Monday, 21 March 2011

hair adventure; part 2

Hello everyone, i'm really sorry for posting a whole week later to what I originally promised, but i've had a bit of a funny week! I got a comment on my last blog from an anon reader, which really hit home and made me feel really bad for not updating so much :(

"Anonymous said...

I was a big fan of ur blog, but you've become so bad at updating them I don't feel the need to check what your up to anymore.
:( i feel like you've let me down greatly, my friends also feel this :("

To Anon, and to all of my followers, i'm really sorry I don't update as much as I should! Sometimes my weeks don't turn out as planned and I find it difficult to fit in the time to write a really good blog for you guys. But anyway, without sounding really lame, i'm going to work harder to bring you more frequent and interesting posts! I'm also planning a giveaway for hitting the 250 folower mark, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Carrying on from my last entry; about my hair adventure; I have some bad news :( Unfortunately i've had to go back to blonde for the time being, but, there is change in the works! I'll carry on from where I left off :) Step 3 was dying my hair purple and sorting out my extensions...but I also had a really busy week with work and a photoshoot with Marc.B again! Here's me in between the nice, yet tricky process of going purple:
Before a photoshoot I had with Marc.B!
And now for the fun time,the purple!

However... The dye kind of, refused to take to all of my hair, so what you see here is actually a good picture that doesn't really show how weird my hair looked in real life! For some reason, my roots were still white, as was a large section at the back of my hair, just underneath my top layers! To be honest, my hair was much darker than the results i've seen from others who have tried Mystic Heather, but the next problem I had was going to work with this colour. My work has copious amounts of UV lighting inside, and my although it "evened" out my hair colour under said lights, it also changed the colour quite a bit, and made it look grey, which, considering as i'm at work pretty much all the time, wasn't the thing I was going for.

Due to this, I decided to wash the purple out as much as I could over a few days and I managed to get it down to a very light rosey pink colour, but I just hated the way it looked :( I gave in and rebleached my hair the other evening and now i'm blonde (very very white actually lol...) again for the time being! I'm really disappointed because now I don't know what to do with my hair! In a way i'm very glad I didn't dye my hair extensions as then I would have been really upset, but i'm also glad that I kind of, "messed up" my hair with this shade of dye, because if I hadn't at least tried it, I would never have known what the end result would have been! Now, the question comes into mind..what can I do with my hair?

I am virtually the master/creator behind Rosie's new hair, which is pink going into turquoise and all pretty and yummy! I just feel really weird not having a bright colour in my hair after having the pink for so long, and I feel like I should do something! I'd really love it if you guys could send your thoughts as to what I should think about doing! I'm going to try and think of something....I mean, dip dye is now fast becoming a trend, and I even saw a girl that has come into work before sporting my same hair colour; pink into blonde; on Camden High Street! Should I go back to it, but with different colours? Help me decide!



  1. Don't worry about the updating! I sometimes don't update my blog much due to being really busy too.

    I'm really sorry I can't help you with your hair. I've never dyed my hair a bright colour. The brightest I've gone is the burgundy red that my hair colour is now.

    I really love the look of purple to black hair though. If I was going to dye my hair extreme then that's the colour way I would choose personally. I'm just not brave enough to do it!

    I do love your hair blonde though. I hope you find a hair solution soon!

  2. whoaaa purple hair is such a daring look to pull off! it looks good on you though!

  3. Aww i'm worse than you at updating, but because we all know that your fabulous you have more expectations? :D

    Oh UV changes hair?? oh didn't know that~
    Maybe you needed to dye the purple twice? since its light colour it probably won't come out as strong as you thought. But i'm no hair expert so who knows >-<

    Maybe try streaks/ highlights? I've seen that bit of trend in gal, like kanako's 1 titty streak of pink haha~
    but colour wise i dunno!

  4. crazy story with your hair~ I think maybe you should dip the hair!!!! I think you would look really HOT! But not sure what color tho???? Maybe Orange? yellow????? or even both !!! XD

  5. Girl, you look gorgeous with blond and purple hair :* Shame someone made you feel that way about blogging! x

  6. Its such a shame the purple didnt take it looked lovely in the picture!
    Looking forward to the rest of the hair adventure XD

  7. Maybe you'll think it's boring but I vote for bloooooonde! Daaamn you look so good in that first photo with the long blonde hair *____* <3 (But I liked your blonde+pink too!)

  8. You could have white fade to purple. I think that looks really pretty

  9. I like the purple hair, too. Do you think you'll find another dye that works more? Also, my hair behaved similarly when I had pink. Maybe you need to let it rest a few days (condition it a couple more times) and it'll work the next time you dye it?

    Good luck!

  10. aww how I love your hair **

  11. @eri: it's just been really difficult for me as I haven't been at home much, and blogging on my boyfriend's PC is not the best as I haven't got access to all my stuff!

    Really? Wow! I've been dying my hair since I was 14...not very good >.<! Thank you! I missed being blonde, although it was VERY strange when I was blonde again for the first time in so long!

  12. @amanda: it is! And depending on the shade, it can look good or bad! (prferably good of course!) Thank you! I'm deliberating on how i'm going to go about making the best shade to suit me...

    @kei: haha thank you onee san! I like that people read and enjoy my blog, so I feel bad when I feel like I don't bring to the table :(!

    UV lighting is annoying or realy cool when it comes to things like hair colour! Some brands/colours react very strongly with UV lights, such as bright pinks, oranges and greens (much like they would on a tshirt etc) but some don't. In my case, the UV light completely blanked my hair out lol! My pink hair din't glow at all in the lights, but I think it's because it was quite a dark pink. But then again, it can also depend on the brand of hairdye! Some Manic Panic Amplified formula is supposed to show up under UV lights, but they don't always :(

    Kanako's hair is looking fierce now! Streaks are too little for me; I need a bit more oomph :p! But the suggestion is something I can play with!

  13. @michi: it's something i've been thinking of! just don't know what colours! Orange is a bold choice! I think it might not suit me though because i'm so pale >.<!

    @mira: thank you girl! I just feel bad that I let someone down! I hope i've made it up now though!

    @sami: thank you! So am I...when it's completed! :p

  14. @sofia: hehe! Blonde is pretty awesome to be honest, I think it's an underrated colour! I've definitely missed being a little Barbie-esque! A friend at work started calling me Barbie and told me I wasn't allowed to change my hair colour as he reckons it's "perfect" hehe!

    @mint: that sounds good! It would be pretty easy upkeep too, to be fair! Only roots would need doing, not roots and dye! Something for me to think about :D!

    @robin: i'm really hoping I am! I'm thinking of maybe mixing two different dyes (maybe blue and pink) to see what happens...I still have some Hot Hot Pink leftover and Rosie has some Atomic Turquoise, so i'm going to mix a little of each and see what the result is!

    Yeah, I definitely need to let my hair get back into a nice condition. I also need another trim! My fringe is so long and there are bits of my hair that I might have killed a little from the second session of bleaching >.< It's gotten better over the past week though which is great! Thank you! I need all the luck I can get!

  15. @rui: aw thank you!! :D!

    (sorry for lots of comments for replies...there was a problem with something! :s)