Saturday, 12 March 2011

hair adventure, part 1

Hello there! How are you doing?

Before I get onto my main topic, I want to write a quick note about the current devastation of the Tsunami in Japan. Myself, like many others, know friends and/or family living there and knowing that they are okay is the main thing. I am wishing and praying for the safety of not only my friends, but everyone in Japan, more so, the Northeastern part, which has currently been the place most affected. I haven't heard from all of my friends yet so I am just hoping that they are okay. To everyone in Japan now, foreign or Japanese, please keep safe, whichever part you may be in!


My last post filled you in a little about my weekend away to Center Parcs and also talked about my hair...well! I'm obviously back from Center Parcs now, and one of the reasons I didn't write a blog during the weekend was because the signal was so awful! Jess was constantly asking "Have you guys got signal?!" (lol) and the wireless was terrible...come on Center Parcs... I haven't even had a chance to upload my photos from my camera just yet, and i've only just seen the girls' photos which are really nice! I shall steal them when it comes to writing about the weekend!

I'm here to bring you a post about my hair adventure! Well, it won't just be my hair adventure, it will be mine and Rosie's! (The girl with blue hair I posted!) As I wrote about in my last blog, we shall be having a "Fabulous night"! Although we did start the celebrations off a little early by bleaching out Rosie's hair the other night, and I bleached my own this evening - that's right! Pink hair is officially gone! - but there still leaves lots to be done! Anyway. When I returned from CP, my hair had gone a light pink colour so I decided that instead of dying it again, I would just wash it out until my new extentions had arrived. However, the mailman being the mailman decided to take my hair extensions with him instead of putting them through the mail slot, so I had to redye my hair pink on Thursday evening >.< slightly annoying but it meant I could wear my pink/blonde ext. one last time!

Part one of my hair adventure was getting my hair cut! FINALLY, after 6 months! I went to Pepi's in Camden (like a minute's walk from Cyberdog) and got my hair trimmed, as well as a new fringe cut in! Pepi's sepcialises in crazy hair and extensions (take a look at their galleries) but they have normal customers too!

yes, im very aware this top is very see through!
stupid rain made my hair go funny :( Me and Laura, aka Miss Virtual Store!
Step 2 of my hair adventure (well actually, more like a mini detour) was dying my hair pink again...for the last time!

Friday morning before work~
And then today, I made the necessary trip to buy bleach! And also to post something to Rui and pick up my new extensions :D

no make-up...and bye bye pink!
It's funny walking around my town with pink hair...obviously because i'm the only one who has this hair colour, and people act as if it's the first time they've ever seen something like that! An old lady actually said to me today "How long did it take you to get hair like that? It's just a spray isn't it?" And when I said it was my real! It's actually weird being IN my home town actually because i've been staying with Adam, my man, for the past week! I came home early from CP on Monday and was supposed to be meeting him outside work on Tuesday evening after I finished my shift, but I decided to go and surprise him by meeting him at his flat instead, and he was really happy^^!

Step 2 was removing the pink, and I finished bleaching/washing/toning my hair about an hour ago and this is currently the result:

verrrrry white blonde! actually, white! lol
And tomorrow I will commence with step 3! Dying my hair purple...and my extensions..and also something else, but I shall keep that a secret until it's finished! That's it for now, and i'll post again on Monday to show you the end result!


  1. Well you look awesome with short hair and I can't wait to see the finish result :D:D:D

  2. Woohoo blondie!!! XD I went into CD yesterday...I was in camden for my sisters show and thought I'd pass through but you weren't in =( Yeah you should try the lipglosses, no doubt the colour be stronger on you =P xxx

  3. u look lovely as a pink head!

  4. You could have dyed over the pink with purple, since it's a darker color?

  5. @anon; thank you! I love my extensions but I love being able to play about with short hair too!

    @fifi; sorry girl! I was off 8) i will give them a go come payday!

    @ken; thank you! I kind of miss being pink now..:( but i want to try purple for a bit and see how it feels! 8D

    @anon; I had to bleach my roots anyway as the purple wouldn't have taken to brown hair. The purple would have turned my hair a really dark colour if i had put it on over the pink which isn't what im after, so thats why I started afresh with blonde :)

  6. I was a big fan of ur blog, but you've become so bad at updating them I don't feel the need to check what your up to anymore.
    :( i feel like you've let me down greatly, my friends also feel this :(