Monday, 24 October 2011


Hello, hello, hello!

It's nearly 11pm here in crappy old London, and I thought I would bring a blog to you all! Since I last posted, I've been super busy at work! Halloween is essentially our Christmas, as it gets mad busy! The last few weekends have been great, and people have seriously been thinking ahead for Halloween this year! We had some DJ's in the store on the 15th doing a pre-party for an event called Sinistry. It was like a VS I think? But I couldn't really tell, I was mainly trying to serve all the tonnes of customers in my tiny Accessories space!

I can't believe how quickly each month goes, I swear it was only Summer not so long ago! Then again, our Summer was rubbish and was late and then lasted a few weeks (if that). I can't wait to be back in Japan again at some point either. It's been playing on my mind recently and it's kind of depressing knowing i'm not there this year! So, back to Halloween stuff! I wasn't really sure what to do this year, as I've never really done a whole lot for it. When I was in High School, I just stayed in and would have the kids knocking on our door and stuff (really hoping they'll leave us alone over here in N.LDN!) and that's it really!

For Halloween I bought this Jasmine last outfit last week and it arrived like, within a few days! It's really see-through though..haha. I bought it as I wanted to dress like Mimi, the girl who pretends to be Jasmine from Bunny Girl Gal Circle:

It's not entirely the same outfit, but hey, I just wanted something similar :) which day to wear?!


  1. How cute!  You should be Mimi/Jasmine, even if the outfit is see-through, haha!

  2. omg you should totally do manba again!! I miss it!
    stick on nipple flower tape hahaha~~ ;D

  3. I had a bad habit when I was younger of swearing at cameras too XD hah

    and yesss be Mimi-Jasmine-Manba! DO IT XD