Thursday, 24 May 2012


Hello hello!

How are you all doing? Since my last update with my weird no-makeup or eyebrow video, I have lots of photos to share with you, and i'll expand on the mini updates I mentioned in the video.

I'll also update you on some stuff that has happened in my personal life...

First up; I'VE MOVED HOUSE! I'm finally in my new place with Adam! It's a good location as we're really close to a tram stop (ikr, the Tram is so weird but kinda cool!) and we have like 2 or 3 retail parks near us too! We have a huge supermarket, a MASSIVE Ikea (yay) and loads of other stores too, as WELL as being really close to the town centre by Bus, Tram or by walking. Travelling to work takes a bit longer now, but i'm used to having a long journey from when I was still living with my parents so it doesn't really bother me. I can get to London Bridge within 15-25 minutes, which is great for when I start work early in the morning!

Anyways, our new place is quite big too! (Always a plus, as I have so much crap). It's a bit of a weird place too..haha, I don't really want to go into it too much, but it's basically converted space and it means that the rooms are really big. We live with some other people too, but the layout of the place is quite big and everyone generally keeps themselves to themselves so we don't really see them at all, or, ever! We also live with Perry and Maddie, our former flatmates, but again, they live in another room like a few corridors away, so we don't see them every single day; maybe if we go over to see them or vice versa etc.

Our kitchen and bathroom is huuuge too, so lucky!

At the end of the day, we're all happy and settled! Just need to pop to Ikea again and buy MORE units! When our room is finally complete, i'll share a photo or a video!

My next little update, which, is kinda rubbish to be honest... is about me being assualted on the way home from work.... I got hit in the face by a stupid dickhead (luckily not very hard and not punched full on or anything) whilst at the tube station and he caused a massive argument and argh it wass just shit. I had to file a police report, do statements etc, BUT, hopefully they will catch this guy. I don't really want to go over what happened in too much detail as I don't want this entry to be upsetting and boring, but he hit me on purpose, and also out of nowhere, and then tried to actually hit me again whilst Maddie had to hold him back and we told him to get lost... SUCKS. My face really hurt for a couple of days but it's gone away now, and luckily I didn't have to consult a doctor or take any medical leave! Ladies; please take extra care wherever you are, especially if you travel alone! I didn't know, but at London Underground stations, the big white circular "Help" machine actually works with the control room, so if you press the green button on there to speak to a member of staff, it points a camera directly to you from the control room, so the staff can see you and if it's serious, can work out a way best to help you! I didn't realise, but at the time, I was stood right next to one of these machines but didn't notice or even think to push the button...stupid! But now I know for reference, as i'm hoping I don't get something like this ever again!

What was funny is that the guy tried to blame me for him hitting me, and then his argument was that I looked stupid because of the way I dressed, even though I was in jeans and casual wear! This is the first time i've ever had anyone actually physically do something in regards to the way I look. when I dressed in Manba, the worst I ever got was someone from a distant shouting "EWWW!!!!" or hate mail and "death threats" online. Nowadays, when i'm dressed even in the plainest of clothes, I would never expect anyone to throw a torrent of abuse at me, physical or verbal! People make me sick sometimes, grr!

Another update is some photos from the wedding I went to at the end of April! My cousin Eoin got married in Holland - this is a part I need to explain lol, as I get asked it a lot; Some of my Irish family live in Holland, and have done since they were kids so they like, grew up there and can speak Dutch etc, but i'm not any part Dutch, just have family who live there! - So yeah! He got married and it was really nice. The ceremony wes all in Dutch, but hey, it's a wedding right? You know what happens!

Holland was really fun, we used to go there so much as kids but not really anymore, but I definitely want to go back sometime soon, maybe Summer or something! I'll be going to Ireland again this Summer for a mini holiday, which again is weird as I haven't really been in the Summer since I was a kid, or since I went to my cousin's (sister to Eoin) wedding last September! Adam is going to come with me...I hope he likes rural villages! :D

And my last update of this entry isssssss, my holiday to Ibiza! I was really lucky and honored to be invited away to Ibiza with work! The company owner has a gorgeous Villa in Ibiza and we got to spend 3-4 glorious days there! I got but I had a great time! We also got to see the brand new Cyberdog store that's just opened in San Antonio!

I'll try to upload my own photos and share them in another entry!
That's it for now, enjoy, and i'll be back soon!


  1. Looks like you had a great time in Ibiza! :D
    and holy shit at the incident stuff, what a twat! No one deserves to be hit because of they way they are dressed, what a poor excuse! I hope he gets done in for it!

  2. And i thought HK people were rude but i guess not! People in london are getting more ruder everyday!
    Hope that bastard gets reported >:((((

    Omggg so lucky!! Makes me wanna go ibiza now!