Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Hi everyone!

It's officially the first of February, and my first post for this month! I'm off to Oslo, Norway today to see the beautiful Monica and Ingvild! I am so godamn excited, I can't believe two weeks have gone by already! (It was two weeks ago that I sporadically decided to visit) I had a mad last minute pack as I went out last night and now i'm satisfied that i'm ready to go! The suitcase is locked and nothing else is going in!

I really wanted to make a new nail set but I just didn't have the time, but I have some cute gold sparkly nails at the moment, so they're pretty and that's all that counts right? I just hope to god that I get on my flight this time after last summer's disaster...haha. I think I will actually die if not....

Here are some songs to play you out (not particularly new, but a good nevertheless) and I will see you upon my return!

We've just started to play this Fake Blood song at work, and the video was produced by the same company that I did the music video for back in the summer. The guy with pink hair is called Sam, and said he always manages to jump in videos at some point! It's a mad song, but really addictive! And when it's played from our speakers/sound system at work it's awesome!

Bye bye!

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  1. Wah!!! I'm crazy jealous :) I'd love to sporadically visit Norway (& Finland) Have a fab time!

    mira x