Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sweet 2016

Hello, hello!

I haven't posted here in such a long, long time, and I found last night that I was able to resurrect my blog!

The main reason why I had stopped posting was due to the crossover from Blogger to GoDaddy.
Originally, I purchased my domain name,, from Blogger. When Blogger moved this service over to GoDaddy, I managed my domain through there, until GoDaddy decided to sell the URL on.... Fabulous!

I couldn't access my blog at all. And last night, I was finally able to access it, for the first time in at least a year and a half!

So here we have it. Whether I carry on blogging at hibkoko or change to a brand new name, I'll be sticking to this from now on. I used to have such passion for blogging, and I wanted to reignite that passion I once had.

So for now, let's have a bit of a catch up, as my life has changed quite a lot since I last posted.

Let's see...

So the last time I posted:
I was 23 years old.
I had been living at home with my parents again for a while.
I was working as an Assistant Manager for a Topshop store.
I had silver hair.
I had a few facial piercings.
I had one tattoo.

Although not huge topics, these are some main, and noticeable (visually especially) things in my life that have changed!

Roll on 2016 (even though I'm still going to be writing 2015 on everything for the next few months) and all of the above, has now become the below:

I'm 25 years old. 

How on earth did this happen?!! To be honest, I've had the attitude and mindset of a grandmother for many years now so it's not like it makes so much of a difference.

I live alone again.

Okay, so not totally alone. I live with Aimee! I'll have been living with her for two years in March.

I work in Head Office for Topshop Topman.

I work Monday to Friday again, woohoo! I enjoy my job so much more, and I have such a lovely team. (That's me on my last day in store above, and below, is me and some of my team now.)

I'm a blonde....again?

Yeah.... so I always end up going back to blonde. Long time followers of this blog will know that! I did go dark blue and mint green by mistake back in 2014 actually!

I only have three piercings now.

Okay, so not the most important thing, alongside not having silver hair, but it was a pretty big change! I now only have my right nostril, septum, and tongue piercing.

I now have a fair few tattoos...

That's some of them. 90% of the tattoos are on my legs, and it looks like they're the part of my body that will be most covered! 

I'm really looking forward to writing more entries and really getting to know everyone again, and hopefully, everyone can get to know me again too!


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