Saturday, 19 February 2011


Hi guys! How are you this weekend? What are your plans? I hope you are all getting up to something great!

I want to say Happy (Belated) Valentines Day to everyone! Sorry I didn't make a post ON Valentines Day~

Last weekend, Sascha came over to London for a short trip, and I went along with a few other UK Gals to meet him! It was my first time meeting Amelie (always reminds me of the movie!) as well as Jada! I also saw Emmie for the first time since Hib split, and it was nice as there is nothing bad between us (like I originally thought) which made me feel better! I also saw Kei and there were a couple of other UK Gals there too! It's weird being out of the Gal many new faces! Amelie wrote a blog on the weekend just here, and Emmie also wrote one here, so please read all about it!
My week has been busy with work as usual, but im really enjoying working  and interacting with so many people each day, as well as getting on with other staff members (most of them anyway). I have some news for you's kind of half bad and half good I guess? I am no longer with Tom after nearly 2 years of being together. It sucks when things like this happen because the world looks so different and everything feels really strange, new and awkward. I'm still going to keep in touch with Tom because i'm not going to forget him. Obviously he can't kick me out of his life anyway because I won't allow him to :D so there! On a more positive note, I am with a guy that I met at work. It sounds like I went to work to find someone else, but it's not the case. He's a good guy and while there were lots of things being said at work (laaaaame), I am very much happy at this time so I hope that you guys don't think i'm a meanie!

Grr, this blog deleted itself as I disconnected my internet by accident so it only posted half of what i'd written....*facepalm*

Anyway, there wasn't much more to add, just a small picture spam of what's been happening in the past week or so!

My hair on Saturday morning~

Me and Rosie, a really awesome girl I work with! She loves Japan tooo!

camwhoring before work!

On Wednesday, Rob Zombie played in London - first time in like 13 years! - and Adam brought me back a TOTAL SKULL scarf!!!!! I've wanted one since I was like 14, so i'm really happy!!!!! Thank you so much^^

Today I met with Tom for coffee and also with a photographer to discuss a shooting. Tomorrow, Ingvild is coming to London! It's a random visit (as far as I can tell) and it will be great to see her so soon after seeing her in Norway! I really wish Monica would stow away in her suitcase so all of us can have great times again! 8D

In other news, i've started to play Chaos Bleeds (the Buffy game) and I won some tall shoes on eBay for work!


  1. I wanna steal that ring! Anyway I love your makeup you're really beautiful!

  2. @lolo: I've had my eye on it for ages! 6% have some really amazingly cute stuff!
    Thank you so much!! You're so kind~!

  3. aww that camwhoring pic, so cute and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! (´;ω;`) ♥

  4. I love your blog!
    And I envy you for being a Cyberdog model!
    Cyberdog is my no 1 favourite brand in the world, but here in sweden its almost impossible to find anything at all :(

    Well have a nice day<3

  5. @tsuomasu: thank you so much!!^^

    @miaka: thank you, that really means a lot! :D

    Oh really? That's great news! I really enjoy modelling for the site as it's fun to do and also gives me a chance to improve for other modelling jobs I get outside!

    Oh that really sucks! There were stores in several other countries but the majority have since closed down :( You should come to London at some point! Thank you, you too!