Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Hi everyone!

Today I moved in properly with Adam! All my stuff is here now, including all my Hello Kitty plushies.. ;D I also brought round my N64 (yes, I'm a geek), Gamecube...actually, I had so much more stuff than I realised, and it was mainly clothing! I had a mini clear out, which I will finish at another time, for clothes I'm going to throw away and clothes I'm going to give to a charity store.

I realised just now while typing - Not all of my stuff is here; Adam wouldn't let me take my egg magazines or any of my big books! Meanie :( I have to go back and get my bed at some point, so I'll take them with me then. But anyway, for now, all the stuff I need and want all the time, is here! Adam was like, so happy I swear! My Dad drove us up and after he left, Adam gave me such a huge hug and carried me into the house haha. It really doesn't feel very different now that I'm technically an official house mate, as I've been going back and forth so much!

Off the topic of moving in, tomorrow I'm doing a photo shoot with the guy that did me and Georgie's photos back in April, which will be great as obviously I look a little different, and I love shooting, I haven't done in so long! I'll probably be working with Marc.B again soon on another short film and photos? He always has such mad ideas, it's awesome!

The other night, our friend Ryo came over and stayed the night, and we found a new friend in Tesco!

I can't wait for Halloween to be here already! I'm allowed to have a Pumpkin in the make-up section and i'm definitely putting eyelashes and lots of make-up on it!

What are you all doing for Halloween? Do you have any special plans or outfit themes?


  1. I don't want to think about the day I actually move out, I already know I have waaaay too much junk, but when one starts packing it up it just seems to multiply haha.

    You and your friend are soooo pretty TT I want to look colorful and amazing too XD I hope you post pics of your pumpkin^^

  2. Moving sucks!  I'm sure you're glad t be moved in.  I love the photo (esp. the vivid hair !).

  3. Guh. So. Many. Things. To. Unpack.  @_SARA MARI  Moving out (and in) is always such a hassle, I think. Haha.

    And yeah-- Halloween's creepin' up quickly! D:  I have nooo outfit/costume plans.  Just quite a few great costume lenses, which I might base a makeup look off of... maybe a costume eventually.

    If only I could end up looking as cool as you always seem to. D:

  4. cuuute neko!! lol i cant wait for halloween too! im going to be she hulk & get drunk at a frat college XD

  5. Hey there my friend usually I don’t post on many blogs these days, but I would like to let you know that this post really forced me to do so! Keep up the ace work my friend, I love your post & your style of writing!