Sunday, 8 August 2010

the time draws near


I hope everyone is having/has had an awesome weekend so far! Mine has been rather chilled I must say. Yesterday (Saturday) I met up with Caryn and Nij to do some practise for the Japanese Art Festival, which is only in a couple of weeks time! Me and Caryn met up beforehand and we kept getting stopped by really weird people! Some guy stopped us on the way to Japan Centre and was like "wow you guys look amazing, but I like your shoes better and this top even better" and we're like wtf. And he was like "why do you dress this way?" etc etc etc we didn't even look that! But back to the JAF, it looks like it will be good, so come on down if you happen to like Japanese stuff and are in London:

Japanese Art Festival
Saturday 21st August 2010
Sunday 22nd August 2010

They're going to have the legendary 6%tokodoki there! As well as lots of other stuff. Another event im also looking forward to, which is in October, is Hyper Japan!

I think I mentioned before but we were approached by the organisers of the event to help out with some Para Para on-stage and I think to also take part in the Street Fashion show! Its such a short time space because October 3rd is the date that I fly out to Japan, so im going to have my hair done on Friday 1st, go to this event the next day (2nd) then rush home to finish packing! Its mad!
But I am reaaaaaaally looking forward to it! And also to my holiday with my man in September! Jeez...thats actually really close now too haha! Luckily I don't really have any worries about funding and stuff now as I closed a couple of accounts that I didn't need anymore and its been tucked away until I really need it.

Im going to use the video feature on here to show you some videos that I have on my PC that never seem to go anywhere lol:

These last 2 weeks we've had builders in the house ripping out the kitchen wall and plastering and putting in insulation and stuff and it just looks dire right now! I hate the way the downstairs part of my house, and also how my bedroom looks :( Plus, I had one wall plastered where they put in insulation and it looks so much better and then they ruined it by putting skirting board over it! So now when it comes time to paint it, its going to look so bloody stupid! Ill just get my bf to rip it out LOL

Here are some photos from the past week or so

mmmm Chiquito's!

I went to A&E last week....whilst at work....great!

And me and Caryn's purikura:

My fringe went all funny because of the rain :z
I saw a girl on BNTM (which is SHIT) that wanted to leave and she was like "can I just say, its not for me" and she like, walked off! lol...

And BENI who helps to present Tokyo Kawaii TV also has a singing career but id never actually listened to her songs before. She's pretty good!

This is a good take on an already good song!



  1. I don't know if it's too much to ask but could you do a ganguro makeup tutorial and maybe say which brands of makeup you use for it :3
    I really need some tips on the look..

  2. I can do a Manba or Banba tutorial, I think that's what you mean :p

    Sure! Ill try and do one~

  3. Hi there!

    I found your post through my google alert/feed (I was going to write an article about festivals on my blog).

    If you go to the Japanese Art Festival, why not doing so wearing a yukata or a kimono?

    These guys here in Kyoto sell them and ship them anywhere in the world: