Sunday, 15 August 2010

throwing your money away

Just blogging to show you my purchases from today (Sunday) and share a couple of photos and stuff :D

Olive flat sandals with gold beading detail, £12, Primark

Dark green/dark olive military style waistcoat with gold button detailing, £11, Primark

Gold bangle set, £1, Primark

Sleeveless baseball style top, £20, Topshop

Faux fur gilet with hood and pom poms, £50, Topshop. Im so annoyed!! As I took this picture I saw that it was the wrong bloody size! I took a look at the US 8 and didn't bother to look at the UK 12 lol! Its not a problem really, I can keep it as it's just a big baggy at the sides, or exchange it...

Mark Hill sun protection spray for hair, £3.42, Boots

Charles Worthington "Moisture Seal" conditioner, shampoo and hair masque, 3 for £10, Boots

32 assorted plasters, £5, Boots

Revlon ColorStay, £11.99, Boots

That's my shopping for today, but yesterday (online) I bought some Fake Bake self-tan as im sick of my wash off stuff and a new mouse for my laptop, in the shape of Hello Kitty :D

For some misc. photos;

My baby/laptop!

AND FINALLY some photos I must have taken a couple of weeks ago and forgotten about! Some steel drum playing in Trafalgar Square, along with a video!



  1. omg i want that gillet!!!!!!!!

  2. @Toni: it actually reminded me of you when I first saw it! It reminds me of the long hoodie/cardi you bought from Japan a little while back!

  3. I use Colorstay too, but the ACTIVE one. It's awesome.

  4. Im lovin' the coat! That'll look great and keep you warm this coming winter.