Friday, 2 December 2011

31/10/11: Halloween

Hi hi!

Apologies for the unmentioned hiatus back there! Just after Halloween I got sick and then super busy for work, and just generally too tired to do anything that required any kind of patience >.<. I still love you guys! Just sorry to keep you waiting for my next post! As i'm behind, i'll write the entries I was going to write all that time ago to keep you updated into my life :)

My phone went on a big fuck up too, and is only just working again, so I can actually transfer photos from my phone again!

Anyway, in my Halloween related blog post, I mentioned my outfits that I was going to wear, and photos shall be here! First up though is the Pumpkin I carved; and step-by-step, here's how I did it!

Pumpkin; plain, obviously

I drew the design I wanted with a board marker, as it came off easily if I wanted to change something

Next, I cut a hole in his head!

Seedy hat

Seedy insides!

Seedy bag. Unfortunately I didn't keep the seeds for bread or muffins as I wouldn't have had the chance, so I threw them away >.<

Next it was time to cut out the design


NOW finished! He lost a tooth and some other bits in the carving process >.<
He proudly sat in our hallway for a week or so until he practically fell in and went moudly haha. I hope everyone else's Pumpkins went okay!

And for Monday 31st? I was boring and just did make-up:

we mixed up sooo many fake blood capsules underneath my till  that week...
Ahh, purple hair. I may as well mention that i'm blonde again! I needed to do my roots anyway and kind of just went along and bleached it all. I also bought some silver hair dye which didn't exactly work, but my hair is fairly white at the moment :)

And that's all for now! I shall bring the next installment shortly!


  1. Your genie costume looks so amazing~ And I love your purple hair. You can just pull off any hair color!