Friday, 11 February 2011


Hello bloggies! It's time for the Norway blog!
This time last week I would have been home after flying back from Oslo! After 2 weeks of waiting, I was finally going to Norway! I guess as I mentioned briefly on another post, it was just a spur of the moment decision to go at all, but i'm glad I thought this way and did it! The trip was to make up for the fact that I can't go to the Couture Gals meetup in March as i'm going on a mini holiday with some of my non Gal friends. I really wish I was going to the meetup but my holiday has been booked since October last year so I can't cancel!

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I was originally supposed to be working on the day that I flew but in the end after everyone got promoted and changed around at work, all the shifts were changed and I was then free for the whole day to get to the airport. Tom drove me to Liverpool Street Station - so kind!!!!!! thank you so much^^ - and I got the Stansted Express to the airport. I was so damn worried that I wouldn't make my flight after the Holland disaster (mentioned way too much on this blog haha) but fortunately, not many people fly anywhere on a Tuesday afternoon, so checking in was like 5 minutes! Plus, I got there before the check-in gate was even open so I felt reassured that I wasn't going to miss my flight :D Luckily I wasn't picked on this time either! Even with my pink hair!

My room on the day I left >.<
I headed straight to the WIFI spot after I passed security because my phone was dying and I needed to keep it fully charged so that I could contact Monica! (And also to spam everyone's Facebook feeds) I also went to Boots to buy a toothbrush (as I left mine at home, lame) and also to buy some nail stuff as my gold nails were all chipped and I forgot to bring the bottle of varnish with me (I forget things so easily, as you can probably tell lol). I bought some "fast dry" (should be fast peel) black nail varnish and some nail varnish remover pads (neatest idea ever) and attempted to make my nails look pretty! I was the only female in the WIFI area haha. It was full of businessmen making calls and sending emails and I was sitting there charging my deco-ed phone and doing my nails. claaaaass! I flew with Ryanair because it's cheap and I guess convenient? The plane looked so lovely though, all blue and yellow plastic like a kindergarten or something haha. Oh well. I had a bottle of water with me and was desperately hoping I wouldn't have to use the toilet on the plane as they charge you to do so! That's how they make their money though... Enough about this shitty airline already..sorry guys haha.

I met Monica, Mimi and her boyfriend Jan-Henrik at the airport. They were so kind to pick me up! And they let me stay with them in their apartment!! You guys are so sweet, thank you so so much! Monica and Ingvild said they are going to come to London in summer, so I really want to take them clubbing! After arriving at their CHIC apartment, JH drove us to a mall that Monica showed me part of. It interlinks with the bus and train terminals which is cool! It was quite late so not much was open, but we did manage to get some food at Burger King (the first of many visits) and also got some fruits from a small supermarket type place.

The next day, Ingvild came to spend the day with us! She was a naughty girl bwahahaha >:) Monica made us breakfast and some super delicious smoothies too! She is definitely a total pro! Then we spent like 3 hours or something doing hair, make-up and camwhoring 8D. Majority in Monica's "famous" bathroom! All whilst listening to Hime Trance, Eurobeat and House all from her rad speaker system~

Monica had a job interview so we headed back to the mall we had been to the previous night (now much busier) and me and Ingvild walked around and waited for her. Monica's interview wasn't near/in the same place so she would meet us later. Ingvild is really fun to hang out with! We talked so much random stuff haha. She showed me this bigger mall and I got some really yummy ice cream :D I wasn't really too bothered to do shopping in Oslo as I didn't have much money, and everything was quite expensive anyway, with most things being cheaper here in UK or online.

Before going to get ice cream we were in another smaller mall and bumped into a guy called Liam, who is going to the Couture Gals meeting in March! He is so tall! And younger than me! It's like this guy at work who is 17 or something and towers over me! He wrote a blog entry here about our mini encounter and said that i'm like a Gal celeb! That's the first time someone has said that which is cool...but also a dangerous tag to have lol! Thank you though!!

Liam, Ingvild and Me!

We went to this small Japanese style store which was like Tokyo Toys here in London...just more expensive haha. Obviously nothing caught my eye. Here is a photo of their outside display from the ground floor:

Actually, I say that I wasn't going to shop in Oslo but I did find some cute sneakers in one store! Unfortunately they only had the size before and after mine, which sucked! Too big and too small were not great >.< Oh well! I guess I saved money haha. I did buy a bottle of Vanilla perfume from the Body Shop the following day though...I couldn't resist! And the price was basically the same as if I had bought in the UK so :D yay! I was shocked to find that there are 7-Elevens in Norway!! I thought it was only Japan and USA that had them, but clearly i'm wrong! Here are some cheesy photos of me and Ingvild by 7-Eleven haha:

Another one! haha
Here are some more of my lovely tourist photos:



For Dec!
Monica found us and we went to a chinese place for some food. We sat there for a few hours just talking, it was great! Then we moved onto Burger King (trip #2) and got some ice cream and sat there for an hour or so talking and watching/listening to Para Para ;p Ingvild had to get the bus at 9 so we went to her bus terminal with her to wait. After she left, me and Monica went BACK to BK for a burger haha (trip #3!!!) All we do is eat, listen to loud music and talk! haha. On the way home, the sugar and BK additives definitely kicked in and we were chatting some random stuff! (typical of me and Monica) and we came up with new names for the stations, as well as a new Black Metal Band haha. Oh..we're so crazy!

Our new band - Hells Fire! ;D
After we got in, we read some egg and Ranzuki magazines and then went to sleep. The next day, Monica had another job interview (I HOPE YOU GET IT BB!) and we went to the mall, where I waited for her in...yep, BK! :D After the interview we went to MacDonalds (we needed a change of scenery), camwhored, and I also printed some photos off from my camera. I really want to start doing this to document my stuff on a hard copy for people to look at!

We just call it Oasis lol!

With newly printed photos! And a smile...haha

lol..hidden joke

Import candy!

I brought some of these back 8D
It was then time for us to head home and to then head to the airport! I think Monica's bf might think i've made her a bit too crazy! Sorry!! Monica brought Mimi with her to the airport to say goodbye! Such a cute dog, omg. Thank you so much Moinica, JH, Ingvild and Mimi for a fabulous time in Norway, for letting me stay with you guys and picking/driving me to the airport and for letting me hang out with you guys!


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  2. Nice hair style.
    I know many of this places in Oslo, even I´m from Brazil.
    Kinda miss Oslo :)

  3. Wow looks like you had fun! You all look great. I can't beleive that huge shelf of UFO, I love that stuff ♥ It looks freezing there, well done for going out and about, I'd stay in like a loser, as I'm not fond of cold weather :) keep thinking I'll go visit Unni in Sweden, but I'm waiting for the snow to melt first LOL like that'll ever happen!

  4. You look amazing in those photos : D

  5. It was so fun! I miss you! Nice pictures too :) Your bf is so handsome

  6. Sounds like a fun trip! OT, but all three of you have amazing hair!


    @luciana: thank you! And Oslo is a great city!

    @jou: UFO is awesome! And to be fair, it wasn't as cold as I was expecting it to be, although I did wrap up really warm for sure! Luckily we were inside most of the time so it was okay :D

    @나니: thank you!!

    @ingvild: I miss you too! And yay you're coming here tomorrow! (lol late reply from me!)
    My bf is DAMN HANDSOME!

    @bouncybrown: it was really fun! Aw thank you! We spent so long perfecting ourselves haha!