Monday, 18 October 2010

1 day


This is my last blog post before I leave Japan! :( sad times

This week has been really eventful, yet relaxing, which is nice. I found out that my laptop DOES have an SD card slot so I? could have uploaded photos all this time but it doesn't matter, I'll do it when I get back to UK~ I can't really take any new photos properly as my camera is broken! It will turn on, and I *can* take photos/videos, but the screen has screwed up so you can't see anything!

see :(

I was flicking through CARRY's books for aaaages until I came across this exact design on another girl and wanted it! They were so nice in there too! I took my friend Gen from Fuji TV along to translate for me which was great~ They were surprised to hear about Gaijin Gal and were also asking about how I did my hair and just general girl talk lol. They thought I was an artist at first and were like "omg omg omg" and I was like, no, i'm just a person lol. After CARRY, we took some puri and then headed to the Lock Up, as Caryn hadn't been there before. Unfortunately Gen had to go back to work :z so the three of us went instead. Here is some puri!

The Lock Up was pretty classy, and I really missed their spicy chicken! Although it's not really that spicy haha. The next day, Caryn went with her friend to the beach on the other side of Tokyo while me and Dec went to Tokyo station to change our Shinkansen tickets. Our flight is from Kansai Airport, so we get to experience the magic of the bullet train! Everyone says it's cool, so i'm quite excited to give it a go. We bought a special reduced ticket for Y12,000 which must be purchased one month to one week of departure, BUT, the time we selected would have meant we would have arrived at the airport with 1hr before our flight left! And we need to be there at least 3hrs before,(thanks to Caryn for bringing that to our attention!) and I had read on the JR website that you can change your ticket once with no charge, so off we went to the station.

At first we were told "you can't change your ticket" and we were like ...!!!!!! and panicking, but the woman behind the desk was kind and helped us out and said that if we wanted to change the ticket type rather than the time (as we bought a set time ticket and because it was a special fare and the time to buy it had passed, we wouldn't be able to change it) we could do so for an extra Y1,770 I think it was in the end, which is their commission (she said!). So now we can travel at any time which makes things easier and we're much more relaxed now! It's such a relief when you manage to sort out problems like that, especially last minute! That definitely teaches me for trying to be too casual about times~

We went back to Harajuku to see if we could find any cheap things for family and friends but there wasn't anything my lot would like so I went back home and Dec stayed out. When he got back, we went to the Denny's next to the station near our hotel, lol! I thought it was supposed to be American food, like burgers and stuff, but it was like Royal Host (if you've never been, it's like cheap curry, pasta and those hamburg steak things - like Little Chef in the UK) and we were a bit like "oh.." haha. The Caramel Pancakes were SO BLOODY NICE THOUGH. Yum. We took Caryn there the following afternoon haha and we all ate so many carbs, like a potato croquette, rice AND wedges, wth. In the evening, me and Dec went to the Tokyo Decadance bar in Shinjuku. It was ....okay, I guess. Sorry Adrien :z

On Saturday, we went to Shinjuku in the daytime and then met up with someone we met at the Hyper Japan event in London the day before we went to Japan (nice photo on gal secrets lol!!) ans she brought Satomi from Happie Nuts with her! She was soooo classy and so funny. She is the QUEEN of mad faces! She has a whole load of photos on her phone of her doing crazy ass faces! We went to a really small, and really yummy Yakitori place just opposite Shibuya station and stayed there for about 3 hours or something. Hiromi from Nuts also came to join us, and she is one of the most friendliest and down to earth people I have ever met! We got on straight away, it was like we'd known each other for years or something, which was good, considering she's a model and dj and well known and i'm just me lol. We went to Freshness Burger after everyone went home and chatted for ages. Her English is really good, and she was like "I want to learn English more! my English sucks!". She's so generous and kind, I hope she takes my advice!

Yesterday we went to 109 for the last time and also to SEF Deluxe (para para event) and on the way, we randomly bumped into Lexi (gaijin gal) who you might remember from the Fuji TV segment on foreign gals~ It was cool! Today we went to Disneyland and i'm ADDICTED to the Halloween Street: Welcome to Spookyville song! I NEED IT AS MY RINGTONE AND I DIDN'T BUY THE BLOODY CD IN THE SHOP AND I CAN ONLY FIND SOME EXPENSIVE ASS CD ONLINE.....:z

ANYWAY long blog, sorry! Off home tomorrow! 2 lovely flights :(
See y'all on my return, or in Dubai!


  1. Aww you look super gorgeous Koneko (:

  2. Can't wait to see all your photos!

  3. You're gorgeous!!!
    I love your nails!!!

  4. bangin nails!
    bangin hair!
    totally bangin neko!!!