Monday, 15 November 2010


Hello! I have returned from Finland, and i've had the most amazing time with some pretty amazing people!
My trip was only really two full days and one evening, so i'll blog about my journey in 2 parts~

FRIDAY 12/11/10

This was the day that I actually flew to Finland. I could have got a flight on the Saturday but I would have arrived in the middle of the afternoon and then would have had to do my hair and make-up and would have been late for everything so I decided to fly the night before, to be well prepared! My plane journey wasn't bad, 2hr30 and there was no turbulence, yay! It's weird flying alone! I'm so used to travelling with other people so I think I was a little intimidated to fly by myself. People travelling alone always seem to be the ones that Airport Security follow and keep an eye! I guess i'm a prime target; alone, young, and PINK HAIR! lol. Thankfully I wasn't stopped this time, like I was when I was going to The Netherlands! I did have to give up my cute leopard print umbrella though, as it's a big one, and it had to be checked in but I didn't know. It was cheap so I didn't mind, I said the Airport guys could have it and they were really happy haha. The only problem in being so "generous" is that there was loads of rain waiting for me in Helsinki!

I ended up meeting Viivi at the airport unexpectedly while she waited for her friend to fly in from Switzerland. I think she was shocked and maybe felt a bit awkward to see me as we have never actually spoken before, and I also had some mad appearance with my pink hair and no make-up face, and we didn't know what to say for conversation! I think because I hugged her too (again, both of us awkward) she must have been a bit like wtf lol. Sorry girl! I stayed at the awesome Holiday Inn City West OR West Ruoholahti! I can't believe I was just able to spell that without having to double check haha. It's a 4.5 star business hotel complete with Sauna (it IS Finland!) mini-gym and AWESOME restaurant food! My room was gorgeous too, which is always a plus! I was actually surprised at the price, EUR156 for two nights in a standard room with Queen size bed and breakfast included! If two people are sharing then it's really not a bad price at all! I took a photo of the lobby - kind of - this is just past reception and towards the elevators...imo looks like Airport lounge!

Sorry..bad pic!

I've not been sleeping at all for the past week, I think i'm becoming an insomniac again..great ¬_¬. ALTHOUGH I did manage to sleep last night and on Saturday night, so maybe it was short lived? I was STARVING by the time I arrived at the hotel, and luckily the restaurant was still serving for another 45 minutes so I enjoyed (and got really full from) a huge "house" burger with sweet potato fries. It was classed as a "snack" on the menu but NO WAY is it a snack! It's HUGE! Well, to me! And those sweet potato fries..mmm! First time having them and they're so good.

The salt seasoning on the outside is such a gorgeous contrast with the sweetness on the inside, and so crispy and delicious...omg I WANT THEM NOW but kind of bad luck as I can't :( Unless I make them myself at home? PLAN! They can't be too difficult..right?

Video and part 2 coming soon!



  1. Hello sweet Eilish! So you are back at home now?
    It was so nice to meet you!!

  2. Wow your hotel looks so nice!

    and yay for PJ pants, though the "can you see me?" was like a shit brix picture searching for you in the dark bit haha

  3. looks like u had so much FUN!!!! i want to meet you some day!!!!!!!!!! WE BETTER!!!!!!!! XD

  4. hahah i wasn't uncomfortable meeting you at the airport ! or maybe just a little bit, but that's only because i didn't know what to say since my english isn't that good and i wasn't expecting to meet you there :D
    but it still was nice meeting you :3 ♥

  5. @sanna: hello! yeah, I am back in UK now! I flew back home after the Shibuya Heat Wave concert~ Thank you so much for arranging me a cab!! you're so kind!

    @sami: I was like ahhhh! when I went into the room lol! hehe I tried to hide from the shot lol

    @michi: I had tonnes of fun! WE MUST MEET!!!!!!

    @viivi: I thought you were! I know what you mean, I didn't know what to talk about lol! Your english is great! As is all the other girls I met~ It was great to meet you too :)