Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hello! It's been well over a month I believe since I last posted, and yes I always say that I will write a big post soon, or something similar, but yes! It will get there...eventually!

I do have some news to share... So, I quit my job at Cyberdog. Yeppers.

It was time for me to move on, and while I don't really need to justify any reasons for me leaving to lots of people on the internet, I would say that my leaving was mostly happy, if maybe except for some issues, but hey - that always happens right?

So, yeah! (I say that way too much irl) And you may be wondering (or may not be) what my plans are next. The answer is simple! GET ANOTHER JOB SO I CAN STILL PAY RENT YAY! And I do have a new job! Yes, as of tomorrow, I will be working for Topshop!

It's a big change from what I've been so used to for almost 2 years of my life, but I think change is a good thing. Tomorrow I will be starting training for two days and on Wednesday I shall start in my new branch! I'll be going in at top level as a Supervisor, which could prove difficult, but that's one of the challenges I'll have to overcome if I want to go anywhere!

Last night was my leaving drinks from Cyberdog, and I must admit, come tomorrow morning it will be very strange not to get on a train and head for Camden Town :s Cyberdog has been a big part of my life, and so many awesome things happened while I was there, and genuinely, I will be sad that I have left. Some may say it's too early, while others may say the time is just right. Who knows? Me, I suppose, and for me, it's just the right time to get a new lease on life.

I will be sure to update you on my progress, and share how my life will be going!

So this entry isn't entirely boring (as mine seem to be as of late, which I apologise for!), here are some of my instagram photos from the past month-ish to keep you on track, just in case you forgot what I look like :D

Ingvild and me <3 td="td">
A purple day!
Heather and me at work 8D
"A kit to invoke Veronica" - A wonderful piece of jewellery made by my chica Sara
My hair is really silver at the moment, reminds me of when I first bleached my hair ;D
How my mornings usually start!
A "Bubblelicious" Sundae from Afters!
A drawing Anastasija made for me as a leaving gift. It's all make-up!  
Last night with my chica 
Yesterday with Nathaniel  

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Talk soon!


  1. Aw Eilish! I agree, it's definitely important to trust your feelings/instincts to know what's right for your life! Change can be a very good thing! We need to makes plans & hang out soon anywho xx

  2. Yeah, you should trust your feelings!

    Also, you are gorgeous ;_;

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