Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hello everyone!

I'm going to slowly be returning to the blogging world, and I have some updates and news I want to share with you all too :D First of all, I want to thank you guys for your kind comments on my last blog entry. I've just had this void in my life most recently and I can't really figure out why. Hopefully I'm going to be getting back on track and making the most of everyday :)

This weekend, I'm going to Ireland for my cousin's wedding! I already mentioned it here, which was a little while ago! The time has really flown by since then. I rushed to buy a dress last week and found a long maxi dress - which I've always said I wouldn't wear; 1) I'm SHORT! 2) They're usually gross 3) They're a summer item. We haven't had a summer here in UK, nor in Ireland, where it shall be between 16 and 18 degrees with lots of rain when we go. Fabulous.

So, yes, a maxi dress. My mom wasn't keen on my dress from Bik Bok, which I love, and was like "no, it;s too revealing" which it't not lol, if anything, the dress I have now is the same! My parents were so worried about the way I was going to look at the wedding and tried to convince me into not wearing extensions, or make-up, or anything that would make people think "wtf". But I REALLY DON'T CARE. Obviously i'm not going to upstage the bride or anything, but it just gets annoying that they have all these pre-conceptions >.< 

And in my life recently? Not so many mad things unfortunately to tell, but last week I went to have Mexican food with Perry, Maddie and Koji from work, and then we went for Purikura and Karaoke with Adam, Rosie and Maya afterwards! Here was my outift - I made an effort and felt good for doing so.

Top: New Look
Shorts: d.i.a.
Belt: d.i.a.
Tail: Store in Osaka
Shoes: Online store

My faaaaaaace! Not loving this pic, but nvm~

And our purikura:

Koji is a new staff at Cyberdog and he was so shocked when I first spoke to him in Japanese! I think my Japanese is getting better, especially when we talk a lot, as it gives me the chance to practise, which is what I've really missed since last being there! He said he was "too old" to do! But he said that he would keep his sunglasses on! 

Actually, now that I think about it, last week was actually quite busy for me! Thursday was all of the above, Friday night there was a BBQ at Adam's place, and Saturday night, we went to Torture Garden! We also had a "leaving drinks" event for a girl called Cintia who is from Spain and worked at Cyberdog for 1 month! She was there only for a short time but was so lovely! And she wrote me a special letter and gave me some photos too :D. I love her, she is seriously like my Spanish sister! Here's some photos from the combination of everything, except Torture Garden, as no photos of me have surfaced, but that's okay :p

Waaah! Massive photo spam! I hope that's okay for you guys >.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Your hair colours are amazing! And that first outfit <3 I'm dyig fora fox tail!

  2. I'm feeling that too with my life, maybe its crazy gal life that we used to have and now its like...un-gal like? lol
    I guess we just got things to do now and moving on with life..?
    But i hope everything is ok with you, just take things your way and i'm sure it be ok.

  3. What part of Ireland you going to? :-]

  4. No Matter what crazy colour scheme you o for, you always pull off the hair. kudos.

  5. @the glass princess; thank you! You can find some great ones online, why not try eBay?

    @kei; i think thats one reason! I was so used to this hectic galcir life before and now its still weird to not have to do that stuff anymore!

    @ellie; i went to south west Cork! Right at the end, tiny village with no phone signal or net connection! But its really quiet and nice :)

    @loki; thank you so much!! 8D