Sunday, 10 June 2012


Hello! and Happy Sunday to you all!

Just a short in-between post about my upcoming trip to Oslo, Norway!
And why would I be going to such a place? Well, there's a few skanky girls who live there...I guess I could go and see them... (You can read about my last trip to see them here)



(Monica I stole this photo from your blog)

REALLY BLOODY EXCITED!!! And it's not just two skanky girls I get to see, but a WHOLE ARMY of girls and guys from all over! Ahh, it's actually going to be great for me to get OUT of London for a weekend and relax a bit! It will also be the first Gyaru meetup I've been to in a really long time, so hopefully I can still work it! (fingers crossed)

I shall blog again soon! (Probably on one of my days off) :D!

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