Tuesday, 9 August 2011


That's right.

I'm sure you've all heard of the unnecessary and stupid events taking place in London at the moment. And what for? nothing.

Apparently, looting, starting fires and generally destroying not only buildings and landmarks, but people's lives and livelihoods is the right thing to do. And like many others have said, where are the authorities in all of this madness? who is keeping the UK safe?

YES it's not up to the Police etc alone to take charge and defend uprisings and antisocial behaviour, but at the same time, there are so many eye-witness reports of Police being the by-standers and overlooking the situations at hand. Wrong? Of course it is. While the relentless attacks in the Home Counties continue, there are still not enough people to help protect the innocent citizens that have to stand and watch as their homes are burnt down or areas destroyed.

The only people that actually seem to be taking matters into their own hands are the hundreds of Turkish shopkeepers, who defended themselves (and others) from the mobs of fucking idiotic youths descending and causing the utmost violence. Why can't more members of the public follow suit and actually try to defend and help stop the situations? Of course; the majority of youths ARE violent and will do whatever they can to fight against this - trying to save the situation should be done at one's own risk - but it still begs the question of the whereabouts of so-called "hard men" that continually make headlines for sending the bad guys down.

But let's not let the other bad guys get away unnamed - MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN (some as young as 8) ARE ALSO PART OF THE RIOTING. 


Some internet gems:

Besides my ranting, i'd like to let you all know that i'm safe and at home with my family. My work was closed early today due to Police advice, so hopefully nothing bad will happen! I think i'm pretty lucky (for now) that nothing bad has happened in my area, although problems seem to be heading even more south pretty quickly (and for some reason, up in the north?? totally unrelated!!) and i'm really hoping that where I am, thing =s will be okay....


  1. My coworker's friend lost all her stock at her Tottenham shop :(

    These people claim they are doing it to get back at 'rich people'. Maybe if they'd worked they wouldn't need to :/

  2. This is horrible, I have no words... Please continue being safe - I hope this ends soon.

  3. This is horrible and disgusting that people would do such things! Please be safe i would hate if anything happened to you!

  4. You are Right, this is Just Plan Wrong. I just can't believe this, All the stuff I wanted to see When I go to London next year, is Messed UP! :| Wow,Thank You Dumb Youth!
    XOXO Be Safe Gal!

  5. This is horrible! Stay safe <3

  6. This started in Wolverhampton today. 300 youths decended on the city centre and trashed the shops and stole anything they could. It's even more upsetting when it's your own home town.

    I wish more people would rise up against these idiots. I'd happily go down the street and take a baseball bat to anyone trying to loot or cause any trouble.