Saturday, 24 September 2011

How will I know


How are you all? Im fine, if you were wondering :) My week has been pretty good, and i'd like to report that i've been feeling really great! You guys are really nice, and it brings a positive impact~ 8D

Today I had a nice surprise when Miaka came into the store! I've never been approached by a blog reader before, and Miaka is the nicest person ever! Plus, she has fabulous hair ;D Please check out her blog!

Im working on getting a better commenting system too, because my current one sucks! Here are a few pics for you, mainly my Violent Lips from this week :) Enjoy!


  1. I loooove your violent lips!! They're so cool!! Glad to hear you are doing well!! :D

  2. those lip tattoo thingies are really cool... reapplying lipstick is so annoying!!

  3. they're amazing! I actually can't stop praising them, and it's a joy to wear them at work all the time :D

  4. thank you!! :D you should get some! or...i shall be giving some away in a giveaway.. ;D im doing great, especially after a great few days at work too!

  5. It was so nice to see you! Hope to get back to London soon! Really love the Cyberdog store! You were so very pretty! And I really love your lips<3