prejudice ???
    this claim is so ridiculous that its laughable

  3. @claire: exactly! stupid bitches wanna talk : )

    @wenjie: haha so true! so racist that we dated and etc etc! sorry i didnt tell you before lol!

    of course it is! its aaaaaaaaall a cover

    i know right! when are you next daaaaaaan?

  4. so that you take bad with a person of another race it does not mean that you are racist, happens of that type of people, say those things by jealousy and so that they are stupid, many intentions handsome.

  5. @damajessica: exactly! thank you for agreeing!

  6. Does my head in, it's so immature but I guess the secrets community has that downfall of anonymity (sp?. Either way you know it's not true so don't let it bother you. Like I said on FB the community has some real psychos which is a shame as the majority of the comm are lovely girls/guys with a passion for style.

  7. Oh this happens all the time when you don't like anyone. When you don't like someone of another 'race' you are all of sudden a racist and when you don't like another gal you are all of sudden a 'sexist' and 'female hater' and so on. It's just a bad excuse for drama in my opinion. Sides if this person have such a problem I think she should speak up. How hard can it be?

    At least YOU can keep in mind that YOU are better than that?

  8. omg, I didn't realize someone was harassing you. Sorry to hear..

  9. I'm sick of all of this. I hate when gal gets ugly. That community can get so vile and bitter, I wish people went back to being nice and propping others up. Not knocking them down.

  10. things like this are one of the reasons i hardly read or comment in gyaru_secrets. gurl i kno what ur going through, my advice...ignore the whole community, once they realize you dont care they will stop making secrets about you!

  11. @Mistu > I definitely second that! >.>
    What happened to the days when good fashion and drama whores could be separated?? x___x
    Sorry you're going through this koneko~ some things you just have to push off...let drama queens be drama queens. You've obviously got support. :)