Thursday, 3 March 2011

pure dance

Hi guys! Sorry to keep you hanging around for a post but I haven't really been at home this week, as i've been staying with my guy as his flat is much closer to work! We've been having super fun food shopping and cooking times! 8D

I'm changing my hair colour! I think I may have briefly mentioned it on here a little while ago, but I can't remember...either way, it's changed from that now too! Before, I was going to get this:

Sakochi's hair ages ago!

I saw this come up on my Facebook feed all the way back in October when I was still away in the land of the rising sun; i.e. Japan; and was like OMG YES and when I returned, my laptop broke! So I no longer had the photo! I desperately messaged people (thanks to Sami and Janis!!) and finally found the photo! And by this time I was desperate to have this done! After a short while though, I changed my mind and settled on this:

ignore bad 'shopping!
Basically, I wanted my hair to be purple all over instead of the half blonde/half purple combo. BUT THEN I changed my mind again. The only fault I had with this hair colour was the black underneath, and this served a problem if I wanted to bleach my hair again (a definite possibility) if I got bored with the colour, and as we all know, dark hair can be a nightmare to bleach! Especially considering it was at the bottom, where my hair is most damaged right now, so I decided to leave this hair colour and start afresh. Purple has always been a fave colour of mine (hence the HIB logo/forum colours!) and while I enjoy pink, I'm quite happy to move onto something new! More specifically, light purple, or should I say, Manic Panic Mystic Heather :D

And this should give me this kind of colour (sorry, it's the only decent photo I could

EXCEPT I'll leave the dye on for a little longer/not wash out as much as I want it to be a bit more vibrant :D The end result should *hopefully* look like this!

Yep, purple going into white. Not blonde, like I currently have, but mega white white. I couldn't really care less if the dip dye/two tone trend is "out" or if it looks really similar to the hair I have now...I just really like the colours and the way it looks! 8D! I'm going to have a Fabulous day with Rosie and another girl from work, Kirsten, soon! We're all going to style each other out and look amazing, I can't wait! I haven't had a really girly day/night in ages so this will be really fun!
My dye came today, and now I just have to order my extentions! I can't wait to have new hair! I should also probably get my hair cut too...considering I haven't had it done since Oct 1 2010 lol! My hairdresser probably thinks i've run away somewhere else >.< I got a text from my hairdresser with an offer of 50% any one service but it expires on the 6th March and i'm going away this weekend!! Sucks! I'm off to Center Parcs with my girls from school and I can't wait! We went food shopping this evening and stocked up on stuff. Expect lots of photos and stuff! 

We've just started playing this song at's great haha~
Update at the weekend!



    except i saw them live and they were not as good as i thought . - . ...... they played tiesto's c'mon which was good but they were not spectacular -w-

  2. OMG we're gonna both have dipped purple hair, but opposite. We better not stand next to each other XD

    (Actually it's not gonna be that similar at all, my hair will be it's current mid-brown just with pastel/washed out purple tips :P )

  3. Haha nice song and OMG I really want to see your new hair!! It's going to look so great! :D :D And gosh I love your shoes too!! They're soooo cooooool :3

  4. You're such a apretty girl <3
    I'm so excited to see your new haircolour :3

  5. I really like sakoshi .. you know her blog? O-o if she has one?

  6. @mint: i've never heard their music before, this is the only one! it's so fun to listen to though, especially seeing as the sound system at work is so loud! :D

    @georgie: yay for dipped hair! vibrant or not! :D

    @l-article: thank you! I can't wait to get it all done and see what it looks like! It will be a shock as i've grown used to having pink hair for so long now and a less bright shade will be weird for a little while! The song is great! And the shoes are so cool~ i've had a lot of compliments since wearing them at work, it's great! I'm glad you like them!

    @gyaru mika: thank you! i'm really excited too 8D!

    @maria: i don't know her blog i'm afraid! your best bet is too google "Sakochi" in hiragana and "blog" in katakana and see what happens! you could also try "sakochi popteen model blog" in english and see?

  7. Thats really crazy~ I was going to color my red side purple too.... and keep the brown the other said..... but still thinking maybe add a nother color too.... I will see..... but I think it would look really nice on you! super hotness!!! ;D