Tuesday, 28 May 2013

sickly and life


Wow, I had no clue I had actually only posted one entry in May :s Sorry about that!
WELL the good news is that I have lots to write about and for you all to read about, so essentially it's not too bad!

As my title suggests (not that any of my titles ever make sense unless it's about a serious topic such a hair/beauty/trips haha) I was a bit weird and sickly over May! More so over the last week and a bit. Don't worry, I'm not horrendously ill! The weird thing that I got (and I'm not even sure how really) was an infection in my thumb, So basically, my thumb turned really voodoo and started to swell up and hurt like hell. At first I thought I had maybe hit it really badly and there was a bruise underneath the nail, so I took of my nail varnish...and there was nothing there. Hmm. Super strange. So I left it for about 2 weeks (totally clever) until it got to the point where it was throbbing, I couldn't bend it properly and if I tried to use it, it was a bad idea.

I rang up the NHS helpline one Saturday and described my symptoms and was met with the response of "why on EARTH have you decided to leave it this long?? You SERIOUSLY need to go to a doctor or A&E right away". Shit. ':D I was told an out of hours GP would contact me (which they didn't) but I decided to go to A&E after work. I got to spend a glorious 2 hours in a waiting room with lots of small children crying, when all I wanted to do was sleep/watch Eurovision/be out with my friends/etc. Yeah. There was no TV. So no Eurovision! I heard that England and Ireland were shit. Again. Haha.

By the time I saw the doctor, I pretty much diagnosed myself for him and he just hmm-ed and ahh-ed and went along with what I said. The other weird part about it is that there is no entry wound or any visible place to the infection, so it was hurting really badly but there was no obvious sign to show why or where :s He prescribed me with some medication, yay! But by the time I saw him, the late night pharmacy was closed. Great. So, early the next day (on a sunny Sunday) I went to go and get my drugs! And I'm pleased to say THEY BLOODY WORK YAY. I am a bit awful at taking any kind of medication though and often forget so I still have a full day to take after forgetting to take them with me to work...oops. I noticed yesterday what looks like a bruise underneath my nail...I hope this goes away haha. I also went to go and see The Great Gatsby the same day! It's an amazing film. Not my regular choice, but definitely a great one to see, literally! It's most definitely a Luhrmann film too, considering the whole 1920s setup and...Jay Z (???) music infusion.

I literally had one week in May where I was busy every single night. WHAT. I have never ever been that popular haha. But I really enjoyed it! Being cooped up at home is so boring. Here is a small catalogue of my face during these last few weeks;

NO MAKEUP WOOHOO. And I have more eyebrow than this now too....
This was on an evening I went to go and see Anastasija!
This was after I spent a wonderful day baking with Maria!

I took this lovely high-res photo on my sister's camera. ITS SO HIGH DEF I DON'T LIKE IT 100% but  my hair is nice :D
This was from a night out when I went to a friend's leaving drinks! BEST NIGHT!
Me and Maddie from above said night..haha

Amongst photos of my face, here are a few photos of stuff that's happened too! (all photos are from my Instagram, which you can view in the right hand corner of this blog!)

OMG RIGHT. My friend Akihiro went to Japan for a trip and brought me back these amazing gifts!

BAKING! Me and Maria made cookies and cupcakes and vegetarian spaghetti bolognese too! We are pros <3 td="">
My friend Georgina came back to the UK for a visit and brought Pennie with her again!
I have a Vine too now! You can follow me @hibkoko
So yes!! Exciting times. I want to share these few videos with you too, as they are HILARIOUS and keep me going when I feel a bit meh. 


The girls are back!!


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  1. Take good care of you! Poor girl!
    I also saw a great gatsby and the music was just some kind of...strange.

    And you look awesome! Your hair is gorgeous!