Wednesday, 7 December 2011



The next part in my updates is about my birthday (ahh) and the latest shoot I did!

So, yeah! I'm officially 21 and it's weird! Although not as weird as when I turned 20, which was kinda shit. I can legally drink in the US now, and...go to Casinos! Haha, totally awesome things that I can do now... :p

I was planning on going out with some work friends to a 90s club night thing, but didn't in the end, as my birthday happened to fall 2 days before payday; ouch. Instead, Adam took me out for dinner. We went to Wagamama's, and although I don't frequent it very often, it was really yummy!

A couple of weeks before this, I did a photoshoot at work with some other work friends. The pictures are probably going to be used for adverts and posters or something, not quite sure, but either way, here are the photos!

l-r; me, Nathaniel, Anastasija, Koji



Koji & me


What do you think? Anastasija did her make-up, Koji's and Nathaniels! Although I started his off ;D Her make-up is super fucking AWESOME and she should be doing make-up as a career or something! Really envious of her skills!

It was really fun to do, as we stayed quite late into the night, and we also shot in XXX (hence the pole photo) which is always fun ;) Hopefully, there will be another thing like this as it was good to shoot with everyone and have a good time in the process! My next shooting, or should I say, filming, is happening tomorrow with Marc. It's based on a long script he wrote for me a while back and it's certainly going to be interesting to film! Again, can't share with you as it will be nude! But i'll try and find some stuff once it's available and see if I can make it SFW for you all!

Oh, and one more thing before I go; do you like my new layout? I spent a little bit of time on it today, but needless to say, i'm unfortunately not the brains behind the whole thing, but I have done a fair amount of tweaking etc myself to make it, well, me! And you may need to update your bookmarks, as my blog is now registered under !

See you guys soon!


  1. I love the shot of you on the pole, its bad ass!
    Also what server are you using? I want to host my blog too :)

  2. ooohm nudey shots :D lol
    will it be themed? or kinad artsy like?
    i would love to do a themed nude shoot though, like cybergothy haha. but i have none of that stuff.
    cant wait to look at your work!! :D

    and man, i would love to work for a cool clothing store like that! ;-;

  3. Happy Birthday! The photoshoot pictures came out very well, how lucky for your employer that all you workers are great models too XD

  4. wow!!you guys look so cool!!

  5. Hi! Thank you very much!

    It was a really fun shoot that we did, and was even better as it was after hours, and the store looks really cool!

  6. Thank you!

    They did! We all tried really hard to make the best pictures we could, and i'm sure there will be more opportunities again!

  7. Nuuuude! It's all art nude and themed stuff, no porn!

    I can always link you via pm if you'd like! I don't really want to post proper nude pics of me up here haha! I can cover my nips though :p

  8. Thank you!!

    I'm still using blogger! Just a mad template!