Friday, 30 April 2010

ive been a bad girl...


Okay, this is the time where I really need that new job. I know I go on about it in the majority of my blogs..but whatever! Lol!

Yeah, ive been bad. Ive spent some money I should have put away for Japan *cries nonstop*
Im going to have to buckle down next week and put basically of of my pay away. This is the first of my two weeks of big money after covering for the girl at work and working every day. *sigh*. im terrible...

But anyway! Ill show you what I bought! (lol)


And im really wanting some more crazy nails after seeing Yuma's...

Apart from this, ive also been addicted to the song とうきょうはろうのしちじ ("Tokyo is 7PM" or "The night is still young"). Not, however, by Pizzicato Five, but a trancey version that was on a remix from Atom nightclub that hedonists from livejournal uploaded. I don't know who its sung by! Heres a clip:

(just scroll down til you see a little circle with a green arrow in it, clikc it and listen away!)

Ive also gone back to really liking Bif Naked and Jack off Jill, and relistening to hide and XJAPAN.

I watched Lost in Translation last night, but didn't think it was brilliant...have you guys seen it?
What did you think if you have done? And what music do you like?

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