Sunday, 12 September 2010

bon vacance

Hello! and almost goodbye! at the same time!

Tomorrow it's the first holiday i've been talking about; the one with my man and his family! It's exciting but i'm kind of nervous at the same time. I get on well with his family, so thats no problem, but like, a holiday can make or break a relationship, so I don't want to go home broken hearted! I know it probably won't happen, but we don't see each other every single day, just when we're able to, which is usually a couple of days in a week when we're not working, and that's great because each time we see each other, it feels like it's been ages, when really it hasn't and I think it makes our relationship stronger :D

We've never argued, so I hope we don't start to! This is the happiest and strongest relationship i've ever had, and I want it to stay that way! Moving on from worrying, last night (Saturday) I met up with the organisers for the Hyper Japan event and some dancers and Nij also. They want some Japanese people to dance on stage with us, so they've got two people and they're both really nice! When the time comes, there will be 2 girls and 2 guys...well, 3 girls and 1 guy haha, and it should be really good! We just need to work out some routines that we'll be teaching, a name for the group and what we'll be wearing! Then we need to get some photos done to show ourselves off and stuff like that to make us look extra special. It's exciting! Meeting them yesterday really reminded me of being in Japan and hanging out with the film crew, who became our friends by the end of the trip, not just people who were there to film us.

Points for this week:
1) This Is England '86 just started airing on TV. It's a 4 part mini series following on from the awesome This Is England film, and from the first episode, i'm already hooked and wanting to watch more!

This Is England (movie) film trailer

Channel 4 promo for This Is England '86

I looove Smell's style! She looked way better in the original movie though:

2)I have new extensions that are made of REAL hair yay! So now I have mega classy 24" extens to play with :D

3)A TV programme has just started on ITV1 called "Surgery School" which features where I work! The first ep. showed one of the hospitals in my trust, St.Helier and had loads of people on there I know and work with all the time, lol it was weird to see our kind of environment on TV...there are 3 more episodes and maybe my place will be on there next!

4)2.5 WEEKS TIL JAPAN!!!!!!

5) I am in L O V E with October egg! All the military, bohe and fur trends! I'm so happy that I have a lot of the stuff i've bought recently as it's all featured in the pages! Scooooore

Not really any photos this post, just videos! Sorry!

I'll speak to you when i'm back from Lanzarote!

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  1. I hope you will have a wonderful holiday, that will be a good experience! I never traveled with any of my BFs' families, it'd be too nerve wracking for me haha