Thursday, 2 June 2011

26 days

Hi guys! I have an entry in my drafts at the moment! I started it last night but I was so tired, and ended up going to bed at way past 1am, and tonight i'm really tired again, and don't have the energy to post a lot (it's a lot!) so i'm making a quick post for you!

Just some quick updates of stuff happening recently;
-My Mom has decided to get a cat after all the years of saying "no" even though she loves them and after we've had 2 dogs
-I'm going to Ireland in September for a wedding, which will be my first time to Ireland since I was about 16! A LOT has changed since then! My family will think i'm damn weird haha!
-I got my blood test results - all clear! But i'm still feeling crappy..ugh!!
-X JAPAN is at the end of the month! I now have a countdown clock on the right hand side of my blog!
-I bought some shiny clothes (FINALLY) at work so now i'll have shiny boobs and a shiny arse, woohoo!
-I finally managed to get my hands on a black bed set...haha

Have a few videos of some of my current listenings :D

I'm also pretty much addicted to "Getaway? Search Me" by Zeppet Store but there's no video online anywhere with the track! I wanna share it but I caaaaan't!

Talk sooooon!


  1. Yay for shiny... parts lol

    and if youre getting a cat, keep it away from black bedding!
    I have a black matress sheet and pillows to go with my leopard duvet and they get so fluffy
    I have to lint roll them because Im weird lol

  2. hey :) i awarded you on my blog

    love what you do, you're make up is AMAZING. x

  3. CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT! : D Congrats!

    Gld you've a (mostly) clean bill of health. And I'm fairly envious of your finding a black bedset: I had to find all the different 'pieces' one by one. Haha.

  4. I'm with the other girls, Kitty! Cats are such funny creatures.

    What is a black bed seat? Is it literal or some cool thing I haven't caught on to?

    Shiney bum & Boobs FTW.

  5. You look stunning in this photo. The blond really suits you!

  6. @sami: shiiiny! I wore my new hotpants the other was fun ;D! My shiny bra is too big though, so I have to alter it >.<
    I haven't put the black sheets on yet, but my current cream sheets have evidence of cat! He has black fur...damn!! NOW I know why H&M sell those lint rollers! lol!

    @charlotte: WOW! Thank you so much!! I'm going to post it to my blog and let everyone know :D! And thank you for the comment about my make-up^^! I've taken a while to get it how I want, so i'm pleased that you and others like it!

    @noxin: thank you! His name is Pepper, I shall post a photo for all to see! Yes, i'm glad i'm healthy too! But I still can't help feeling really crappy :'( Going to take some vitamins and stuff I think, as I probably should be anyway!

    @kklectric: Kitty cats yay! I've always wanted one and now I have one! They are right? I know from seeing other people's cats and mine is no exception! Always hiding in the oddest places?! Lol, i've just always wanted a black bed set! I have the pillow cases and bed sheet, but not the duvet! And they're always kind of expensive but I managed to find a cheap set so i'm happy!


    @bouncybrown: Thank you so much^^ I still miss having pink hair though!

    @michi: thanks grrl!!! You always look mega sexy in your pics!!