Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Guess who's back in the....okay ive returned..you get the point.
Im so sorry ive left you all alone for so long! But I have been sneakily reading other blogs and tweaking my own whilst ive been away. You may have noticed that my blog now has 3 columns and is slightly thinner than before, so you may get loooooong blog posts from me showing all the random crap that I fill them with.

My last blog post was a short outburst at the Gal Secrets, the Burn Book of the Western Gal Community. Its actually more like the part in Mean Girls when Regina gets so pissed (and slightly psychotic) and photocopies the book and literally throws it around the school. Gal Secrets is like the moment when all the students come out of the classrooms and read the pieces of paper. The part when they all turn into "jungle animals" is like when people comment about the secrets on the lj itself, or go round various websites etc etc and post their hate/whatever about the secrets. ANYWAY. DONE.

Saving for Japan is proving to be extremely difficult as my "boss" still has a mega problem with me refuses to admit that there is. I am desperately seeking a new job and its awful. No one is bloody interested! I did have a "fake" job interview thing last week, where I was "selected" for an interview, but turned up to find 40 other people waiting there and to be told that the "company" is looking to train "managers" in 8-10 months instead of the usual 3-5 years. Because that doesn't sound dodgy does it? They were selling the same bull to all of the people there. And I didn't get a call back. *sigh*. I even bought a smart new shirt for that interview!!! Nevermind.

Im thinking about doing a management course though. The lovely Shaka asked me where I see myelf in 10 years time, and it didn't take me long to think and say that I wanted to be in charge somewhere. I want to be working in, or have close relations with people in Japan, and working for/owning a media company. I want to be able to help younger girls (like my age and younger or older) be accepted in whichever style they choose to take through life, so basically, id like to be like a western Sifow. I want to be able to say that im able to manage a large group or company, so I might take a look online into management and business courses and see where it takes me! I hope ive finally found something that I can do with my life. Ive always struggled not knowing where I can go, or what I can do, so this is a big change and surprise for me. When everyone else went to University, I got 2 jobs and started earning money and not doing anything to do with the qualifications or results that I had gained. Languages come super easy to me, so my Japanese classes should be great and will definitely help out. I also know French, so bring on the world!

Ill share some photos with you from the past month or so :

Me and some Japanese girls dressed up to promote 25% off YO!Sushi. I asked them if I could take a photo with them in Japanese and were shocked to find that I wasn't Japanese! They said my pronounciation was spot on. NICE

Most of my Nail and deco pieces (theres more)

I decided to make some nails for last weekend's Gal Cir meet, so these were the things I used, and the plan I drew out for the nail design

The finished product....the lighting makes them look awful. And I lost one...great

Some buys..........

Yes, the weekend just gone was not only EUROVISION, it was also a Gal Cir meet, and when Monica Tang came to visit! Shes such a darling! She's written about meeting us in her blog, so go check it out! She says we're like sisters, which I toally agree! Myself, Niijii and Caryn all got along so well with her! We're the four brownies! Monica did such a cute braid on me, and taught me how to do one, so ive been practising like mad:

(The one Monica did for me)

She also makes me want to update my wardrobe! That girl has serious style! I definitely feel more mature meeting her! Bye bye random closet pieces! Hello MT inspired fashion!

I went out to dinner with my man to TGI's last night. We haven't seen each other in a while due to his University work, so I was really happy. Blog from this tomorrow!


  1. Such a cute braid, them maid girls look so pretty. I really hope things sort out for you.

  2. those nails are amazing and the braid looks so cute aswell! I hope the job situtation gets sorted. I'm the same with random clothing choices I need to start thinking better about what to buy

  3. I really love your nail art! *-*

    Good luck to find a good job! ;)

  4. i wish u like
    i am trying to find a job too~
    need money!