Saturday, 31 July 2010


This sucks. Bad.

Right now I should be in Amsterdam, it nearly being time for the rest of the girls to turn up so I can meet everyone...but at home....

Unfortunately I missed my flight this morning, and im in such an awful mood. Earlier I just wanted to cry and throw everything on the floor and for my Dad to just appear out of nowhere and help me out, but alas, nope. Im independent and I have good time keeping and all that shit, but this just SUCKS MAN.

I got to the Airport with 1hr15 before my flight departed, and about 45 mins before my departure gate closed, and because I didn't have any bags to put on the plane and because I checked in online, I just went through to security. I didn't beep, and my liquids in my plastic bag were fine (which I fretted over all night) but they seized my silver spikey-stud bracelet.

And said "you can't take this, it looks like a weapon". ITS MADE OF PLASTIC! To try and "prove" a point, the guy like, massaged his palm with it and said "yeah, see, when I do my hand....oh" YEAH, FAIL. And they kept telling me that I was going to harm people! Wtf! I have no intention of anything like that, and that doesn't even pop into my mind when I look at that bracelet! The guy said I could either post it home or put it into lost baggage, and then said "by the way, you have 10 minutes to get on your flight"...thanks a lot man.... So I went back through security (not checks) and put it in lost baggage to pick up tomorrow (Sunday) when I came back through and then I went back and had to be re-checked at security AGAIN, and someone in front of me beeped but they thought it was me so I had to be all touched and shit by some gross woman! Wtf!

Yeah, so im also going TO PISS MYSELF and I run out to see that my flight is going from gate 2...okay , so I jump on the trainy type thing that takes you from different gates and go to gate 2 to find out that my flight isn't leaving from there.......!!! WHAT THE FUCK. Luckily, 2 others had also seen the computer screen and we were told a security personel would take us to the aircraft, bearing in mind that the gate has now closed and that the flight goes in 25 minutes.... The guy turns up 20 minutes later, we get to the gate with 2 minutes until the flight leaves and EVEN THOUGH there are people boarding the aircraft and still walking up to it, the pricks refuse to let us on.

The next flight for me after that was 17:00 tomorrow....or I could have gone to Dussledorf at 10:55 this morning but that would have cost me £100 just to "change the flight details on your boarding details", even though a flight costs like £30! Doesn't make any sense! I tell you, the guys at the desks just sit there for entertainment value or something because they can't even answer anything you ask them! Oh, and my bracelet? I had to pay for a DAY's stay in the lost baggage even though it was there for 1hr30....

Im sorry girls...I hope you all have a great time this weekend :(


  1. that really sucks I hope you get refunded and everything :(

  2. Were you able to get on another flight? I hope you didn't have to pay anything extra! I am so sorry to hear this, I hate airport horror stories TT

  3. Ouch, that royally sucks! I hope you get reimbursed