Sunday, 2 May 2010



I come bearing photos of my new hair colour! I uploaded a pretty crappy picture on Facebook yesterday, so if thats what you saw, im sorry! Thank you to Bloomzy, Emmie and Claire who commented! Just a quick note before I start the topic, my blog has reached 66 followers! Thats cool! It doesn't seem like many, but to someone who blogs as weirdly as I do (topics and layout of words haha) its ace! Thanks all! Maybe ill do a giveaway if I reach 100 followers......

Ill do the before and after and all of that jazz, and ill show you what else I managed to get up to....

                   Before                                   After

Okay, so it doesn't really look like there is much difference haha. But its shorter! Heres the photo from my facebook in a darker light:

See the difference? Its not the same as the Aina colour number 1 because she had loads of highlights. I could have had them done, but Ive never had them before and didn't know how much it would cost me so I left it. I really like it! the hairdresser said it was "creamier" than the colour I had before. And it looks like a shade Aina has had in the past, so that makes me happier lol :p

So, the other thing I did....

My eyebrows were too dark for the shade I had done, so I bleached them! Im still trying to find a shade for my eyebrows, but ive settled with this for now. I bought some Palty Eyebrow Mascara this morning, so when that comes, I shall experiment!

Heres some of the bleaching process photos, and what I used

My eyebrows were a darkish brown (not black like they look, and my roots looked super dark but they're ashy brown!) so I expected my eyebrows to go the shade at the bottom which would have been fine, but they actually went like white/yellow lol, (I left it on for ages haha) so I drew them in (which I would have had to do anyway). Ill give the mascara a try and if im not happy then I can always dye them. AND, they'll grow out anyway, so its not something im stuck with forever if I don't like it : D

Because this kit is for like, your whole head, it was a bit of a waste just using it but it doesn't matter. I would have used BBlonde bleach kit (which I used in the very beginning to go blonde before I started going to the salon) but my local supermarket didn't sell the cream I needed, or even the brand, and its a Sunday. I could have gone into town, but its a trek lol. The supermarket only had this and Wella highlight kit. All the rest was hair colourants and stuff. I was lucky...just!

(L)My eyebrows sarting to turn another colour  
(R)Light as hell!

End result again

What do you think?
My eyebrows are still a bit red in that photo as it was straight after I took the bleach off and I had quite a few attempts at getting a colour for my brows, but this seemed fine :)

On another note, the clothes I ordered on Thursday came yesterday : D And I need to buy some new MAC eyelashes because one "got stuck" to the back of my boyfriend's head while he slept....¬_¬ haha

They were grotty ones anyway, so ill see if I can pick some up this week. Im going to bring you some reviews in my next blog! And ill also do a nostalgia post, like Sara did! Ive been testing out a new shampoo and conditioner, Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration" and ive also swtiched my foundation from L'Oreal True Match to Revlon Color Stay, which is the one a lot of the gal models (and Aina) use

Bye for now!


  1. WELL what I was gonna say like 2 days ago is your hair looks FIT! It's subtle but it makes your skin look all glowy~

    I approve of the brow colour!

  2. I love the color!!! It looks great!!!! ^^